A “Bluetooth speaker” that allows you to easily listen to music by pairing it with a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Recently, a lineup of multi functional models has been added one after another, and attention is paid to not only waterproofing but also a cylindrical 360° speaker that spreads sound in all directions.

Therefore, this time, we introduce the recommended models of Bluetooth speakers in ranking format. If you are considering purchasing, please refer to it.

What is a Bluetooth speaker?

A “Bluetooth speaker” is a speaker that connects to a terminal using Bluetooth, which is a wireless communication standard. You can use it wirelessly because you do not need a cable to pair it with a smartphone or computer.

If you place importance on portability, we recommend a weight of less than 1 kg. Also, let’s consider that objects exceeding 1 kg are used as stationary.

If you use it in outdoor scenes such as camping, it is recommended that you attach importance to lightweight, but if you attach importance to sound quality or power of sound, please consider 1 kg or more as a candidate. When purchasing, make sure to consider the scene and intended use.

How to choose a Bluetooth speaker

Let’s check the sound quality

For small Bluetooth speakers, models with “passive radiator” are recommended

Small Bluetooth speakers are compact and portable, so some products may not have a good sound quality.

If you are interested, let’s check whether the “passive radiator” is installed. A passive radiator is a speaker unit that amplifies the low frequency range, and you can expect a solid heavy bass sound. Please note that the name may differ depending on the manufacturer.

Focus on the “number of speaker units” for medium and larger Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are divided into “full-range speakers” that cover the entire range with one speaker unit and types that have multiple speaker units.

For mid-size and above, it is important whether the speaker units are separated for each range. Especially for high-performance models, we recommend the “2-way speaker”, which has two separate units, a “woofer” for the low range and a “tweeter” for the high range.

In addition, although there is a lineup of “3WAY speakers” in which the speaker unit is separated into three, the better sound quality tends to increase the price and size, so keep in mind. Let’s

Check compatible codecs

When transmitting audio via Bluetooth, the player compresses the audio once and delivers it to the Bluetooth speaker. Please note that the method of compressing audio is called “codec”, and the sound quality varies depending on what kind of codec is supported.

“SBC” is compatible with most Bluetooth compatible models. Although the sound quality is inferior to other codecs, it is a codec that prioritizes compression efficiency and transmission speed. “AptX” and “AAC” are positioned as codecs higher than SBC. aptX is mainly adopted by Android, and AAC is adopted by iPhone.

Recently, a codec called “LDAC”, which is used for high-resolution sound sources, has become popular. If you are particular about sound quality, we recommend Bluetooth speakers that support LDAC.

Check amplifier output

When choosing a Bluetooth speaker, the amplifier output is an important factor related to the volume. The unit is expressed using W (watt), and the larger the number of W, the louder the volume.

If it is a model of 5 to 15 W, it can be used in a room of about 10 tatami mats. If you want to enjoy music in a large space such as a living room or in a large number of people on the go, it is recommended to purchase a model that has at least 20 W or more output.

Check drive time and power supply method

If you have a built-in battery, check the battery life. If the continuous playback time is long, it is convenient to use on the go or in a moving car.

Also check the charging method. Even if the battery suddenly runs out, you can use the charging cable of a device such as a PC or smartphone if it is a type that charges with a USB cable, so charging is relatively easy. It is difficult to secure a power source when using it outdoors, so use a mobile battery when charging.

Check waterproof/dustproof function

If you carry a Bluetooth speaker with you, use waterproof and dustproof functions. For example, if “IP57” is written, the number on the left following the alphabet indicates dust-proof, and the number on the right indicates waterproof.

When purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, make sure that you select an IP5X or higher dustproof product. Since “IP4X” is stipulated that “1 mm or more of wire or solid matter cannot enter”, it is difficult to prevent fine dust.

Also, when using it in the kitchen, waterproof performance of “IPX5” or higher is a guide. If it is “IPX5” or higher, you can use it with confidence even if it gets wet with water. If you want to consider submersion in water, select a model with a waterproof performance of “IPX7” or higher.

Check the place of use

Inside the house|Pay attention to size and shape

If your main use is in your house, check out the size and shape. Basically, a rectangular or cylindrical speaker is preferable to a cubic or flat circular object in terms of sound quality. This is because more sound units can be installed and the sound spread during stereo playback is advantageous.

Even indoor speakers are inconvenient to carry if they are too large or too heavy to move. As a guide for the balance of sound quality, size, and weight, we recommend that the width of the main unit be about 30 cm, and the weight be within 1 kg.

A neck speaker type is recommended for those who often move around the house such as housework. The advantage is that the volume and sound quality do not change even when you move. It’s also attractive that it doesn’t take up space. However, keep in mind that only the user can listen.

