Gaming has always been fun for everyone, and gaming experience with good audio, video & speed composition is everything that a gamer wants. So, quality audio is one of the vital parts of enjoyable gaming experience with the best sound card for gaming in 2019.

Nowadays, various games like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, NFS, and other games won’t give you an optimum gaming experience if sound quality is worse.some of the best laptops have good sound cards but when it comes to pc you can build it as Your wish.

So, to solve this issue, there is something called sound cards available out in the market that you can use to enhance the sound quality and gain full gaming experience with any obstructions.

Sound cards are devices that can be used as audio components of your PC that optimize the audio quality and give decent sound experience.

Yes! Sound cards out in the market save your day to get the full experience of gaming. There are various sound cards available in the market today, each of them having their audio specifications, optimizations, processing, software suites, and so on.

Similarly, some of them fall under affordable price whereas some fall under advanced premium sound cards, which are too expensive.

Best Sound Card for Gaming in 2019

Here in this article, we list out some best sound cards that you can buy and experience for cool gaming fun.

Sound CardRating
Creative sound blaster Z8
ASUS Sound card essence STX II9
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Fx8.5
Creative Sound Blaster ZxR PCIe9
ASUS Xonar DSx PCIe Sound Card8
Creative Sound BlasterX AE-59

1. Creative sound blaster Z

Sound Blaster Z is the sound card whose manufacturer is Creative, one of the finest global audio products manufacturing companies.

Creative sound blaster Z
Creative sound blaster Z

Arguably the best sound card at a reasonable price in the market, Blaster Z provides lots of optimizations, tweaking to your sound and is available in the PCI Express X1 format.

It has 600ohm headphone amplifier for high impedance headphones and five different headphone jacks one line/mic input, a headphone output and three further outputs (front, rear and center/sub).

The sound card is priced just below 100$. Two different software packages come with the Z, one z-series control panel and another the Alchemy.


  • Processor: Creative Sound Core3D
  • Inputs: 3.5mm mic/line in, optical S/PDIF in
  • Outputs: 4x 3.5mm outputs, optical S/PDIF out
  • Interface: PCI-E x1
  • Bit-rate: 24-bit
  • Maximum Sample Rate: 192KHz (front), 96KHz (headphone)
  • Warranty: Two years RTB
  • Extras: 3.5mm microphone

2. ASUS Sound card essence STX II

Asus sound card essence STX II is a quality internal audiophile high-end sound card. It has an industry-leading 124dB signal-to-noise ratio with excellent and fast performance in return.

ASUS Sound card essence STX II
ASUS Sound card essence STX II

With a built-in headphone amplifier supporting up to 600 Ohms, it also has additional control options for high sensitivity IEM headphones.

It has Ultra-fidelity (120dB SNR) 7.1-channel output via the exclusive daughterboard and provides excellent stereo sound.

Despite its costly drivers, it is one of the dedicated premium sound cards that you can prefer for the high-end gaming experience.


  • Audio Processor:  ASUS AV100 (Max. 24bit/192Khz)
  • Card Dimensions: Approx. 168*107mm (W*L, PCB Board)
  • Bus Compatibility: PCI Express X1
  • Analog Playback/Recording Resolution: 24bit/192Khz
  • Digital S/PDIF Output: Coaxial/ Toslink Combo
  • Aux In: Aux-in 4 Pin Header
  • DS3D GX 2.5: Direct sound 3D Hardware for Windows Vista and XP
  • Headphone Impedance: Optimized for 32~600Ω

3. Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Fx

Sound Blaster Audigy FX is powered by SBX Pro audio studio and is the perfect upgrade to the Blaster Audio. It gives high quality 5.1 cinematic audio best suited for movies, songs, and gaming.

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Fx
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Fx

600 Ohms headphones amplification provides outstanding audio experience with the best possible sound.

You can also plug in the 5.1 analog speakers, but an absence of EMI brings potentiality of reducing the experience to some extent. It also includes sound blaster Audigy FX control panel software for customization and sound processing.

It comes with independent connectors, line-in, and microphone, which allows to plug in two different audio sources to your pc.


  • Sound Output Mode: 5.1 channel surround
  • DAC Resolution: 24-bit
  • Sample Rate: 192 kHz (max)
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 106 dB
  • Type: sound card
  • Software Suite: SBX Pro Studio
  • Manufacturer: Creative

4. Creative Sound Blaster ZxR PCIe

Sound Blaster ZxR is a flagship-grade sound device that gives outstanding sound experience with the crystal clear audio quality.

Creative Sound Blaster ZxR PCIe
Creative Sound Blaster ZxR PCIe

It provides crystal clear voice FX for hearing clear voices in conferences, online chats, games, and so on.

It has high-quality 600Ohms headphones amplifications with 24 Bit and 192KHz sound with some even 3D effects.

Moreover, it also supports Dolby digital live and DTS Connect and has 124db of Signal Noise Ratio.

It includes high-quality audio cable connectors and has support for headphone/speaker switch.

The pricing of this sound card is a little bit expensive as it gives an awful sound experience.


  • PCI Express x1 5.1 Channels
  • 124dB SNR of Superior Experience
  • 600-ohm Headphone Amp
  • Sound Core3D Audio Processor
  • SBX Pro Studio
  • Sample Rate: 192 kHz (max)

5. ASUS Xonar DSx PCIe Sound Card

ASUS Xonar DSx PCIe sound card is another sound and enhanced sound card to consider for gaming.

ASUS Xonar DSx PCIe Sound Card
ASUS Xonar DSx PCIe Sound Card

It has the GX2.5 engine, which is very famous for providing realistic and decent 3D audio experience in gaming.

It succeeded another great sound card Xonar DS 7.1, though as compared with other sound cards offered by ASUS Xonar, it lacks many features.

It has DTS Connect technology for immersive sound experience and supports AWM and ASIO drivers.

It is certified by Dolby and is a budget sound card for everyone.


  • PCI Express x1, 7.1 Channels
  • GX2.5 for realistic 3D gaming
  • DTS Connect technology
  • 192Khz sample rate
  • Swappable OPamp socket

6. Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5

Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 is a premium sound card that comes with Xamp, a conventionally designed headphone amplifier and has the Aurora Reactive RGB Lightning system.

Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5
Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5

The maximum sampling rate is 384KHz with Signal to Noise Ratio of 122Db. It has individually amplified audio channel that maintains the lossless audio experience.

The audio suite that comes with this sound card is correctly set for a full gaming experience that maintains standard audio output.


  • Manufactured by: Creative Technology
  • Max Sampling Rate: 384 kHz
  • Sound Output Mode: 5.1 Channel Surround
  • DAC Resolution: 32bit
  • SNR: 122 dB
  • Interface Type: PCI Express
  • Software: BlasterX Acoustic Engine


So, those were the best gaming sound cards available in the market that could of your need for gaming. These sound cards differ from each other in many aspects ranging from price to their audio and output specifications, though they are meant for maintaining standard audio quality than those PCs native audio. 

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So, still if you have any confusion in selecting the best sound card for gaming in 2019, then feel free to drop the comment below, and we are always happy to assist you.


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