Gaming is fun and especially when played with the right group of peers as well as the right gaming equipment.

Best Gaming keypads are an integral part of a successful gaming session, be it a simple or complicated game.

Many people overlook the role of the keypads, but just like a car which is controlled by the steering wheel, then the keypad controls the game making it more fun to play. Getting the right gaming keypad is quite a hustle and especially bearing in mind that in some instances, you have to part with a considerable amount of cash.

Given the recent technological advancements, there have also been changes in the settings of video games including their speed and feedbacks, and therefore it might be hard to keep up with today’s video games speed using cheap and poor performing gaming keypads.

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Based on extensive research and analysis of reviews from customers, here is a list of the best gaming keypads giving a glance at their unique features, and their pros and cons. This is aimed to help reduce your hustle in finding the right gaming keypad for your video games.

The best gaming keypads in 2019

1. Razer Orbweaver Elite Chroma (RGB Gaming Keypad)

 Razer Orbweaver Elite Chroma (RGB Gaming Keypad)

Based on the gaming world technological history, Razer was the very first make to input switches on regular keypads.

This gave a new look to the keyboards mechanism and has since then been adopted for use in the making of high-quality performing gaming keypads.

RGB is an improvement of the Orbweaver Elite which was a 2013 release. Its modification has seen it feature twenty programmable buttons containing D-pad options as well as autonomous backlights. While using it, you will enjoy the presence of a space bar which allows you to switch from one profile to another with ease.

The buttons here are fitted with a unique touch sensitive design that can approve a 50 grams key pressure. It also produces a sound after touching to affirm that the key has indeed been pressed.

Razer keyboards come in different sizes and shapes to suit the different tastes of customers. Its stand is fitted with a plastic rubber to prevent your hand from slipping as well as ensure that it stands perfectly fit throughout the session. Razer Orbweaver Elite Chroma RGB has one hundred different levels of power, and about sixteen million color options. Razer Orbweaver Elite Chroma RGB is generally the top in the list of best gaming keypads.

Razer Orbweaver Elite Chroma features

  • Fitted with 30 programmable mechanical keys
  • Has an 8-way guiding thumb pad
  • Has 16 million backlight color range
  • Equipped with a comfortable thumb, hand and palm rest

Pros and cons

  • Contains a perfectly optimized keypad
  • Easy keying as you do not need to use much pressure on the keys
  • It is easy to install the D-pad block on it wherever you want it to be without any difficulties
  • You can use it for long hours without any pain in the hands or fatigue
  • It is costly compared to other keypads
  • Some people are irritated by the sound of pressing buttons

2. Razer Tartarus V2 Gaming Keypad

Razer Tartarus V2

Razer Tartarus V2 is the cheapest brand among the famous Razer gaming keypads. It has a versatile
keyboard with a sturdy design and perfectly adjustable wrist fitting. This gaming keypad is fitted with 32 functional keys with their faces using hybrid mecha-membrane switches.

A thumb switch and the scroll wheel add to the versatility of the keyboard. Its wrist rest contains a leather cushion to improve comfortability, and the pad also includes an RGB lighting mechanism. The thumb switch can be modified into eight positionings with the help of the D-pad.

The keypad here is designed to resemble the shape of the human palm, making it easy to fit under the palm of the user. This perfect fit allows you to play for hours without experiencing any pain or fatigue. Razer Tartarus V2 is often referred to as the best mid-priced gaming keypad.

Main features of Razer Tartarus V2

  • This keypad is fitted with 32 programmable keys
  • Has 8 million backlighting color range
  • Has a thumbstick and scroll wheels
  • Has an adjustable wrist rest mechanism
  • Has an 8-way positioning thumb pad

Pros and cons

  • Has a perfect directional thumb pad suitable for menus and fighting games
  • Perfectly fitted in-game configuration
  • Comfortable to use
  • It contains a perfect RGB lighting mechanism
  • Absence of mechanical switches, it includes membrane switches
  • The thumb pad is not a joystick

3. Logitech Programmable G13 Gaming keypad

 Logitech Programmable G13

The Logitech brand has earned its place in the global market due to its excellent performance and competitiveness of its products. Logitech Programmable G13 is rich in unique features such as hand adjustment and placement.

