Cat bed and pet carrier are the most needy stuffs for pets these days.

Do you want to offer your cat a reassuring environment where it can rest without any stress? To do this, the fundamental step is to get a basket, a tent or a cushion: a real cat bed, where your tomcat can enjoy all the restorative sleep he needs.

There are many options available. The prices, the materials used and the comfort offered vary greatly from one reference to another. It is important to take into account, among other things, the size and personality of your pet. Making a choice can become a real chore, especially if you are short of time.

We analysed and compared 54 cat beds or baskets over 38 hours, and took into account the feedback from 745 cat lovers to adjust our recommendations.

Following our last update, our favourite model is the AmazonBasics AMZRB-002, its shape and comfort will allow it to adapt to most cat morphologies.

AmazonBasics Round Dog Basket

AmazonBasics Round Dog Basket

Do you want to offer your pet good conditions of comfort, without doing the original or the expensive? The AmazonBasics AMZRB-002 is an option to consider thanks to its excellent price-performance ratio: this cat bed offers all the luxury your pet can dream of, and is practical for you every day.

What people think of the AmazonBasics Round Dog Basket

This basket can accommodate a majority of cats. Without being very large, it offers satisfactory dimensions for most breeds, and its flexible structure allows it to adapt to the habits and weight of your companion.

Its round shape is as classic as it is efficient. With a clever addition: the edges are raised and wide, allowing your hairball to place its head. The cushioning effect is reinforced by the design of the product: the top is made of flannel, which gives it a warm and secure feeling.

The underside is made of polyester. This material is therefore strong and durable enough to withstand cat scratches without too much difficulty. For your peace of mind, Amazon offers a 1-year limited warranty. If you’re looking for a puppy or small dog basket, look for an even stronger model.

The object’s aesthetics are sober and passe-partout, two-tone: cream and brown. You can either place it in an interior decoration where it will be highlighted, or place it in a place where it will not be too visible.

Your cat’s comfort is guaranteed, but yours is not forgotten either, as the AmazonBasics AMZRB-002 is extremely easy to clean: just put it in the machine, following the manufacturer’s instructions. This allows for frequent maintenance, which will reduce the risk of the basket becoming infested with fleas.


The model suitable for most cat breeds.
Round shape that can be adapted to a variety of weights and sizes.
Wide, raised edges to allow your pet to relax its head.
Flannel top for a cushioning effect, robust polyester underside.
Sober, matt, brown and cream aesthetics.
Machine washable.
Dimensions: 50.8*50.8*15.24 cm / 20*20*6 in.
Weight : 0.5 kg / 1.1 lb.
Warranty: limited, 1 year.


Very comfortable for your cat
Easy to clean
Relatively robust design


Not suitable for small dogs

Our verdict

The AmazonBasics AMZRB-002 is suitable for the vast majority of cats. It is comfortable for your pet. For you, it’s pretty, easy to wash and very solid: it will resist a few scratches. It is designed for cats, if you have a small dog, other models will be more suitable.

Best Pet Supplies Pet Tent Bed

Best Pet Supplies Pet Tent Bed

Do you want your cat to rest as well as possible, and would you also like it to feel really protected and warm? Then you can get the Best Supplies CR303, a top-of-the-range cat bed that’s ideal for animals that are a little cold or stressed and can snuggle up in it to sleep well.

What we think of the Best Pet Supplies Pet Tent Bed

Let’s start by pointing out what you would find very hard not to notice: the shape of this cat bed is very special, as it is a conical tent. It’s a design that proves to be clever, and in particular allows your pet to enjoy more privacy and warmth.

In terms of aesthetics, this product is quite nice. It’s a beautiful grey colour, which has personality, yet is discreet. You can place it in a corner of the room without any worries. But if you want to make it an integral part of your decoration, that’s no problem either: its original side will be an eye-catcher.

Note that this cat bed has a non-slip base. If you have a kitten or a dynamic tomcat, who sometimes tends to turn everything upside down, this is really practical. You don’t have to reposition the tent every time he finishes his nap.

