Do you love to share a few grills with friends or family? There are many of us in the same case. Unfortunately, some problems can arise. For example, charcoal and gas are not recommended indoors. Nor are they optimal for your health. However, there is a solution: the barbecue or electric grill.

This will allow you to enjoy equally tasty meat, poultry, vegetables and fish, which will also be healthier. You can easily use it on the go, and the energy cost will be significantly reduced. If you have children, it’s also a safer option that doesn’t require fuel.

It is particularly abundant. But not all models are the same. So we sorted them out: after comparing numerous references, we analyzed and compared 56 electric barbecues or grills in Canada over nearly 54 hours, and took into account the opinions of 541 consumers.

Following our last update, our favourite model is the Hamilton Beach 25361. If you have a slightly larger budget, don’t miss the Weber Q2400, the reference in this category.

Hamilton Beach 25361

Do you simply want to share convivial moments with your family, even in the heart of winter? You need a grill with the right capacity and easy to use. Among the many options we have analyzed, the Hamilton Beach 25361 seems to us to be the one that can satisfy the vast majority of people.

Hamilton Beach 25361

Hamilton Beach 25361 Review

Hamilton Beach is a brand with a good reputation, generally offering durable and robust products. This one is no exception. In fact, your purchase comes with a 5-year warranty.

This grill offers a cooking surface of approximately 760 cm², or 118 sq. in. This often corresponds to 6 servings, but varies depending on what you’re preparing. It produces very little smoke, and will easily find its place in your kitchen.

It performs well, and you can set the temperature between 90 and 205°C, or 200 and 405°F. In other words: it is possible to cook fish, vegetables, poultry and, of course, to sear your meats. It’s extremely easy to use: just turn the knob and you’re done.

What sets this model apart from the competition are two practical features.

Firstly, it has a preheat indicator light: you know exactly when to place your ground beef on the grill.

Secondly, the lid has a glass panel so you can check the cooking process without having to open the machine every time. This is very convenient, especially when you have to keep an eye on the children at the same time.

After the meal, you won’t waste hours cleaning: the grill is non-stick and dishwasher-safe. The lid and drip tray are also dishwasher-safe, as all three elements are removable.

Please keep in mind that the product cord is quite short, so you will need to place it close to an outlet or use an extension cord.


The easiest grill to handle

Observation window, to control the cooking of your food

Super intuitive controls: just turn the knob

Indicator light to show you when preheating is complete

Dishwasher-safe lid, rack and drip tray

Power: 120V, 1200 watts

Cooking surface: ~760 cm² / 118 in² (6 portions)

Temperature (displayed in Fahrenheit): ~90-205°C / 200-450°F

Dimensions: 42.5*31.5*17.3 cm / 16.7*12.4*6.8 in

Weight : 3.7 kg / 8.1 lb

Warranty: 5 years


Quick and intuitive handling

Viewing window on the lid

Good manufacturing quality


Fairly short cord

Our verdict

The Hamilton Beach 25361 is an ingeniously designed electric grill that allows you to monitor the cooking of your food without having to open the lid. It’s versatile, and you can use it to prepare hamburgers, meats, vegetables and fish. It’s also easy to clean. The only problem is that the cord is quite short.

Weber Q2400

Would you like to combine the advantages of electricity and traditional barbecue? Some electric appliances are capable of providing taste sensations very close to those offered by gas or coal models. For example, the Weber Q2400, a top-of-the-range reference, offered by one of the leading brands in the sector.

Weber Q2400

Weber Q2400 Review

First observation: with its 1560 watts, the Weber Q2400 delivers significantly more power than the majority of its electric competitors.

This is normal, however, because the cooking surface to be covered is larger: here you benefit from 1806 cm², which corresponds to 280 in². You’ll be able to prepare a good meal for the whole family, or entertain a few friends.

But more than the space available, it is the quality of design that impresses on this product. The bowl and lid are extremely durable, made of cast aluminum. The parts are guaranteed for 2 to 5 years. The Weber leg is there for you.

The grid is made of enamelled cast iron. This material, which is also used on gas or coal models, has the main advantage of capturing heat very well. So your croquettes, skewers or steaks cook evenly. They are much more pleasant to eat.

