Best Solar Water Heater Systems

Best Solar Water Heater Systems for 2020 [Including Buyer’s Guide]

Solar is the major source of renewable energy available on Earth. The solar water heating system made to absorb the sunlight and transform it into solar energy and use it for heating water. There are different types of solar equipment available in the market for different purposes, as shown in the below list. One can buy solar equipment for the family of 8 to 10 persons, while the other can have it for small needs like showering and boiling water.

In the world, where the price of fuels and electricity keeps on rising, solar equipment is available with cost-effective installation and maintenance availability. So, many people are using the solar water heating system for their home and pools. The solar heater is available at an affordable cost compared to electric water heaters, and they will save your money from the day of installation. Along with you, solar energy also helps the environment to be carbon neutral because it exhales very less amount of carbon in comparison to electric heaters.

Keeping in mind the different factors like cost, capacity and durability, we have created a list of best solar water heater system which can be useful for you.

Best solar water heating system

Here are the list of best solar water heating system that you must get in 2020

Company NameCapacity 
Duda Solar 200L52 Gallon Check price
Sunbank Solar Water Heater40 Gallon Check price
SunGrabber Pool Heater+10 degrees Check price
Sportneer Solar Shower Bag5 Gallon Check price
Clean Republic Heat Streamer5 Gallon Check price

Duda Solar 200L Active Split System

Duda Solar Split System

Duda is a renowned brand in the solar water heating industry as producing reliable and high-quality products. The 200L Active Split System is incredible because it allows homeowners to heat their water on the rooftop or other sun-heavy location and store their water in an ensured tank close to where it will be distributed.

Most of the electric heaters are expensive to use and cannot fulfill the needs of a big family. Duda Solar water heating system helps to overcome this issue. It is a cost-effective system with a durable galvanized steel shell. This system is also useful in cold climates as it can hold warmth for a longer duration.

This system prevents significant heat loss by keeping the water warm, even with the surrounding air temperature is low. It additionally consists of a single copper heat exchanger coil, which is placed near the upper part of the tank to warm the water as it’s being utilized deliberately. The cold water at the bottom can be heated later. So, this makes the Duda Solar 200L water heating system an active split System, which means water is heated directly when it is being used.

Users Review
Many users find the Duda Solar water heating system more efficient than other water heating systems. Owners can heat water quickly with just a few hours of partial or full sunlight, and they have reported that it is more cost-effective than using the electrical heating system.

Moreover, the system is not suitable for people who frequently travel because the overflow of hot water may occur in a few days if owners are away from their system. Although it came with additional tanks, it cannot withstand water more than a few days. So, they may prefer other portable solar water heating systems, which you can find on this list.

Major Key Points

  1. It includes an additional 8-liter expansion tank to counteract failure in a system due to saturation of water. It means the system won’t get damaged it the solar energy overloads the amount of water you’re heating.
  2. You don’t have to buy any extra storage for hot water because its insulated tank keeps hot water for long, even after sunset.
  3. It can hold up to 53 gallons of water and is suitable for a cold climate because it’s winter resistant.
  4. It has a long copper tube of 66ft that heats up the water much faster.
  5. It helps in eliminating the need for costly energy consumption as it runs on solar energy rather than electricity or natural fuel.
  6. It supports most of the common water ports (3/4-inch and 1/2-inch) found in a home, so you don’t have to change that to a new one.

Check price

Sunbank 40 Gallon Solar Water Heater

Sunbank 40 Gallon Solar Water Heater

In our list of the best quality solar water heater, Sunbank 40 Gallon system is one of the affordable and quality products if you are thinking of leaving behind electrical and fuel based water heating system. The Sunbank 40-gallon solar water heater is a simple integrated system that can be effectively installed and maintained by any homeowner. It is a simple system with no glycol, no pumps, and no moving parts.

It is a passive water heating system and is great for small houses and buildings in mild climate that receive a lot of sunlight. Besides its simplicity, the solar heating system is reliable, and it pays off its initial purchase and installation costs within a short time as energy prices keep on rising. Sunbank solar water heater is SRCC certified, so it helps you efficiently cut down your expenses. By using a solar water heater instead of fuel and electrical ones, you can save more than 500$ per annum in energy costs.

