It’s no surprise that the use of VPN has overgrown these days with increasing cyber threats and because of other different reasons. Many people want to use VPN to keep their online communication secure, encrypt their internet traffic and stream videos from best Kodi add-ons but don’t bother to pay for premium services. And, You are probably one of them :). You might want to watch overseas streaming television, getting around contents banned by your ISP, or torrents a few files anonymously. A free VPN could be a great option.

For our reader’s convenience, we have collected some of the best free Vpn services that are available for platforms like mac, android, and pc. We have tested dozens of free VPN services and selected some of the best among them to make sure your online activity safe and anonymous without having you to spend a single penny. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Android, Windows, MAC or IOS. They all work perfectly.

Free VPN Services are suitable for regular use, but there are also some limitations within them unless you pay for them. But, we will strongly recommend you to use paid services if you want to use it at a professional level and want to make sure that your data are highly secured. There’s always a little risk of your service provider making some profit by selling your data to third parties who may use it for advertising and other purposes.

Here are some VPN services we have selected for you from a whole bunch of free VPN service providers.


HotspotShield VPN

HotspotShield VPN is one of the best free VPN which provide its services for free because of its “Anti-censorship Stance”. After their backlash in 2017 due to the privacy group accusing the company of spying on users traffic, they have done a pretty good job securing user’s data.

Under the free plan, the user gets 500MB of data per day, which is equivalent to 15GB of data per month. But there’s no way to check the remaining data available. If you want to use VPN for security purpose, then HotspotShield might be the better choice. It uses “Military-grade Encryption” to make you feel comfortable doing shopping and online transactions.



  • Military-grade Encryption.
  • Up to 5 devices.
  • Anti-censorship stance.



  • Browser extension limited to chrome.
  • No Linux support.
  • Need credit card details at first.

2. Proton VPN

proton vpn

There’s a Free VPN service without any limitations of data provided by Proton VPN while having a bunch of paid plans as well. However, it is limited to the only device per email ID at a time and will be able to access only three locations out of total 30 servers in which is only available to proton VPN’s paid users. The three areas which you can access without paying are Japan, the Netherlands and the U.S.

This best free VPN can be used if you want to watch the content or access stores that might not be available in your geographical location or banned by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It also has a feature called “Kill-Switch” which immediately blocks all the network connections to prevent your real IP address being leaked because of accidental disconnection.



  • kill-switch.
  • 256-bit encryption.
  • Tor support.
  • Unlimited Data



  • Single device per free account.
  • Less amount of servers.

3. TunnelBear

tunnel vpn best vpn service

TunnelBear might is a best Free Vpn with a user-friendly design and a severe free VPN due to its acquisition with security giant, McAfee. There are free and paid subscriptions to choose from. It also has one limitation that the data is only limited up to 500MB in a month. However, you can get an additional One GigaByte of data if you tweet to the company.

In the free version, there is a total of 22 locations available. It also supports Kill-switch feature which is called “Vigilant mode”. It is also available in the form of extensions in major browsers. It comes with the 256-bit encryption to protect your data and promises not to log any of your browser histories.



  • Twenty-two locations in the free versions.
  • No logging.
  • User-friendly.
  • Kill-switch



  • Less amount of data.
  • No support for streaming services like Prime Video.

4. Windscribe

windscribe best vpn for extensionWindscribe is a relative newcomer to the free VPN scene, and it has already left a good mark in this market. It is one of the affordable VPN out there. It only needs your username and password to sign-up and uses its free service. Windscribe doesn’t store any of your logs, Ip stamps, or visited sites.

It offers you 10GB of data per month for free users with 13 different locations available. It can be further increased if you tweet about their services and if you invite any of your friends. Besides the very easy to use UI, it also has a wide variety of supports for significant desktops and mobile operating system as well as popular TV-sticks and Wi-Fi Routers. You also get extensions for popular browsers which will ensure complete stealth throughout the web-journey.



  • Ten Giga-Bytes of data in free account.
  • Sterling Privacy policy.
  • User-friendly.
  • Browsers extension.



  • Customer support mostly run by bots.
  • Slows down your Internet Speed by 50%.

5. Speedify


Speedify, as its name, suggests it was designed and developed to maintain the speed of your connection even after being connected to the internet. But, while making  Speedify speedy, Developers haven’t neglected to make this VPN secure and convenient for users. Installing this VPN and setting this up is also pretty easy. Speedify uses a different encryption method than other providers and its called ChaCha, which is considered faster than AES, and companies like Google also use it.

The free users of this VPN get as much server as the paid users get. It has a total of 170 servers in 50 different locations. It provides 4 GB of data in the first month and the only 1GB in subsequent months. The feature called “Channel-bonding” has made this VPN pretty famous and better, which enables to use of both Wi-Fi connection and Cellular data. Channel-bonding makes the link Super fast and secure. There are no differences in functionality between Free and Unlimited version of Speedify.



  • Maintains a decent speed.
  • ChaCha encryption tool.