The fleece design, which is undeniably warm and soft, also offers excellent strength. You can expect to keep this product for a very long time. It may be more expensive than some of its competitors, but the investment can pay off in the long run.

The tent format requires you to check the dimensions beforehand. Here they are 30.48*40.64*25.4 cm, which corresponds to 12*16*10 in. This means that most cats will be able to enjoy them.


The original and clever cat tent.
Conical appearance offering your cat comfort and privacy.
Extra soft fleece design, warm and really strong.
Non-slip base: the bed stays in place even with a dynamic animal.
Discreet and decorative grey colour.
Dimensions: 30.48*40.64*25.4 cm / 12*16*10 in.


Original and well thought-out shape
Non-slip base
High manufacturing quality


Slightly more expensive than average

Our verdict

The Best Pet Supplies CR303 has no major flaws: it is extremely comfortable, solid and non-slip. You won’t have to reposition it after every cat’s nap. You just have to check that the dimensions fit him well: then, as long as you have the budget, there’s no reason to hesitate.

FurHaven ThermaNap

FurHaven Faux Fur Cat Heating Pad

Do you travel often? More than a fixed bed, are you looking for a cosy, easy-to-clean cushion where your cat can rest even when travelling? During our analysis we discovered an ingenious and accessible cat bed that could meet your expectations: the FurHaven ThermaNap.

What we think of the FurHaven ThermaNap

The FurHaven ThermaNap’s main advantage is that it is self-heating. Thanks to the use of a special polyester, it is able to capture the heat from your pet and release it. This makes it particularly warm and comfortable compared to other cat beds in carpet format.

Another advantage of this format is that it is suitable for all cats. There are no questions about dimensions here. Even if your pet is rather massive and greedy, it will be able to rest and curl up without any worries. This product is also suitable for small dogs.

There is real portability, as this model can easily find its place in a cage. It is also a good occasional rug, which you can place on your sofa, for example.

Some users note that it took some time for their pet to get used to this product, which is less intuitive than beds in a tent or basket format. With a bit of patience and respect for its space, your cat should eventually adopt it.

He should even appreciate it very much, once he realizes the comfort offered by the multiple layers. The product is quite solid, and above all particularly easy to maintain: just put it through the machine and it’s done.

Finally, note that several colours are available, which correspond to different styles: leopard or snow leopard, espresso and cream for example. There are small price variations, but all are reasonably priced.


The easiest to move.
Extra-light carpet format, ideal for travelling.
Absorbs your pet’s heat and then releases it back to him.
3 layers for extra comfort.
Extra simple cleaning: one machine pass is enough.
Different colours available: espresso, leopard, cream, etc.
Dimensions: 55.9*43.2*0.6 cm / 22*17*0.24 in.
Weight : 68 g / 0.15 lb.


Self-heating design
Portability at its best
Affordable price, for all colours


More difficult for the animal to adopt than other beds

Our verdict

The FurHaven ThermaNap is suitable for all cats, and is ideal as an extra bed, as it can be taken anywhere you go and placed in a cage. As a main bed, it also serves its purpose, as it is comfortable and self-heating. If you don’t want to go broke, this is the ideal option.

Kitty City Queen Stackable Washable Cat Bed


Kitty City Queen Stackable Washable Cat Bed

You haveseveral cats who get along well at home, and you would like to offer them a shared relaxation area, top comfort, where everyone can have their privacy? This is exactly what the Kitty CM-0277-CS01 offers, a model that is a little more expensive than average, but also significantly more spacious and safe.

What people think of the Kitty City Queen Stackable Washable Cat Bed

In the box of the Kitty City CM-0277-CS01 you will find 3 main items. First, a cube with a wide entrance. Second, a soft carpet, ideally sized to be placed in this cube. Finally, a soft cushion, with a support allowing you to position it over the cube.

So you get 2 beds, suitable for most cats.

The whole thing can be installed in a few seconds.

If you have 3 cats, you can buy a second cube and stack it on top of the first. Also note that if you want to save space temporarily, you can fold the product perfectly. It is easy to store and also to move around: indeed, a handle is provided at the back.

