The 10 Best Solar Charger of 2018

Are you searching for the best Solar Charger? Energy is the backbone of technology. In this age of technology, energy is a necessity. Normally, we use energy derived from gasoline, hydropower plants and nuclear. But, there are alternative sources of energy which are usable. Solar Energy is one such form of energy. It is the energy that is derived from the sun. A Solar Charger uses solar energy to power your devices. Your smartphones, laptops and power banks can be powered easily with portable solar chargers.

Here, we have compiled some of the best solar chargers that you can buy in 2018

1. JETSUN 16750mAh Power Bank Solar Charger


The JETSUN Power Bank Solar Charger has a solid build quality. It is weatherproof and is equipped with a high capacity polymer battery of 16750 mAH. It also has two USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously. It recharges itself in full sunlight. If you’re a person who is passionate about backpacking and going out, this device is for you. The JETSUN power bank solar charger is a charger capable of charging any devices. It is compatible with smartphones and devices like Samsung, Android phones, iPhone, iPads, Kindle etc. The build quality of the charger is very impressive indeed. It is manufactured from strong ABS+PC+Silicon plastic. The device is dust resistant, shock resistant and rainproof. Hence, it’s weatherproof i.e, it can handle the weather without a hassle. The solar charger has an inbuilt solar panel. This panel contains a 1.8w crystal. The battery has more than 1000 recharge life cycle. The device also has an inbuilt over-charge protection mechanism. The device can take anywhere from 8 to 10 hours to get a full recharge while plugged into electricity. In addition, the device also consists of two LED lights so, the device can easily be used as a flashlight. The flashlight can also flash repeatedly and this mode is used as an SOS signal in an emergency.

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2. Wildtek Source 21W  Solar Charger

Wildtek SourceThe Wildtek Source 21 Watt Solar Charger is one of the most in-demand solar chargers particularly because of its features. It is considered almost perfect for every activity that you might perform outdoors. The device has ultra-thin Sunpower solar cells that give you a really fast charging. The device also has a very nice power performance with it’s 24% solar conversion efficiency. Wildtek also has an innovative SmartCharge technology which can also automatically detect your device and begin charging your devices. This solar charger is very easy to use and can charge your smartphones in about 2 to 3 hours. It also has two USB charging ports.

The device’s features that stand out the most is that it is fully waterproof. It has a waterproof rating of IP65, and even the USB ports are completely waterproof. This device is the best selection for some of the toughest outdoor conditions that you might encounter. It has many features such as, it’s lightweight, the device is very compact and it is foldable. The device is also very portable so it fits in the backpack. The built-in stand allows gives you the freedom to angle the device’s panel at the required angle. This will help it to get the most out of the sun’s energy for charging in ni time. You can also attach the panel to your backpack if you want.


  • Perfect for charging smartphones and power banks
  • Has a very High performance
  • It is a Superfast solar charger
  • Has a Solid construction
  • It is Waterproof
  • Very Lightweight
  • Ultra Portable with a built-in stand
  • Two USB ports


  • Has a weak silicon tab for USB ports
  • It may not get full power on days without sunlight
  • The panel needs to be in full sun for charging larger devices

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3. Anker 15W Solar Charger

anker 15w solarThe Anker 15 Watt Solar Charger which has two  USB ports is an excellent choice if you want something efficient and reliable. This solar charger is very compact and it is efficient. It makes use of Anker’s PowerIQ technology and Sunpower Panels. It gives you the charge speed of up to 2.1amps/15watts under sunlight. It can fully charge a smartphone in 2 hours. Even shadows will not hamper it’s charging potential. The build quality of the product is also impeccable. It is manufactured from industrial grade PET polymer panels and polyester canvas. The canvas offers you high durability and it is weatherproof. The charger, however, isn’t waterproof. The charger is actually designed for backpackers and trekkers. It has a compact size (11 x 6.3 inches) when folded. The compactness makes it easier to carry around. The device fits perfectly in your backpack. The device is also very lightweight. It has an ultra-thin design that makes it perfect for long treks. The ports are also equipped with short circuit and power surge protection. The device comes with a long micro USB cable, a startup guide and has an 18-month warranty. One thing you might want to consider is the compatibility. Though the device is fairly compatible with Apple and Android smartphones and other USB Charged devices, the device is not compatible with other devices like the old apple devices and some HP and Asus devices.