Shower|Attention to waterproofness

If you often listen to music in the bath, be sure to check the waterproof performance of the Bluetooth speaker. The “IPX5” model can protect the main body from splashes, but considering the risk of accidentally dropping it into a bathtub, etc., you can use it with more confidence if you select the “IPX7” model or higher.

Outdoor|High-power model makes it easy to listen and safe

If you use a Bluetooth speaker outdoors, pay attention to three things: “high output”, “additional function”, and “connection function for multiple units”. In particular, the sound is dispersed outdoors, so a model with a high output of 20 W or higher is recommended.

In addition, if you have convenient functions such as LED lights, it will be easier to use. Furthermore, if you have a function to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers wirelessly, you can enjoy music in a wider range, so please check it.

In the car|Models that do not interfere with driving are recommended

For cars, we recommend models that not only sound quality and convenience but also do not interfere with driving. As a speaker designed for in-vehicle use, a cylindrical shape that fits in a drink holder is generally used. In addition, a speaker that can be installed between sun visors has the advantage that it does not take up much space and is difficult to see when driving.

In addition, it is convenient to have a power adapter that can be inserted into the cigar socket so that you do not have to worry about running out of battery. Make sure to check the shape when using it in a car.

Recommended manufacturer of Bluetooth speaker


Japan’s leading global electronics conglomerate. In terms of audio, we are good at technology for making devices compact, as represented by the Walkman. He is also the creator of “CD” and “Hi-Res”, and is also characterized by high-quality sound that is at the cutting edge of the times.

We are also developing models compatible with high resolution and high quality sound codec LDAC, centering on lightweight and compact models for Bluetooth speakers. The rich lineup for a wide range of users is also attractive.


American long-established audio manufacturer. We were good at large speakers for professionals and audiophiles, but recently we are expanding into easy audio equipment.

Even for Bluetooth speakers, the powerful sound and design that make use of tradition and the goodness of cospa are attractive. We have a wide range of popular models. It also features many models with excellent outdoor performance such as waterproofness and long batteries.


An audio maker founded by Dr. Amar G. Bose, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1964. It is a popular manufacturer with a high market share in audio equipment sales in Europe and the United States, which is characterized by skillful sound creation using advanced technology and psychoacoustics.

For speakers, we have pursued for many years the technology to reproduce rich bass even with a small size. The know-how is also utilized in Bluetooth speakers that require compactness.

Best Bluetooth High-quality Speakers

Bose Bose Home Speaker 300

Bose Bose Home Speaker 300

It is a Bluetooth speaker that is compact but allows you to enjoy powerful high-quality sound. The feature is that the sound is designed to spread in 360°. It is a recommended model with excellent usability, such as playback and fast-forwarding control with voice support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The point is that you can access playlists and albums just by talking to them, and check weather forecasts, news, and traffic information. The uniquely designed microphone array allows you to recognize your voice even when listening to music at high volume.

If you use the “Bose Music App”, you can link with each model of Bose’s smart speaker and sound bar series. You can build a lifestyle full of music throughout the house without moving speakers.

Bose SOUNDLINK MINI II Special Edition

Bose SOUNDLINK MINI II Special Edition
(Source: Amazon)

Width 18 x Height 5.1 x Depth 5.8 cm, a palm-sized Bluetooth speaker. In addition to being equipped with a specially developed driver, it is equipped with a bass unit “Dual Passive Radiator” that achieves both compact speaker size and rich bass reproduction. It’s a super compact size, and it’s a recommended model that you can enjoy authentic high-quality sound.

It is also important to realize a powerful sound by installing a high-performance transducer. It’s a sleek aluminum design and weighs only 680g, making it an attractive and easy-to-use tool that you can bring to various places.

It can be played for about 10 hours on a single charge, and it can also be used outdoors with a communication range of 9 m. If you put it in the charging cradle at home, you can always keep it fully charged. You can make hands-free calls with a built-in microphone and access the virtual assistant “Google Now” that supports Siri and Android.

Sony glass sound speaker LSPX-S2

Sony glass sound speaker LSPX-S2

This is a Bluetooth speaker with a unique design that uses an organic glass tube. The most distinctive feature is the “Circle Sound Stage,” a unique structure designed to spread all sounds in the high, mid, and low frequencies to 360°. The organic glass tube itself plays the role of a cylindrical diaphragm, so you can enjoy the realistic sensation of playing live between your eyes.

Equipped with “DSEE HX” that plays compressed sound sources such as CD sound sources and MP3 with high sound quality equivalent to high resolution. It also supports the codec “LDAC” that allows you to enjoy high-resolution sound even with a Bluetooth connection.

Also, if you connect to Wi-Fi, you can operate the music streaming service “Spotify Connect” with a smartphone. It is also a point that you can directly operate Spotify songs by just pushing one push of the body.

