The “Kindle” allows you to read as much as you want without having to carry many books. However, it is possible that many people are confused about purchasing because they can read e-books on smartphones and tablet devices that they use everyday.

So, this time, I will explain the features and selection method of Kindle. We will also introduce the latest lineup on sale, so be sure to find a recommended model that suits your usage.

What is a Kindle?

“Kindle” is a general term for all services including e-books, e-book readers, and related applications developed by Amazon. The e-book reader “Kindle terminal” was launched in the United States in 2010. The e-books provided by Amazon are called “Kindle books” and can be viewed on Kindle devices.

Also, by installing the dedicated software and application, you can browse on your smartphone or PC. The content of a Kindle book you purchased once is stored in the cloud, so you can conveniently read the rest of the book on another device without the risk of losing the book.

The latest lineup of Kinldle terminals is three models of “Kindle”, “Kindle Paperwhite” and “Kindle Oasis”, and since it has been reviewed and organized from the conventional 5 models, it is easier to choose according to the usage.

Features of Kindle devices

Easy to see and tired of eyes

The Kindle device has a display called “E-Ink” (electronic ink), which is different from the normal LCD. Its characteristic is that it does not reflect light easily, and it can be read like a paper book without being affected by sunlight even in sunlight.

It is also important to use a front light that is easy on the eyes, instead of the backlight of smartphones and tablet devices. Since it does not generate strong light or blue light, it is attractive to the eyes and does not get tired even during long-term reading.

In the latest lineup, the cheapest “Kindle” is also equipped with front lights to improve visibility in dark places such as indoors. This e-book reader is recommended for those who want to enjoy reading at their favorite places both outdoors and indoors.

Long lasting battery

Another feature of this series is that it does not need to be charged as often as a smartphone or tablet device. The built-in “E-Ink Display” does not consume power while displaying the same screen. Since electricity is used only when the pages are turned, the power consumption is excellent.

Therefore, it can be used for several weeks with one charge, and it has the advantage that it can be handled like a paper book. It is also recommended for people who want to use it by leaving it in their bag and taking it out quickly when they have time.

Immerse yourself in reading

A Kindle device is a dedicated machine equipped with only the functions necessary to enjoy reading. You can immerse yourself in reading without being disturbed by incoming mail or messages, just as you would with a smartphone or tablet device.

Light and easy to carry

The weight of the Kindle device is as light as 174-194g. Even the heaviest “Kindle Oasis Wi-Fi+3G” model in the series weighs just under 200g, making it easy to carry. In addition, if it is general book data, it is possible to save several thousand books in this terminal.

Considering that each book weighs about 150 to 200 g, the fact that you can carry a huge number of books in a body that is almost the same as a paper book and carry it with you is a major attraction of this terminal.

Reasonable price

Kindle devices are attractive because they are cheaper than smartphones and tablets. If you select the cheapest “with advertisement” model, you can purchase it for less than $90. It is also recommended for those who want to easily use e-books.

Convenient functions unique to e-book readers

You can add a “highlight” to a spot you like by pulling a marker. The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about stains and scratches on the pages like you would with a paper book. Also, the point is that you can switch the font size. You can choose a size that is easy to read from 8 different font sizes, so you can read without stress.

The main unit has a built-in dictionary function, so even if you come across a word that you do not understand while reading, you can look it up on the spot. It is convenient because you do not need to use a smartphone or dictionary. In addition, the built-in memo function can be used by recording the impressions you have read and ideas you came up with and checking them later. This function is recommended for those who often write on pages.

How to choose a Kindle device

Select by capacity

The storage capacity for storing “Kindle books” varies depending on the model. The Kindle has a specification of “4GB” only, and Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis can be selected from “8GB” and “32GB”. You can store thousands of ordinary books in 4GB, so “Kindle” is enough.

However, for those who often read large books such as manga, we recommend “Kindle Paperwhite” and “Kindle Oasis”, which have a large storage capacity. For a manga, 8GB can store about 130 books and 32GB can store about 650 books.

Even if the storage capacity of the terminal you are using is full, the books purchased at the “Kindle Store” remain in the cloud and are linked to your Amazon account, so even if you delete them from the main unit, re-download when necessary Is possible. If you run out of storage space, take measures such as deleting the book data you have read.