The Weber Q2400’s controlled size and weight make it easy to move around, especially if you purchase the trolley sold separately. It fits perfectly on the balcony of an apartment.

It is also easy to maintain. You can get rid of cooking residue in a matter of moments thanks to a removable drip tray.

Finally, safety is ensured by an earthed cable: properly installed, it avoids the danger of electrification.


The electric barbecue offering the best flavors.

Enamelled cast iron grill for even cooking.

Very sturdy, cast aluminium bowl and lid.

1.8 m / 6 ft. cable with grounding to prevent risks.

Container for easy collection of cooking juices and easy maintenance.

120V, 1560 watts.

Cooking surface: 1806 cm² / 280 sq. in.

Dimensions (open): 80*63.75*66 cm / 31.5*25.1*26 in.

Weight : 19 kg / 42 lb.

Warranty: 2 to 5 years depending on the part.


Absolutely flawless robustness

Safer than other products

Uniform cooking


Fairly high purchase price

Our verdict

The Weber Q2400 is a luxurious electric barbecue, which is quite expensive. Nevertheless, if you have the right budget, there is little hesitation to have, as it is a very long term investment. It is indeed super solid, easy to clean, and well secured. What’s more, the taste of the food really comes close to the traditional barbecue.

George Foreman ZPV-1005

Is your heart oscillating between the barbecue on the balcony and the terrace? If you want to vary the pleasures and atmospheres, the best solution is to buy a hybrid appliance, designed to be effective both indoors and outdoors. The George Foreman ZPV-1005 seems to fit this description.

George Foreman ZPV-1005

George Foreman ZPV-1005 Review

By ordering this product, you actually receive the main unit, and a retractable foot of approximately 96.5 cm, or 38 in.

You can use the unit on your balcony, or indoors when it’s cool.

As soon as the weather gets warmer, simply place it on its stand: it becomes more comfortable to use outdoors and is ideal for small parties.

You can even cook a certain amount of food on it. First of all, the capacity is quite large: you have a cooking surface of 1548 cm², or 240 square inches, which corresponds to about 15 parts of skewers and sausages.

Secondly, the 1600 watts of power allows for a correct speed, although it is still advisable to light your barbecue ahead of time.

The thermostat can be adjusted on five levels to adapt to different types of food: fish, vegetables and shellfish for example.

However, you will have to fumble around a little: there are no instructions for cooking different foods, nor a recipe book. That’s a shame, because that would have made it even quicker and more intuitive to get started.

This model is equipped with George Foreman’s signature feature: a removable, slightly sloping cooking grid, which allows you to remove up to 42% of the fat from your food.

You enjoy healthier meals, but it’s also and above all useful for cleaning.

Indeed, the juice flows into a dishwasher-safe drip tray.


The product that adapts to your desires in all seasons.

Supplied with a foot of ~96.5 cm / 38 in., fits outside or inside.

Thermostat adjustable on 5 levels.

Non-stick and inclined grid to facilitate the evacuation of grease.

Removable dishwasher-safe drip tray.

120V, 1600 watts.

Cooking surface: 1548 cm² / 240 in² (15 portions).

Dimensions (L*H, main unit): 45.5*37.5 cm / 17.9*14.8 in.


Good grease evacuation system

Foot supplied

Good price-to-area ratio proposed


A cookbook would have been desirable

Our verdict

The George Foreman ZPV-1005 is an electric barbecue always ready to meet your expectations, hyper adaptable. In the summer, it allows you to organize outdoor parties. In winter, it can be the companion of some more intimate and warm meals. It would have been useful if instructions for cooking the various foods had been included.

Philips HD6371/94

For you, the most important thing on the barbecue are the basics: perfectly cooked beef and chicken? If that’s your philosophy, but you don’t have the possibility to equip yourself with an outdoor appliance, there is a solution: you can get the Philips HD6371/94, which gives excellent results on meats.

Philips HD6371/94

Philips HD6371/94 Review

Philips has chosen to combine quality and simplicity.

This means that you get a truly intuitive feel for this product. You turn the switch, it lights up, then you place your food. There’s nothing else to do.