The LED that can be dimmed in 32 steps illuminates a wide range while suppressing glare with the lens reflector. It is also a recommended model for those who want to utilize it for fashionable space production, such as equipped with a candle light mode that can switch the strength according to your preference.

Beoplay P6

Beoplay P6
(Source: Band & Olufsen)

It is a Bluetooth speaker that uses an aluminum case. Despite the compact body that does not cause any trouble in the installation location, the maximum output power of 215 W is demonstrated with a total of 3 built-in amplifiers. It is a recommended model that you can enjoy the sound that spreads in the direction of 360° by the advanced DSP and the original algorithm.

The point is that wireless charging of up to 16 hours is possible with a full charge of 3 hours each. If you use the included USB-C cable, you can connect it to a computer and use it as a speakerphone for voice calls.

Best Bluetooth Speakers 

ANKER Soundcore Mini 2

ANKER Soundcore Mini 2
(Source: ANKER)

A Bluetooth speaker that uses Bluetooth 4.2. With a stable connection with a maximum range of 20 m, it is a recommended model to enjoy music with high sound quality wirelessly. Hands-free call is possible with built-in microphone. It’s compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand, so you can take it out and use it easily.

It also features a passive radiator and a customized driver that can play clear, deep bass. If you purchase two units and pair them, you can build a high-volume stereo system.

Due to the waterproof property of IPX7, it can be used outdoors. With its unique charging technology and high-quality lithium-ion battery, continuous playback of up to 15 hours is possible.

ANKER Soundcore 2

ANKER Soundcore 2
(Source: ANKER)

It is a Bluetooth speaker equipped with two 6W drivers. Bass Up technology enhances bass. It’s a compact model with a size of about 168 x 47 x 56 mm, but it is a recommended model that can play powerful bass.

Equipped with an AUX port, the point is that you can enjoy music with devices that do not have Bluetooth. With a rechargeable type that has a long life of up to 24 hours, you can play music all day long without worrying about running out of charge. It is a unit that can be used outdoors with peace of mind due to the waterproof performance of IPX7, which does not flood the inside even if it is submerged in 1 m of water for 30 minutes.

ANKER Soundcore Motion+

ANKER Soundcore Motion+
(Source: ANKER)

It is a Bluetooth speaker that can play Hi-Fi sound from super low frequency 50Hz to super high frequency 40kHz. Equipped with 2 super high frequency tweeters, 2 neodymium woofers and 2 passive radiators, you can enjoy rich sound up to 30W.

The point is that the bass is enhanced by the original BassUp technology. It is recommended for those who are looking for a high quality model at an affordable price, such as being compatible with the codec “aptX” that achieves high sound quality wirelessly.

With a battery capacity of 6700 mAh, up to 12 hours of continuous playback is possible. With the waterproof performance of IPX7, you can enjoy your favorite songs in peace outdoors.

DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth Speaker

DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth Speaker
(Source: DOSS)

Bluetooth speaker featuring a compact body. With a weight of 560g, it is easy to carry and can be used easily at leisure such as camping and BBQ. A touch panel is provided on the upper part, and the point is that you can operate it just by touching it. Intuitive operation is achieved, such as adjusting the volume simply by turning the ring.

Built-in microphone supports hands-free calling. It is a rechargeable battery with a built-in 2200mAh lithium-ion battery and can be used for up to 12 hours with a full charge of 3 hours. It is recommended for those who are looking for a model with good cost performance, which is inexpensive but has excellent basic performance.

Best Bluetooth speakers for outdoor and shower

Sony wireless portable speaker SRS-XB23

Sony wireless portable speaker SRS-XB23
(Source: Sony)

This is a Bluetooth speaker with IP67-compliant waterproof, dustproof and rustproof performance. A model recommended for bathing in the bathroom or kitchen, or for outdoor activities such as swimming and poolside. It has a long battery that can be played for 12 hours with a 4-hour charge, so you can enjoy it for a long time without worrying about running out of charge.

It is also attractive that it incorporates plenty of advanced high-quality sound technology. It is equipped with high-quality digital amplifier technology “S-Master” and “DSEE” that complements the high range lost in compressed sound sources.

Also, it supports the high quality codec “LDAC” and “AAC” for iPhone. It realizes about 3 times the amount of information compared to the conventional model, and you can enjoy high-quality sound wirelessly.

JBL Bluetooth speaker GO 2

JBL Bluetooth speaker GO 2
(Source: JBL)

A handheld Bluetooth speaker that weighs only 184g. It has better waterproof performance than the conventional model, and is recommended for use near the water such as in the sea and poolside. Although it is small, it is equipped with a 40 mm diameter full-range speaker, so you can enjoy high-quality sound with breadth and depth.

