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Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

With the haphazardous effect of non-renewable sources of energy on our surroundings, people are slowly shifting towards renewable sources of energy. While talking about renewable sources of energy, solar energy can’t be left out. You might have also stumbled upon the idea of using solar energy. 

If you are considering going with Solar energy, you probably have to know about all the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy. We’re here with some pros and cons of solar energy to thinking it might help you to make up your mind.

Below are all the benefits and downsides of solar power. All the pros and cons are well detailed to let you more easily understand all of it.

Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

Just like most of the things that exist in this universe, solar energy also has its advantages and disadvantages. And it goes like this:


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Renewable source of energy

As we were discussing it earlier, Solar energy is a renewable source of energy. That means solar power is always here for us until the end of the sun, which doesn’t seem to happen anytime soon.

With the help of modern technologies, the power of the sun is somehow converted into the energy which we can use in our daily life.

Abundant in nature

As the sun can be observed from almost all parts of the globe, solar energy is everywhere. The use of solar energy is an excellent way to utilize sun rays. 

As there is no end of solar power, there are no limitations to it. Some studies have shown that the earth receives 120,000 terawatts of solar radiation (sunlight) approx. 

Sustainable source of energy

Solar energy is excellent for long term use. The sun is believed to be there for an extended period, and so will be solar energy. Sustainable generally means to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. 

And I don’t see any way solar energy is going to do any bad for our future generations. Instead, it will be a better world for them to live in if we keep using renewable energy instead of non-renewal ones.

Reduces electricity bills

Your electricity bills will be drastically reduced once you start using solar energy. Using solar power, you can generate your own electricity. Hence you become less reliant on your electric utility and diminish your monthly electric bill. 

Solar panels last for a sustained period, and therefore you will be reducing your electricity bills for all that period. Net metering and feed-in tariff (FIT) schemes now allow homeowners to “sell” excess electricity. They might even receive bill credits throughout times when they produce more power than what they consume.

Environmental friendly

As solar energy is a renewable and sustainable source of energy, it is entirely environmentally favorable. Using solar power instead of other non-renewable energy can be a step toward reducing carbon footprints from the planet.

It can be a decent way to fight the climate crisis we are currently facing or our upcoming generations going to compete with. Calculations show that embracing solar will help in lowering future climate change catastrophes, saving nearly $259 billion globally.

Low cost

Once you install the solar panels, you won’t need to spend much money. With the solar panels, the cost of maintenance is also pretty low. You can pretty much utilize solar power adequately without worrying about the money you have to spend to keep it running.

You might have thought that as it reduces the electricity cost, it might cost a lot to maintain it but no, maintenance cost for solar power is actually affordable.


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Indirectly polluting the environment

Well, pollution caused by solar energy is way less than the deterioration caused by other non-renewable energy. However, researches have shown that transporting and installations of solar systems have been somehow associated with the emission of greenhouse gases.

It is also said that some of the materials used in the production of solar photovoltaic systems are toxic and hazardous. This can indirectly affect the environment, even if it is far less than other sources of energy.

The initial cost is expensive

The price of setting up the solar system and all the things is notably high. You have to pay for many things at first to use solar energy in your day-to-day life.

The price of things like solar panels, inverter, batteries, wiring, and installation can is remarkably high. You have to pay for all those things to setup the whole solar system. However, with the technologies developing in this sector we can expect the price will come down in the near future.

Depends on the weather

This whole solar energy system is powered by the rays emitted by the sun. So, this thing is weather dependent. If the weather is rainy or cloudy, it might cause some problems with solar energy. The effectiveness of solar energy in unfavorable weather will decrease by a drastic amount.

Since the storage technology is not that well developed yet, solar panels can’t store much energy to utilize later when the weather is not suitable. We could hope that the technologies will grow to help us overcome this problem.

Solar energy storage is expensive

If you want to use solar energy even if there’s no sun popping up in the sky like in the night or during bad weather, you have to buy batteries to do that. Those batteries can cost a hefty sum of money. 

You would probably need good batteries for them to last long and provide you with energy for some days/nights. The pricing of the cells also depends on the quality of them, and buying them depends upon your needs.

Requires right amount of space

The amount of space needed also depends on your needs. The bigger the solar system, the more electricity will be generated as the more solar panels, the more sunlight will be observed.

Your roof might not be big enough to generate all the electricity you need in your daily life. The amount of space solar panels take should also be considered while going for solar energy.


So these are all the major pros and cons of using solar energy. Solar energy has its advantages and disadvantages to look after, and going for solar power or not depends upon the person. Different persons have different opinions on it.

With the decrease in the non-renewable sources of energy, it is expected that we will run out of those sources of energy soon. So, we human beings should do something to stop this, and going with renewable energy is very much needed. And, many kinds of research have shown that solar energy is probably one of the best alternative sources of energy currently available.

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