Thanks to the infrared technology, there is little smoke, especially when you prepare beef or chicken (without skin), two classic barbecue classics that you can enjoy in optimal conditions.

In fact, the temperature remains constant at 230°C or 446°F. Your meats are therefore seared evenly. On the outside, they brown nicely, while on the inside, the juice that gives them taste and suppleness in the mouth is well preserved.

Some fat still drips into the drip pan.

Note, by the way, that the drip pan is one of only two parts of the grill, so the assembly is almost immediate. The second part is simply the grill. It’s easy to clean because it’s dishwasher-safe.

The grease drip tray is not particularly difficult to maintain, but it must be washed after each use, which takes a little time.

This is an acceptable concession if you don’t use the appliance at every meal.

It is intended for indoor use. It allows you to share moments of conviviality with your family, around quality pieces of meat. You can place it on a table without fear of clumsiness because it has non-slip feet. It has an above-average power output of 1660 watts, which results in an appreciable speed.


The best for beef and chicken lovers.

Constant temperature for a beautiful browning of the meat.

Quick and easy to turn on: just flick the switch.

Virtually no smoke thanks to infrared technology.

Ideal for indoor grilling, on the table, with the non-slip runners.

Ultra fast assembly: only 2 parts, the grill and the drip tray.

Recipe book included.

120V, 1660 watts.

Temperature: 230°C / 446°F constant.

Weight: 5.6 kg / 12.35 lb.


Tasty and healthy meats

Excellent power, quite fast

Zero stress during use


The interview could have been shorter

Our verdict

The Philips HD6371/94 is significantly higher than the average electric grill in terms of power, with constant heat for perfect meat searing. It’s a durable product that keeps smoke to a minimum. Simply note that maintenance is longer than for other references.

George Foreman Evolve

George Foreman Evolve

If you choose an electric grill, it’s to get rid of absolutely all the drawbacks of coal and gas barbecues, including inaccurate settings? You might as well not do things by halves, and opt for a digital camera, like the George Foreman Evolve.

George Foreman Evolve Review

This appliance is intended for 2 or 3 person households with a capacity of 5 portions.

It is a grill with a folding grid, so you can make, in addition to the traditional meat and vegetables, recipes that are a little out of the ordinary. You will find a large number of them online, including waffles and cakes.

The hinge is adjustable by 2.5 cm or 1 in., in case you wish to use thicker foods or preparations.

If you’re a fan of nice, tender, juicy cuts of beef, you should appreciate the “grab” feature on this model. At the touch of a button, the temperature rises to 260C° or 500°F for 1 minute and a half. You can then place your steak on the grill and turn it over to give it a nice colour.

Note that the aesthetics of the product is particularly successful: red, black and grey, it easily finds its place in a modern kitchen.

But the real highlight is the screen. It clearly indicates the temperature and time chosen: the readability is much better than average, and the risk of error is greatly reduced. If you need to make changes, simply press the buttons with the up or down arrows.

The two grids, which are angled for easy grease removal, are easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher to save time. Keep in mind, however, that ceramic non-stick coating, even if it works well, tends to crumble and flake.

After a while, the appliance may therefore become less comfortable to care for and use. However, it remains durable and is guaranteed for 3 years.


A grip within everyone’s reach.

Optimal readability via the display, very simple settings with the buttons.

Hinge adjustable by 2.5 cm / 1 in. to accommodate thicker meats.

Inclined grid for easy removal of cooking juices.

Ceramic coating to prevent leftovers from sticking to the grids.

Folding top rack for making waffles and paninis.

Capacity: 5 portions.

Temperature: up to 260°C / 500°F for 90 seconds.

Warranty: limited, 3 years.


Aesthetically very successful

Allows you to create original recipes

Precise and fast digital controls


Coating that flakes over time

Our verdict

If you’re creative, you should enjoy the George Foreman Evolve. It’s a device that allows you to let loose on the design of waffles and desserts. It’s also great for meats and vegetables because it’s easy to set up and has a grab function. It is a pity that the ceramic coating on the grills tends to crumble.