It comes with 25 programmable keys and has an added advantage in that it contains swift actions. Its storage is, however, limited, allowing only five profiles. This gaming keypad also comes with a wide range range of colors to choose from, and you can easily adjust the brightness to fit your desires and prevent harm to your eyes.

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Logitech Programmable G13 also comes along with an add on joystick which makes it stand shoulders high among the rest. It comes with an LCD screen display. G13 is often referred to as the best legacy gaming keypad.

Main features of Logitech Programmable G13

  • It has a unique natural design for a comfortable feeling
  • Contains a customizable backlight mechanism
  • Comes with 25 programmable mechanical keys
  • Can work with older games that are still in use today
  • It has a five-profile storage mechanism

Pros and cons

  • Contains multiple programmable keys
  • Compatible with some older games still played today
  • Perfect lighting from the LCD screen display
  • Backlight which allows you to note necessary keys even in the dark
  • Without proper light adjustments, it may harm your eyes
  • It goes for a hefty price in the market

4. Koolertron Cherry Black MX Gaming Keypad

Koolertron Cherry Black MX

Koolertron Cherry Black MX Gaming Keypad is one of the most preferred and famous gaming keypads.

It is fitted with mechanical keypads suitable for playing the latest games such as AAA series and  pro keypads suitable for DOTA, WOW, LOL, PUBG and other games.

The keyboard contains 43 programmable keys as well as eight different macro keys combinations to allow you to switch quickly from one profile to the other. Its iconic mechanical switches have a great feeling at the tip of your fingers. Most people refer to Koolertron Cherry Black MX as the best feeling gaming keypad.

Main features of Koolertron Cherry Black

  • It is perfectly fitted with 43 programmable keys
  • Contains internal storage of profiles on the keypad
  • Comes with a golden backlight
  • Compatible with OSX and Windows 7
  • It is equipped with a USB connector comprising 1.5 m cable

Pros and cons

  • Has a good tactile feel
  • You cannot run out of options due to its 43 keys
  • Quitter with no disruptive audio on click
  • Its keys are easy to double click and balance
  • Compatible with a variety of setups and is easy to use
  • Portable and saves on space
  • Lack of a wrist support mechanism
  • It has a weak backlighting system

5. Delux T9 Gaming keypad

Delux T9

Delux T9 is among the cheapest gaming keypads. It contains 46, but only 32 of them are programmable. It is the unique keypad since no other gaming keypad can hold such a range of keys. This keypad is fitted with a non-slip mat around your wrist to minimize slipping. The keys are also durable to boost your experience.

It also boasts of ideally LED lights that may dim up or light up brightly as per your needs. It is designed to fit in all hands as per your needs be it small, medium or large sized hands. It, however, lacks macro keys. Research and reviews have seen this gaming keypad emerge as the most functional gaming keypad.

Key features of Delux T9

  • It is fitted with 46 keys
  • Has an extensive 3 LED lighting option
  • Suitable for all hand sizes
  • Has four special key groups to boost your gaming experience
  • Compatible with most window versions
  • It is easily portable
  • Limited wasted space due to a large number of buttons
  • Performs multimedia functions

Pros and cons

  • It is affordable
  • Can be used with older versions of games
  • Many buttons for unlimited options
  • It is programmable with Luamacros
  • Some complaint of an overwhelmingly large number of keys
  • Lacks its own programming software
  • The keys are not so comfortable to use


Based on the above list, you can easily choose one among these top 5 gaming keypads to help suit your gaming needs. A gaming keypad containing perfectly designed features plays a vital role in perfecting your skills as well as increasing your success levels.

Given the rate at which these accessories are readily available in the market, you can order one and expect delivery within the shortest time possible depending on your location. If you are interested In speakers to check out speakers List.

Find a gaming keypad that is friendly to your hands and wrist, friendly to your pocket and one that meets your gaming needs. Make a move now and make an order as soon as possible. Be sure to thank me later!

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