  • Very good price to performance ratio
  • Consist of a Fast charger
  • Performs very  well in low light conditions
  • It is Portable
  • Very Lightweight
  • Has a Great customer support
  • Consist of a Handy pouch to store cables


  • Not completely waterproof
  • Has a Limited device capability

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4. SunJack 8000mAh Solar Charger


SunJack Solar Charger has 4 mono-crystalline panels which are very efficient. It also has two USB ports with an output of 20w and 2 amps per USB port. Equipped with two 8000mAh Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 lithium-polymer batteries, the SunJack can be considered as the most powerful solar charger. It will surely not disappoint you. The solar charger can be used to charge phones and tablets or any other USB device. It has the charging power which is roughly equal to the speed of a wall outlet. In 1.5 hours you can fully charge your smartphone or a tablet. It has a quick charging feature that means that the cell phones can be charged 75% faster than some standard chargers. In addition to its power, the SunJack charger has a built-in smart IC chip that has the ability to identify your device status and adjust the speed of charging. It also detects when the charging is complete. It also comes equipped with a travel option with thin solar films that make it very easy to fold and keep in a backpack. This device is U.S. Military approved so, it can handle outdoors situations and it is very tough.


  • Powerful
  • Design
  • Very good build quality
  • Can be used  to charge a wide range of devices
  • Consist Two strong batteries
  • Is Compact and portable


  • USB Port is faulty, connections can be loose

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5. YOLK YKSP 5W Solar Paper

yolkYOLK has an innovative approach to solar-powered chargers. This approach has taken the company way ahead of their competitors. This Solar paper as they claim is the world’s thinnest and lightest solar charger. It is mind-boggling to even comprehend that. The claims are backed up as the weight of this device is less than an iPhone 6 Plus. It is slightly longer and wider than an iPhone. The device is very compact and can fit within the pages of your everyday book. Each panel has a wattage equal to 2.5 watts. The company’s highly advanced technology makes it an ideal charger for all outdoor activities. The device has the ability to charge almost any devices like smartphones, tablets, portable consoles, cameras, video cameras, etc. The charging is really fast. An iPhone can be charged in merely about 2.5 hours.

This solar charger can generate up to 10 watts. The device can be charged in cloudy conditions. It consists of a built-in LCD screen to display the charging. It only has one USB port. It is also water resistant and durable. It is connected to an external battery.


  • It has smart, innovative technology
  • Comes with a Unique design
  • It is Ultra Lightweight
  • Very Fast
  • Has Built-in LCD screen
  • It consists of a stable recharging platform in good sunlight conditions
  • It has Strong magnets for attaching panels for extra power
  • It Automatically resets in cloudy conditions.


  • Comparatively Expensive
  • You need to purchase extra panels to increase voltage.

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6. WPBPINE Solar Power Bank


The WPBPINE Solar Power bank has a really big 24,000mAh battery pack. It is an ideal choice when you need a battery that can last for ages. The device is more than capable of charging an iPhone 7 up to 10 times before it runs out of power. The battery also has added dual USB 2.1A inputs for rapidly charging two devices at a time. It works with almost every Apple and Android smartphones as well as some other devices with a USB port. The three solar panels fold out to absorb more sunlight than other charges. It, in turn, cuts down the charging speeds and allows for a full solar charge in just over a day. The integrated LED light is also a fruitful addition. It can work as a flashlight or a steady SOS-strobe light in case of an emergency. Further, the rugged form factor makes it perfect for outdoor use — the hardware can face rain, shock, and dust as well as intelligently prevent the device from overcharging or overheating while it is plugged in. The device can also fit into a backpack comfortably and is very much portable.

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7. Dizaul 5000mAh  Power Bank


The Dizaul 5000mAh portable solar power bank has an ultra-portable design. It is the perfect solution for keeping your devices charged. It comes with two USB ports. It can easily be shared with a friend. The device can charge two devices simultaneously. In addition, it is water-resistant design and has a shockproof casing that makes it easy to travel and attach to the outside of a carry-on bag. It also consists of an emergency flashlight that helps you quickly find any lost items. The device also has smart LED indicators that alert you when the battery is charged or when it requires to be charged again. It takes about two hours to charge a smartphone. The charging time of the device itself is about seven hours when plugged into the wall. Whereas,  It requires two days of sunlight for it to be fully charged naturally. The device has a dimension of 2.76 x 5.59 x .55 inches.