In terms of solidity, no problem to report: this model will resist without great difficulty to dynamic and playful hairballs. It is made of a fabric that makes it both practical and sturdy.

When it comes to the comfort of your companions, the upper cushion is really optimal, warm and soft. As for the mat that fits into the cube, although it is a little less soft, it is still pleasant. And you won’t have to worry about it, since both can be machine-washed.


The best option for a multi-cat household.
2 beds in 1: a soft cushion and a cube with carpet.
Possibility to machine wash the carpet and the cushion.
Both solid and space-saving because the cube can be folded.
Can be assembled in seconds.
Rear handle for easy movement.
Dimensions (with cube): 41.91*41.91*48.89 cm / 16.5*16.5*19.25 in.
Dimensions (cushion alone): 41.91*41.91*13.97 cm / 16.5*16.5*5.5 in.
Diameter of the entrance: 24.13 cm / 9.5 in.


2 beds in 1 purchase
Stackable design if required
Easy to move around


Average price found a little high

Our verdict

Depending on the personality of your companions, the Kitty City CM-0277-CS01 will become either a super bed or a fun play area. Either way, it is solid and cleverly designed, with its spacious cube topped with a warm cushion. If you have several cats and the right budget, we recommend it.

Pawz Road GW0112-W

Pawz Road GW0112-W

If your cat is not too massive, and you are looking for an accessible option in tent format, the Pawz Road GW0112-W may be just what you need. It’s a fairly accessible, rather simple model, designed to offer a comfortable and reassuring space for less assertive animals or kittens.

What we think of the Pawz Road GW0112-W

The first thing you notice about this product is that it breathes comfort. Indeed, the texture is very soft, whether on the outside contours or for the interior carpet. Your cat should therefore adopt it without too much difficulty, especially if he is cold. It is a product that is particularly suitable for more anxious cats.

Thanks to its rounded tent format, this cat bed forms a real cocoon around your pet. The cat can curl up and snuggle up inside for a nap, but still has a wide, reassuring entrance so that it can keep an eye on its surroundings without having to make any effort.

Before buying one, make sure that the dimensions are suitable for your pet. They are 39*43*37 cm, i.e. 15.4*16.9*6.7 in. If you have a fairly massive cat, it might feel a little cramped.

However, we believe that these small dimensions should not necessarily be seen as a disadvantage. On the contrary, as long as they are suitable for your companion, it will save you space. It is not always easy to find a model that is both so comfortable and space-saving.

The solidity is satisfactory, the object can withstand a few scratches.

2 main colours are available, and have the advantage of being offered at exactly the same price. Beige is particularly discreet, ideal if you want the product to blend into your home. Grey is interesting if you want to make the object stand out better, or if you have a modern decoration.


The best in a small space.
Reasonable dimensions, perfect in a modest home.
Cocoon format: feeling of security and privacy guaranteed.
Extra-soft and comfortable design.
Available in 2 sober and successful colours: beige or grey.
Dimensions: 39*43*37 cm / 15.4*16.9*6.7 in.


True reassuring cocoon
Friendly aesthetics
Space-saving and very comfortable


Not suitable for larger cats

Our verdict

The Pawz Road GW0112-W may not be the most versatile cat bed on the market, but it fulfils its purpose. It is a comfortable product, in which your pet will enjoy a real sense of privacy. It’s more for young or slim felines, and will be ideal for those who need security.

Petsure tent

Bedsure Cat Tent for Small Dogs and Cats

First time looking for a cat bed, and you don’t really know which model to choose? Then the easiest solution is to choose a hybrid model, such as the Petsure tent: this can be converted into a basket if it suits your pet better, and is affordable.

What people think of the Petsure tent

Let’s start by mentioning the main strength of the Petsure tent: its design is really very good, extremely decorative without being too conspicuous. It is slightly rounded at the top, very cute, and is perfect for a kitten, for example.

Space is a little more limited than on some other models, as here you have 38.1*38.1*38.1 cm, or 15*15*15″, folded upwards. Nevertheless, this product may still be suitable for larger cats, as it has the advantage of having a hybrid design.