  • Only One GB data per month.
  • Limited Support.

6. Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection

kyaspersky vpn service

The free VPN provided by Kaspersky is also something similar to other free VPN service provider’s VPN as it has its limitations. It gives you 200MB of data to use per day, and you can also extend it up to 300MB by connecting your account with My Kaspersky Account, which translates to at least 6GB per month. That’s not bad not considering it’s free, but it might not be enough if you are a hardcore user.

There are numbers of server locations available however you can’t choose the server you want to connect — the service will automatically select it for you. The application is easy to use, allowing you to browse anonymously with just a straightforward tap. Signing-up for Kaspersky VPN is also pretty easy as it doesn’t require any credit card details or E-mail.



  • Doesn’t require E-mail to sign-up.
  • Easy and safe to use.



  • 200MB available data per day.
  • Automatic Server selection.


hideme vpn
Hide. Me, Looking at its name it seems that it does a pretty good job in hiding you in the world of the Internet which it probably does. It ensures you to browse anonymously without storing or leaking your data. However, this VPN limits our data usage to only 2GB per month, which is comparatively less compared to others, but it’s good enough for casual browsing. promise not to log your activities, giving you peace of mind that the provider won’t trade it to third parties. It’s easy to set-up and start as it doesn’t ask for your credit card details. offers advanced encryptions algorithm to make sure that your data are safe. It also has built-in Internet kill switch and DNS and IP leak protection features.



  • “N0-Log” Policy.
  • Works with Torrenting.



  • 2GB MB available data per month.
  • Five-server location.

8. Betternet

better net vpn

Betternet VPN is something of an App created to make your Internet journey safe and better by providing you with a whole bunch of features. Betternet allows you to connect a single account up to five-accounts and offers the simultaneous connection to all five of them. It also allows you to Peer-to-Peer Connection (P2P). Betternet doesn’t require different pieces of information while signing you up for free.

Betternet offers you an unlimited amount of data to spend but has servers automatically selected. The speed of this VPN is also quite reduced. They state that they have End-to-End encryption to keeps your data safe. You can’t see some of the geo-blocked contents.



  • Unlimited amount of data available.
  • “P2P” connections.
  • Five simultaneous device connections.



  • Automatically selected servers.
  • Comparatively low speed.

9. Surf Easy

best vpn surfeasy

SurfEasy is the name of Canadian VPN Service providers who provide both paid VPN service and free. It also offers the only 500MB of data per month, which can be increased later as a reward after certain task completion. SurfEasy let its free users connect to 16 countries out of a total of 28 countries which you can get by upgrading to premium. There are browser add-ons to Chrome and Opera.

SurfEasy provides comparatively slow speed, not that bad but not good either. This VPN also has a P2P connection and also offers file sharing via torrent. It uses AES-256 encryption and OpenVPN protocol by default, which is rated as quite good security and also used by many others.



  • 16 countries available.
  • “P2P” connections.
  • AES-256 Encryption.



  • Only 500MB of data available per month.
  • Comparatively low speed.

10. HideMan

hideman best vpn

HideMan VPN service provider offers the user freedom and anonymity and lets them do whatever they want to do without having any fear of Government or being attacked. It is a VPN based in London having its server expanded in 22 countries. The service works with a wide range of Operating Systems Linux, MAC OS, Android, Windows and many more. They also have a very highly secured AES-256 encryption to make sure the users are comfortable using their VPN.

With this VPN, you can also access geo-blocked contents or websites easily. It’s effortless to use and user-friendly. HideMan has no real problems with its connection reliability and plenty of positive reviews regarding their connection. P2P and file sharing via torrenting are limited up to only a few servers.



  • 22 countries available.
  • AES-256 Encryption.



  • Only 2GB of data available per month.
  • Keep logs of free users.



To summarise, few right VPN service providers provide different services without making you pay. However, there are some limitations in the free version of about all of the free VPN service providers. Best Free VPN can be used for casual browsing and to access blocked contents because even the safest free VPN might not be risk-free. We can use the best free VPN as an alternative for paid ones if you can’t afford, but we don’t recommend to use them instead of Premium VPN services.

A premium service offers high-end Security and protection, as well as torrenting and streaming services. Premium VPN also provides a massive amount of servers. They also provide you with high-speed services with unlimited data. Whereas, Free VPN service lags in these types of things.

It doesn’t mean that all the VPN service providers do that. Some of them use ad revenue instead of selling the logs of their users, and they ensure to make your data safe. They respect their user’s privacy make sure that they are feeling safe and comfortable while browsing the internet, hoping they are anonymous and won’t is susceptible to any cyber attacks.

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Best of all, they’re free! It might not be the most potent version of the software, and it won’t come with the fully packed with the whole bunch of features, but it’s a decent alternative if you can’t or doesn’t want to pay.

Comment down the free VPN service you loved. And, If I have missed any of the VPN service providers which provide excellent services for free, Then feel free to comment down.


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