The point is the hands-free call function equipped with the echo canceling function. Even while playing music, you can switch to hands-free calling by pressing the call button and talk with clear sound quality. A maximum of about 5 hours of continuous playback is possible with a charge of about 2.5 hours. It can be charged from a mobile battery as it is USB rechargeable.

SONY wireless portable speaker SRS-XB12

SONY wireless portable speaker SRS-XB12
(Source: Sony)

It is a stylish Bluetooth speaker with a rounded cylindrical shape. IP67-compliant waterproof and dust-proof specifications recommended for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Also active outdoors such as camping and swimming. Even if you don’t have a smartphone nearby, you can use the operation buttons on the main unit to play back and send songs, which is convenient.

With a built-in long battery that can be played for up to 16 hours with 4.5 hours of charging, there is no worry of running out of charge. When there is no input for 15 minutes, the power is automatically turned off to save the battery.

Since the analog input terminal is provided on the back of the main unit, it is also a point to enjoy music by connecting devices not equipped with Bluetooth. It is also attractive to be able to play powerful deep bass sound with a full-range speaker unit with a diameter of about 46 mm.

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker
(Source: Bose)

Bluetooth speaker with a silicone strap. A lightweight, compact model that fits in the palm of your hand, and is suitable for those who want to attach it to various places such as a trouser belt, backpack, or bicycle handlebar. Another feature is that you can connect BOSE Bluetooth speakers to each other and enjoy music in a wide range.

The silicone body and IPX7 waterproof design make it safe even when dropped in water. It’s also suitable when you want to enjoy music on the beach or poolside. Supporting Amazon Echo Dot, it is also attractive that you can execute voice commands hands-free. In addition to being able to talk with the speaker, you can access Siri and Google Assistant, which is excellent in usability.


JBL Clip 3
(Source: JBL)

It is a Bluetooth speaker equipped with a carabiner. The carabiner is a clip type, and it is attractive that it can be attached to various places such as a belt strap and a dayback. Due to the waterproof performance of IPX7, it is a recommended model that realizes various ways of enjoying, such as listening to music in the bath or wearing it outdoors.

It is equipped with its own 40mm diameter full-range speaker, and it is also a point that you can enjoy powerful sound while being small. Hands-free calls that utilize the echo canceling function enable clear calls with clear sound quality.

Best Bluetooth speakers for cars

JBL FLIP 5 – Waterproof Speaker

JBL FLIP 5 portable waterproof speaker
(Source: JBL)

One-handed Bluetooth speaker that is easy to handle. Designed to be the same size as a standard 500ml plastic bottle, it is a recommended model for use in a car drink holder. Uses a durable fabric grill and rubber bumper. Combined with the tube shape, it has a tough specification that is resistant to drops and impacts.

The waterproof performance of IPX7 makes it safe to use outdoors. With a large capacity battery of 4800mAh, music can be played continuously for about 12 hours or more. Abundant color variations are also attractive. You can choose from 6 colors: black, blue, red, teal, white and squad.

Best Bluetooth Wearable Neck Speakers

Bose Soundwear Companion Speaker

Bose Soundwear Companion Speaker
(Source: TheVerge/JBL)

Wearable type Bluetooth speaker designed based on ergonomics. It is a neck speaker recommended for those who want to emphasize comfortable wearing, such as adopting soft touch silicone on the surface.

In order to achieve high sound quality, it is also important to develop with particular attention to detail. Equipped with two 11-inch waveguides, you can enjoy rich and rich high-quality sound.

The point is that it also supports voice control such as Siri and Google Assistant. You can use the Bose Connect app to manage your settings and connections, and it’s easy to use.

JBL Soundgear BTA

(Source: JBL)

boost unit. This model is recommended for those who want to prioritize sound quality, such as aptX codec that realizes high-quality sound wirelessly.

It also comes with a Bluetooth transmitter for TV, so you can enjoy the TV sound wirelessly. Since, it also has an optical digital input terminal.


(Source: Engadget/Sony)

A neckband type Bluetooth speaker equipped with a 30 mm diameter full range speaker unit developed exclusively. It is also a recommended model that you can enjoy a powerful sound while wearing a wearable speaker, including a “passive radiator” diaphragm that enhances bass.

Ergonomically designed and comfortable to wear. Equipped with an inner cushion, it keeps a comfortable fit even when used for a long time. Since one transmitter can connect up to two neck speakers at the same time, it is convenient for couples and friends who want to enjoy themselves.


Bluetooth speakers are roughly divided into those for indoor use and those for carrying. For indoor use, we recommend products that emphasize sound quality and price rather than portability. On the other hand, when purchasing for carrying, a model weighing less than 1 kg is convenient. Make sure to check that it is waterproof and dustproof.

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