If you do not wish to use it in tent mode, you can remove the extra soft cushion inside, fold it over and put it back on top. This way you have a nice basket, which will fit just as well.

Note that this cat bed is also practical outdoors, as it has a non-slip base and a leather strap that makes it very easy to move around. As it’s light and compact, you won’t have any problem taking it with you on your outings.

The design uses microfibre, especially the cushion and the exterior.

This has several advantages. The first is the softness: it’s very comfortable, and your companion could quickly get into the habit of snuggling up inside his tent, nice and warm. The second is solidity: here you have a truly robust product that can stand up to playful cats.

Petsure offers you a 1 month return policy.


The most pleasant design.
Very successful tent form with leather straps for style.
Foldable product, can be used in tent mode or as a simple basket.
Lightweight, easy to transport.
Sturdy and comfortable, microfibre for the cushion and the outside.
Non-slip base, ideal for use at home and on outings.
Dimensions: 38.1*38.1*38.1 cm / 15*15*15 in.
Return policy: 1 month.


Comfort top for kittens
Hybrid: can be converted into a basket


Not very large in tent format

Our verdict

The Petsure tent is a very pleasant cat bed as long as your cat is not too big. It is extremely comfortable, extremely strong thanks to its microfiber construction, and particularly stylish. It is also easy to transport. Convertible into a basket, it can be adapted to the requirements of a growing animal.

Pet Craft Supply 8810

Pet Craft Supply 8810

Do you own a rather calm, even a little old animal, which above all needs to rest and limit the efforts? In this case, there is no question of making concessions: you need a comfortable and 100% safe cat bed. The Pet Craft Supply 8810 is a top-of-the-range reference that meets these criteria.

What we think of the Pet Craft Supply 8810

This product adopts a basket size of sufficient width for a large number of cat breeds: 45.72*45.72*15.24 cm, i.e. 18*18*6 in. It is supple and has an interesting specificity: the cushion has a shape memory.

It is therefore the ideal model if your cat suffers, for example, from arthritis, or simply has joints that are a little tired. Indeed, the bed will adapt to the positions in which it feels most comfortable to sleep as it goes along. He will then be able to really rest and relax.

And all the more so because the object has really been designed to offer uncompromising comfort. First of all, it is extremely soft. Second, the slightly raised edges allow your pet to feel supported. It is reassuring, but also useful, especially so that he can quietly relax his head.

Solidity is also one of the advantages of this model. Made of linen and plush, it knows how to resist perfectly to the claws of your hairballs, even if they are a little bit stubborn. The life span is significantly longer than average, even if you reserve the basket for a dynamic small dog.

The last advantage is the maintenance, which is really simple. As far as cleaning is concerned, compatibility with the washing machine is guaranteed. In addition, and this is more rare, you can also put this cat bed in the dryer. So you have practically nothing to do.

Your budget will be the deciding factor.


The softest.
Memory foam cushion, ideal for older cats.
Made of linen and plush, extremely strong.
Round shape wraps and supports your pet well.
Machine washable, dryer compatible.
Large and flexible enough to accommodate most cats.
Dimensions: 45.72*45.72*15.24 cm / 18*18*6 in.


Durable product over time
Super soft design
Zero stress maintenance


Fairly strong price

Our verdict

The Pet Craft Supply 8810 is an excellent cat bed, which may seem simple for its price, but offers an unparalleled level of comfort. Plus, it is one of the models that can be tumble dried. If your companion is ill, this is probably the best basket to offer him/her, which will really help him/her relax.

Things to know before buying a cat bed

The purchase of your cat bed will be conditioned by many factors. The most important ones are those concerning your pet: notably its physical characteristics and state of health. But your own comfort should not be forgotten either. Here are a few questions that it may be useful to ask yourself.

What is your pet’s height and weight?

Some models are designed for kittens and small cats, while others are particularly large and can fit almost all cats. If your cat is large and strong, a basket may be more suitable than a tent.

Is your cat dynamic or rather calm?

