Balvenie, a single malt whisky with a rich aroma and deep flavor. It is easy to drink and has a smooth, easy-to-taste flavor that is easy to enjoy, even for whiskey beginners. Balvenie also has a luxurious feel to it, which makes it easy to be appreciated as a gift. It is also recommended that you choose it as a gift for someone who has been good to you.

So, in this article, we will introduce the different types of Balvenie and their characteristics. Try to find the best one for your purpose.

What is Balvenie?

Balvenie is a single malt whisky made in the Speyside region of Scotland. The name comes from the Gaelic word for an old castle, meaning “a settlement at the foot of a mountain”.

It is made by the Balvenie distillery, which is located on the same site as the Glenfiddich distillery, which is considered to be a pioneer of single malt whisky. Balvenie has a sweeter taste and a mellow barley aroma than Glenfiddich.

And Suntory currently sells Balvenie in Japan. This whisky is a great choice for those who want to enjoy one of the best parts of single malt: the barley flavor.

Where Balvenie Scotch Whisky Made?

The birthplace of Balvenie is Balvenie Castle, which was built in the Dufftown area of Speyside in the 13th century and later abandoned. Later, in 1892, William Grant, founder of Glenfiddich, bought the site at the foot of the castle and built a whisky distillery.

The Dufftown area is also known as “Whiskey Town” and is home to seven famous distilleries. For this reason, it’s said to be a whiskey fan’s dream town.

History of Balvenie

The Balvenie Distillery was established by William Grant in 1892, five years after the establishment of the Glenfiddich Distillery. It was originally built as Glenfiddich’s second plant. The distillery has an outstanding production capacity of over 5 million litres of whisky per year.

It is also important to note that it has been family owned and operated by the Grant family since its inception and continues to be managed to this day. Today, the Scottish distiller “William Grant & Sons” has the management rights, and Suntory sells it in Japan.

Balvenie’s Process

Balvenie is made using the same barley and yeast as Glenfiddich. However, while Glenfiddich uses onsite spring water, Balvenie is unique in that it is brewed from a different source.

It’s also important to note that the traditional artisanal floor-morting process is still being followed, with everything else being done by hand, except for the stirring of the raw materials. Each step of the process, including drying the malt, is carefully carried out, and after 60 hours of fermentation in a stainless steel saccharification tank, the malt is transferred to a pot still (distiller).

The pot still used is a “Balvenie ball” with a slightly longer neck than Glenfiddich’s. The distillers also use a variety of barrels to age the original wine after distillation, including bourbon, sherry, port wine and rum.

Types of Balvenie Scotch Whisky

Balvenie 12 years old, Double Wood

This is one of Balvenie’s standard bottles, aged for 12 years in bourbon and sherry barrels. You can enjoy the fruity freshness of the bourbon barrels, such as pears and melons, derived from the bourbon barrels.

The mellow sweetness from the sherry barrels is also a key point. The flavors of bourbon and sherry are well-balanced, with a hint of vanilla and a deep, rich finish.

If you want to try a fine whisky with a firm drinking experience, this is a bottle you should check out.

Balvenie 12 Year Old Triple Cask

It uses “Oloroso Sherry” barrels with a bony flavor and “first-fill” bourbon barrels that are once filled with bourbon. In addition, this “triple cask” model is made with a peaty “traditional cask” combination.

The rich sweetness and mellow sweet aroma of bourbon barrels are also attractive. It also offers fruity and sweet flavours such as sherry wafers, vanilla and plums, and a lingering finish.

Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask

This Caribbean Cask is made by maturing the original sake in bourbon barrels and then additionally maturing it in “dark rum” barrels, which are also used for confectionery. It has a deep, full-bodied, fruity flavor with mellow notes of tropical fruit and mango.

The aroma is also mellow, with heavy sweetness of rum raisins, vanilla and caramel coexisting perfectly with the nuances of rum. It is not too sweet on the palate, and it is well balanced with the mellow aroma.

The Caribbean Cask is also smooth and crisp, with a smooth, round finish. This is a great choice for those who want to enjoy a fruity Balvenie.

Balvenie 16 Year Old Triple Cask

Malt Master David Steward has carefully selected and blended the original Balvenie wine, aged for 16 years in three different casks. It is more rounded and riper than the 12 year old triple cask and has more depth and richness than the 12 year old.

The balance of flavor from the malt ingredients is also well-balanced, giving it an even more luxurious feel. We recommend enjoying it on the rocks to enjoy the gradual change in flavor. It is a highly refined Balvenie, which makes it a great gift.

Balvenie 17 years old, Double Wood

Double Wood”, which is aged in bourbon barrels with additional maturation in sherry barrels, has a heavier flavor than the 12 year old, with spiciness and a hint of sweetness like chocolate and orange peel.

It also has a strong barrel aroma due to the long aging process, with a nutty and honeyed sweetness to it. It is also smooth and luxurious on the palate, and is recommended to be enjoyed straight or on the rocks for a fuller, deeper experience.

Balvenie 21 years, Portwood

Portwood 21 Year Old is a blend of the original whisky aged in sherry barrels for over 21 years, with additional aging in port wine barrels. It has a moderate astringency of tannins and a full sweetness derived from the sherry barrels, making it an appealing, luxurious whiskey with a superb taste.

It has a rich and mellow mouthfeel, with a well-balanced acidity and sweetness that can be savored slowly like wine. Balvenie’s distinctive peatiness and the rich sweet flavors of vanilla and honey coexist, giving it depth of flavor.

It also possesses fresh fruity notes of white grapes and green apples. This is a complex, well-balanced and complete bottle.

Balvenie 25 years old, Triple Cask

This is a long-matured bottle of Triple Cask, which is made by maturing it in three different types of barrels. It has a silky smooth and creamy mouthfeel, with a rich and luxurious taste with the ripeness that only long aging can provide.

It also has fruity notes of apricots, green apples and pears coexisting with heavy sweet aromas of honey, toffee and wafers. It’s a complex, well-balanced and well-balanced mix of flavors that is also very appealing.

There are also aromatic malt flavours and a sweet and fruity finish. If you want to enjoy the taste of fine whisky, check it out. Try Balvenie, a top quality product.

Best ways to drink Balvenie

Balvenie has a fruity sweetness and a rich aroma. Pouring it straight into a glass without diluting it allows you to enjoy the mellow flavor of Balvenie itself. We recommend preparing a chaser so that you can enjoy it longer and more deliberately.

Another way to drink Balvenie is to pour it into a chilled glass with a large amount of ice, which is also recommended. As the ice gradually melts, you can enjoy the richness of the Balvenie and the change in aroma.


Balvenie is the whisky of choice when you want to enjoy a full-bodied aromatic experience. It is a delicious whisky with a deep, addictive malt flavor and sweetness. And you can enjoy it on the rocks or straight up to find the difference in flavor. Find your favorite bottle and savor the perfection of the flavor.

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