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8. Nekteck 21W Solar Charger

Nekteck 21W Solar Charger

Nekteck 21W Solar Charger is a great solution for people who are on long hikes or do extensive outdoor activities. The charger does the one thing it is meant to and that is charge! It comes with two USB ports and it will keep all your devices charged for days. It consists of a built-in IC chip that helps it to identify the devices which are plugged in. It also helps the charger to determine the appropriate charging speed, which maximizes the overall battery life. The build quality also matches its canvas. It is built for outdoor use. It is also weatherproof so it can be used even if it is raining. It is relatively lightweight as it weighs only 1.125 pounds. Its dimensions are  6.3 x 11.1 x 1.96 inches when folded.

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9. Sokoo 22W

Sokoo 22W

The Sokoo 22W is both water resistant and very durable. It is a portable charger that has a PVC fabric canvas. It can withstand thunderstorms, rain, dust, and humidity. Hence, it is weatherproof. It is also equipped with a Smart IC. These ICs help to maximize the battery life by determining the connected device and providing it with the required power. The device has a maximum charge of 3.3A on 5V port. It is around 1 pound in weight and the dimensions are 12.2 x 6.69 inches at unfolded state. The design is ultra-portable and can be carried without a hassle. It also has an included attachment hook that makes it perfect for connecting to a backpack. The device can be carried in a backpack comfortably and it is very affordable too.

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10. Aukey 28W

Aukey 28WAukey 28W is known for its toughness. It is supported by high end efficient solar panels. These solar panels have energy conversions of about 24% which is a big deal. The device provides you with 2.4 amps per port or 4.8 amps overall while it is powered directly under sunlight. The 28W solar array also gives enough power to support two devices at once. The design also consists of PET laminated scratch resistant solar panels. it is both water and weather resistant as it consists of PVC fabric. The device is compact and very lightweight. It weighs around 2 pounds and is around 1.8 inches thick when it is golded. The device is perfect for anyone who wants to go for long hikes or just spend a day out at the open. The device also fits in the backpack easily. It is ultraportable.

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How to Choose the best solar charger?

There are certain technical and common things that you should consider while buying a solar charger. These are explained below:

1. Wattage: Normally, a smartphone requires 4-5 watts to charge but there is a handful of device that can require 6 watts too. So, you must buy a solar charger with at least 7 watts or you must see if your devices are under 6 watts or not.

2. Output Power: The output power is in the port. It implies charging a device or not. You must match your needs to amps. i.e, a USB port with 2.1 amp output power will charge a device more efficiently than the 1.3 amp port.

3. Type of Panel: There are many types of materials when it comes to the built of a  solar charger. They are:

  • CIGS: It stands for copper, indium, gallium, and selenide. It is cheaper to manufacture but it is not as durable as monocrystalline.
  • Monocrystalline: More durable and More efficient than CIGS.
  • Polycrystalline: Polycrystalline is less efficient than monocrystalline but they cost a lot of money.

4. Other Considerations: Apart from these main things are many other things to consider as well;

  • Brand: Which brand you should trust? Read Amazon reviews of multiple brands before making a purchase.
  • Weight: You wouldn’t want your charger to break your bones. Select the one which is easier to carry and is ultraportable. CIGS panels have less weight.
  • Portability and Versatility: The device you buy should fit in your backpack. It should be charged easily and have a long-lasting battery life. Also, there are many other versatility questions such as, the number of ports the device has and what kind of device compatibility does it exhibit. Also, some models come with a Smart IC. Smart ICs help to increase versatility by automatically finding your device out and supplying it with the required voltage.
  • Accessories: There are many important accessories that you need with a solar charger. These include USB Connectors, adaptors, alligator clips, charge indicators etc
  • Price: The last thing you’d want to consider is the price. You need to see what you are getting for your money. You have to weigh in the pros and cons of your purchase and make the appropriate decision. There are a lot of good solar chargers for affordable prices but there are a lot of scams too. So, a consumer must be aware of such devices and make the right choice.

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