Depending on your cat’s profile, you will need to look for different levels of comfort and solidity. For dynamic animals, robustness should be given priority, even if it means accepting some concessions on comfort.

When they are calmer, or have a fragile health, the risks of damage being limited, it is preferable to offer them a soft bed or to relax.

Are you planning on getting a bed for a small dog?

Some Internet users are interested in cat beds because they hope to find a model that fits their small dog.

If this is your case, take into account that entry-level models designed for felines can withstand a few scratches, but often lack resistance against sharp canines.

Are you going to move the bed?

Sometimes you may want to take your cat bed with you when you travel, for example when you go on vacation, for a picnic, or simply when you lack space at home. In these cases, the foldable and transportable models are ideal.

Will my cat adopt his bed right away?

The answer is probably no. You must be patient, and carefully study the space and lifestyle of your pet beforehand, to try to find a product that corresponds to its personality.

Our selection criteria for buying a cat bed

After determining your personal requirements and thinking about the expectations your companion might have, you need to make a choice. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we suggest that you discover together what makes it possible to evaluate the quality-price ratio of a cat bed. Here are the main criteria.

The format

There are various sizes of cat beds available:

The basket: This is probably the most common. It is a soft cushion with raised edges to rest the head.

The carpet (or floor cushion): This is the simplest. If it offers a little less comfort, it has the advantage of being generally adapted to all cats and offered at reasonable prices.

The tent: closed on top, it offers more privacy and warmth. It can also be more aesthetically pleasing.

Other types of beds exist, although a little rarer, for example cubes, which are quite spacious and can often be piled up to accommodate several felines.

The price

For a carpet, the entrance fee is $15, it is closer to $20-25 for a basket, and generally around $30-35 for tents.

Prices can then increase to around $50-60 for particularly solid and comfortable beds.

The dimensions

They are obviously to be taken into account in your choice. Here, no surprise: just measure your cat, and evaluate how comfortable he will be. Pay particular attention to the height for tents: it should not feel suffocated.

The comfort offered

Tents and baskets generally offer the best comfort, since the cat can easily place himself in his favorite position, and will not have too much difficulty finding ways to support his head or joints.

But manufacturers are always looking for innovation to make the mats as comfortable as possible. For example, they offer self-heating models.

The material: strong and soft

Getting the right cat bed is an art of compromise. You have to find the right balance between robustness and softness.

Polyester is very common in inexpensive models, and is strong and pleasant enough for healthy cats.

For older cats, materials such as linen or plush are preferable. It will cost you more, but the lifespan will be significantly increased and your companion will have absolutely optimal sleeping conditions.

Portability and ease of storage

First of all, you should know that it is not necessarily recommended to move your cat bed too much. Nevertheless, it can be practical to be able to do so, when you like to travel, or to save a little space when entertaining in a modest apartment.

Some models are foldable: you can simply put them away.

Others have a handle, in fabric or leather.


Nowadays, most cat beds are compatible with the washer, as long as you clean them separately and follow the instructions carefully.

Those that can go to the dryer exist, but are more rare.


Is your cat very sensitive to bed design? It’s hard to say, but what is certain is that there are enough choices so that you don’t have to buy a model that you don’t find pretty.

So don’t hesitate to opt for a reference adapted to your decoration!

Don’t hesitate to exchange online with other cat owners. You will be able to learn more about the suitability of models according to your cat’s character, and obtain particularly useful additional information about products that caught your eye.

Why trust us

All the recommendations we make on are the result of several weeks or months of research, tests, comparisons, analysis of consumer opinions and, if necessary, interviews with experts and scientists. You will quickly realize that the products we recommend here are not the most expensive or the most trendy: they are the ones that will best fulfill their daily task, passing all the safety, reliability and efficiency tests with ease and with a quality/price ratio that is interesting for you.

Finally, the products we recommend are those we would like to buy, and those we would also choose for our friends and family.

We do our utmost to offer you a comparison so that you can choose the best possible cat bed. If we have forgotten any information or new models, please feel free to leave a comment below or send us a message.

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