Basically, this system consists of solar vacuum tubes, these tubes absorb the radiation coming in the form of sunlight and then transferred to a heat transfer liquid present inside these tubes. This liquid gets quickly heated and then rises to the top which then warm up the water. The heated water will be stored in a small tank, which can be used for a few days. Unfortunately, this system doesn’t work properly in cold climate.

Users Review
Many users reviewed Sunbank solar water heating system as efficient and reliable. Generally, Homeowners have been able to easily assemble, install and maintain the system on their own. People claimed that dispensed water is too hot and is enough for a family of 3 to 4 persons.

However, some owners are found to have purchased dual 40-gallon system, which increases the capacity of their hot water to fulfill the needs of a larger family. Unlike other active solar heating system, Sunbank system isn’t more efficient and isn’t suitable for all types of geography as it requires more space and it can’t hold hot water for longer duration.

Major Key Points

  1. This system virtually doesn’t require any professional maintenance and can be easily maintained by homeowners.
  2. The Sunbank Solar heating system consists of a tank, evacuated tube collectors and brackets. The tank is made with stainless steel.
  3. Since, Sunbank 40 gallon solar water heater is a passive system, it doesn’t require pumps or any active moving parts.
  4. This makes installation easier and convenient.
  5. This system is cheaper than other active solar heating system.
  6. The tank is sealed with high density polyurethane insulation which prevent extra heat loss. The size of the tanks can varies with the need of the family.
  7. This system is best suited for roofs which receive adequate amount of sunlight.
  8. It can easily hold upto 40 gallons of hot water with very less heat loss.

SunGrabber Solar Pool Heater

SunGrabber Solar Pool Heater

Unlike other solar heating system that provides hot water for household activities, this SunGrabber Solar Pool Heater is specially made to warm your pool water. This water heater is a great option for those with a pool at home as hefty electricity bills spent on conventional heaters. Even during off-seasons like fall and spring, this heater can keep your pool at a comfortable and warm temperature.

SunGrabber solar pool heater is one of the best when it comes to pool water heating. It is made efficient, lightweight and flexible which can easily serve your pool for 2 to 4 years with very less maintenance costs. Just like its design, it has great ability to heat water efficiently. The heater comes with high-quality commercial grade heat absorber that make sures that water stays warm for long duration.

The system circulates the pool water through the unglazed solar tubes and then heat up the same water using solar energy absorbed before it’s returned to the pool. This system can be easily installed and maintained and can be used for above or below ground pools. More Solar Tubes can be added to the system according to the size of pools and temperature required. Unfortunately, This system cannot be used for residential purposes.

Users Review

Owners are very happy with the work of the heater. It enables owners to heat their pool water without spending a lot of money on rising electricity bills.This system supports most of the standard electric pool pumps commonly available at the market.

However, SunGrabber pool heater cannot work properly if there is very less amount of sunlight being radiated. This means, you may have to sacrifice hot water during cold nights and cloudy days. Additionally, the pool skimmer might not work when both are operating at once. So, owners must use a diverter valve diverse the heater while filtration is running.

Major Key Points

  1. It can raise the temperature of water in any type of pool by up to 10 degrees.
  2. SunGrabber unique system allows owners to heat both in-ground and above-ground pools.
  3. It can work with the pool’s pump to push water through the heated coils and back into the pool.
  4. It is a very cost-effective way to warm up the pool water during spring and fall season, when the temperature falls below comfortable levels.
  5. It reduces the reliance on fossil fuels by eliminating the amount of electricity and natural gas used to heat water.
  6. Moreover, It minimize the carbon footprint by lowering CO2 emission from conventional water heaters.
  7. The system can be simply placed on the ground or a rack near the pool. Since, the system is UV protected it wont get damaged by the Sun.

Sportneer Solar Shower Bag

Sportneer Solar Shower Bag

The Sportneer Solar Shower Bag makes into the list of best solar water heater due to its unique design and portable nature. As far as portable showering is concerned, Sportneer’s Solar Shower Bag tricks all other systems. With its durable design and advance features, trekkers and campers.

