About Us

 Past of g24i website

The domain was first registered in 2006 by  G24 INNOVATIONS, LIMITED (company located in the UK) which produces  Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. It was a solar-related startup company that raises lots of funds from an investor. The concepts of g24 were invented by Robert Hertzberg.

As mentioned in Wikipedia “g24i is a well-regarded award-winning company. G24 produces a new type of lightweight and flexible solar cell that generates power in low, ambient and even indoor conditions. G24 has won numerous awards in recent years: in January 2008, CNBC European Business chose the company as one of its “Top 100 Low-Carbon Pioneers and The Guardian (UK) named Hertzberg as one of the “50 People Who Could Save the Planet.” G24 is also the recipient of the “NESTA Rushlight Award” (for leading British achievement in the environmental field) as well as winning the World Bank’s “Award for Lighting Africa.”

Later due to some issue g24i was moved to gcell.com

Present of g24i

Now g24i works with a motto of providing the best solar-related products. By doing this we hope to gain faith in people’s minds about solar products. Although people have started to use solar products as an alternative to fuels and other environments harming products they are confused about which product is best and worth their money so G24i helps them in that situation.

we believe that “one man can change the world”. G24i with a world is trying to aware of the pros of using solar material rather than using a fuel that harms our internet.

Our mission
G24i aims to aware people about the use of solar materials and product. we believe God gave us lots of solar then why not use it as energy.

email: officialsamuelkarki1@gmail.com


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