Things to know before buying an electric grill

You’re looking for a barbecue, but you’re not sure which model to go for. Before opting for electric, would you like to study the pros and cons? You’re right, and we’ll help you: here are a few questions to help you choose the product that really suits you.

What are the differences with a charcoal or gas barbecue?

Compared to ‘traditional’ barbecues, electric models are a little slower. What’s more, you need a plug to connect them.

On the other hand, they are much cheaper to use. They are also much safer. They generally produce little smoke and there are no flames. In fact, most of them are easy to use both indoors and outdoors.

In terms of taste, because they use grills, you can easily get brown, crispy streaks on your meats, breads and vegetables, and many tasty, adapted recipes are available online.

How many people would you like to share grills with?

Small capacity models, even of good quality, are often cheaper. If you are a household of 2 or 3 people, and you don’t entertain every day, think about it.

Have you thought about safety standards?

We advise you, if you have the opportunity, to opt for an earthed cord: if it is correctly connected to a suitable electrical installation, the risk of electrification is eliminated. This makes sense especially if you share your daily life with children or pets.

Our selection for buying an electric grill

You are now ready to buy the product you like. But are you sure it’s the best you can find? Before you order it, it’s a good idea to review its features. Here’s what you need to know about it.

The price

It is very variable for barbecues or electric grills!

The minimum price for a durable (but small capacity) appliance is about $50.

There are many electric grills between 60 and 80$, but prices can go much further, up to 300-400$ for the best references.

For a more conventional “barbecue format” appliance, ideal for enjoying good skewers both indoors and outdoors, prices generally range between $100 and $450.

It is mainly the manufacturing quality and the cooking surface that vary.

The cooking surface or capacity

Capacity is often expressed in parts or portions by manufacturers.

Unfortunately, this method is imprecise, as everyone is free to include whatever they wish. This is why it is preferable to know the exact surface area in cm² or in po², a more objective indicator.

In this context, it is estimated that 125 cm² or 20 in² is equivalent to 1 person.

The power

It’s usually 1200 watts. This is the current market standard.

High-end or high-capacity models generally deliver 1600 watts or more, which allows them to cook a little faster.

The grill(s)

Grills are a key component of electric barbecues.

Ideally, they have a non-stick coating.

This can be proprietary (such as The Rock by Starfrit), or in a specific material, such as ceramics for example.

It makes cleaning easier.

They can be drilled or tilted to help grease run off.

Most often, they are made of cast aluminium, or, on some top-of-the-range models, enamelled cast iron. The latter option allows for enhanced heat capture, resulting in even cooking.

There are electric grills, also known as panini presses, which have two grids: one can be folded over the other, to simultaneously obtain beautiful golden streaks on both sides of your food. The hinge is usually adjustable, in case you need to cook thick food.

The grids are almost always dishwasher-safe.

The drip tray

Or grease trap. When it is present, to really be a plus, it must be removable and dishwasher-safe. The maintenance of your appliance can then become very short and simple.

On some models, water can be placed in it to reduce fumes.

Controls (temperature and timer)

To sear your meat, it is preferable to have a high temperature. To cook a variety of foods (fish, vegetables, poultry, beef, game), it is best to be able to choose from a wide range.

The temperature can be constant or adjustable.

In the second case, you adjust it either via a knob or a knob.

The presence of a timer is safe and reduces stress. It is usually set in the same way as the temperature.

Some references are equipped with a screen: it’s really handy to check your settings at a glance.

Feel free to chat on the web with other grill and barbeque enthusiasts. They will be able to give you tips and tricks according to your favourite dishes and your cooking projects.

Why trust us

All the recommendations we make on are the result of several weeks or months of research, tests, comparisons, analysis of consumer opinions and, if necessary, interviews with experts and scientists. You will quickly realize that the products we recommend here are not the most expensive or the most trendy: they are the ones that will best fulfill their daily task, passing all the safety, reliability and efficiency tests with ease and with a quality/price ratio that is interesting for you.

In the end, the products we recommend are the ones we would like to buy, and the ones we would also choose for our friends and family.

We do our utmost to offer you a comparison so that you can choose the best possible barbecue or electric grill. If we have missed any information or new models, please feel free to leave a comment below or send us a message.

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