Choose with or without advertisement

Each Kindle device has a model with “ad” and a model without “ad”, and you can choose either. The “advertisement” model is attractive because it displays $20 less than the “no advertisement” model of the same model instead of displaying the campaign information when waking from sleep.

For this reason, we recommend the “with advertisement” model if you want to get it at a cheaper price. On the other hand, if you have annoying ads, choose the “no ads” model. Please note that the presence/absence of advertisement cannot be changed after purchase.

Select by connection method

To download books to this terminal, connect to the Internet using “Wi-Fi” or “3G/4G line”. “Kindle” is a specification only for “Wi-Fi” connection, but it is also possible to select Wi-Fi + 4G for “Kindle Paterwhite” and Wi-Fi + 3G model for “Kindle Oasis”.

Moreover, since the line charges for “3G” and “4G” are borne by Amazon, no additional charges or troublesome contract procedures are required. Although the main unit price will be high, it is recommended for those who want to download books at home or on the go without a Wi-Fi environment. On the other hand, if you are going to download only in a place with a Wi-Fi environment, we recommend the cheap “Wi-Fi” model.

Select by screen size and resolution

The screen size and resolution also differ depending on the model. There are two types of screen sizes, 6 inches and 7 inches, and resolutions of 167ppi and 300ppi. Larger screens are easier to see, of course, but the higher resolution has the advantage that small characters are easy to read without being crushed.

It will not affect much if it is a general book, but for those who often read books with small characters such as manga, a model with a high resolution and a large screen is recommended.

Kindle Device Type


It is the cheapest model in the Kindle device series. If you select the “advertised” model, it is attractive to buy at a price less than $90. The weight of the main unit is 174g, so it doesn’t matter if you leave it in your bag. Recommended for those who want to read e-books casually.

Equipped with a 6-inch E-Ink display that suppresses light reflection, you can enjoy the natural reading comfort of looking at a paper book. In addition, the point is that it uses a “front light,” which was previously only found on higher-end models. You can enjoy reading comfortably both indoors and in dark places.

The storage capacity is only “4GB” type, but thousands of ordinary books can be stored. Please note that the Wi-Fi environment is required to download the book because it is only a “Wi-Fi” model. A colorful genuine cover (sold separately) is sold, and it is convenient because you can concentrate on reading such as sleep mode when closed and power on automatically when opened.

Kindle Paperwhite

kindle paperwhite

This model has a 6-inch E-Ink display, the same as the “Kindle”, but has a high-resolution type of 300ppi, which makes it possible to clearly see even small characters. In addition, since the front light uses an automatic brightness adjustment function, you can comfortably read a book anywhere, from bed before bed to outdoors with bright sunlight.

There are two types of storage capacity, “8GB” and “32GB”. It is a recommended model for people who want to enjoy a lot of manga, as it can store thousands of ordinary books, and about 130 manga for 8GB type and about 650 for 32GB type. The point is that it has a waterproof function of IPX8 grade.

You can use it without worrying about getting wet in the bath or at the poolside, where you would hesitate with paper books. It can withstand up to 60 minutes in pure water at a depth of 2 m, so it is safe to accidentally drop it in water. It has a battery that can be used for several weeks on a single charge, so you can take it with confidence even on long trips or campsites that do not have a power supply.

Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis

The model with the 7-inch E-Ink display, the largest in the Kindle device series. The point is that it also supports the spread of manga by making full use of the large screen. Equipped with “Rapid Page Turn” that turns pages at high speed and “Continuous Page Turn” function that allows you to skip reading, you can also skip to your favourite scene like a paper book.

The buttons on the grip make it convenient to turn pages while holding the terminal with one hand. For manga, the library is displayed for each series, making it easy to find the volume you want to read. Recommended for manga lovers.

You can also select “Wi-Fi + free 4G” model to connect to the Internet. Even if you do not have a Wi-Fi environment at home, you can download books anywhere. Furthermore, since 4G line charges are borne by Amazon, there is no communication cost. The body is equipped with IPX8 grade waterproof function, so it can be used safely in places where there is a danger of getting wet, such as a bath.


From the reasonably priced models that can be purchased for $100 or less, to the large screen models that can display manga spreads, you can choose from Kindle devices that suit your reading style. The latest series has been organized into 3 models to make it even easier to choose, so please find a Kindle device that suits you and have a fulfilling reading life.

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