This Solar shower bag on a very simple design. A small solar panel is integrated in a system which heats up the water stored inside the insulated PVC bag. With its small capacity, the bag can provide few showers solo traveller or a small crew. It is equipped with a temperature bar, shower head, storage pockets, and a carrying case. The temperature can be controlled as per the user requirement.

Users Review

Most of the owners are satisfied with the convenience provided by Sportneer Solar Shower Bag. They claimed that it’s great for instant shower during camping or travelling as it’s durable and portable.

Some users complained shower head to be too small, but with the portability and hot water it provides, size of shower head is acceptable. This product is not very useful for household activities but some users find it suitable to use as a backup for power outages and other emergency conditions.

Major Key Points

  1. It can hold up to 5 gallons of water, which will be enough for little showers during outdoor activities.
  2. It is designed with an extra side pocket to keep bath products like soap, shampoo, brush etc.
  3. With a built-in solar panels, bag can heat the water in less than 3 hours. It includes a temperature indicator on the back, which allows the users to add cool water to maintain the temperature at comfortable levels.
  4. The shower hose with nozzle is attached to the bag which can simulate the real shower experience. The hose is connected to a water outlet with a sealed cap to prevent water leakage.
  5. The bag is made with durable PVC material and comes with a hook at the back, so users can easily get the shower by installing it temporarily at trees or walls.

Clean Republic Heat Streamer

clean republic

The Clean Republic Heat Streamer is not a very best option for water heating, but it’s surely effective for small families. If you want to use very less amount of hot water for just basic needs then this product is definitely for you. This system is cost-effective alternative if you want to have backup water heating system for power cuts and fuel shortages.

With very small and less number of solar heating tubes, this system can easily warm up to 5 gallon of water at a time. If you want to heat more amount of water you must add some extra heating panels to the system, which may cost you some extra bucks. You can use the system generally for heating water for cooking, small showers or normal heating. This system is best if you are living in a small sized household with 2 to 3 persons.

Users Review

Most of the buyers are satisfied with Clean Republic Heat Streamer. Since this is not some fancy and expensive option for your hot water needs, you get the best service for the price you paid. Most of the users have used this system as backup for emergency situations.

However, some complained that the design of the system does not protect itself from the heavy rain, so it is not suitable for cold and rainy weather.

Major Key Points

  1. It’s small size lets you move the system anywhere you want.
  2. The system can provide you with 5 gallons of hot water and if you want more, you can expand the system by adding more units.
  3. It can increase the temperature of water by 37 degrees at the rate of 5 gallons per hour.
  4. The installation doesn’t require much work and doesn’t require regular maintenance.
  5. It’s great for cabins or bunkers that you use infrequently for light showering or water boiling.

Before Buying Solar Water heater


The amount of energy that a solar water can produce is very important thing to keep in mind. Before spending your earnings on a solar heating system, make sure if it can satisfy your demands or not. If your family needs 1000 gallons of hot water everyday, buy a product that can meet your needs.


Solar water heater are placed outdoor to absorb sunlight, so one must endure a lot of natural abuse. Thus, to get value for your spending, buy a product that can run for a longer duration. Look what type of material and equipment are used in the system, so you can guess how long it will stand. A solar system equipment must be rain, wind and heat resistant. Most importantly, coils and heating tubes should be durable.

Cost Effectiveness

There are many solar water heaters in the market, of which some are very expensive and some are cheap and affordable. Whether you are looking for a heater for your pool or bathroom, opt for a model that can fulfill your all needs at effective costs. It should have low cost for maintenance and installation, which should not trouble you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do solar water heaters work at night?

In simple answer, Yes they do work at night as well. There is a system in a solar water heater where it collects water in insulated tanks. Heater observers solar radiation from solar energy and store it, and where insulation start keeping water hot all night.

How much does it cost to install a solar hot water heater?

For 50-Gallon tank of storage solar water heater system will cost you averages of between $100 to $3000 for installation. It also depends on variables or how many variables you want to add.

How does a solar water heater work?

Solar water heater systems has two primary parts: A solar radiation collector and water storage, where both works together to make a cold water warm. Solar collector has a bunch of tubes where it stores solar energy to heat energy. So, when the water start to flow from the tubes it start to produce heat and make the water warm.

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