Canadian Club, nicknamed “C.C.” around the world, is the pioneer of Canadian whisky. Canadian Club is a pioneer of Canadian whisky, with an elegant and refreshing taste.

In this article, we introduce the history of Canadian Club, its production process, and its lineup of whiskeys. We’ll introduce the history of Canadian Club, the production process, and the lineup of Canadian Club whisky.

What is the Canadian Club?

Canadian Club is a brand produced in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. It is a blended whisky that is a cross between a base whisky and a flavoured whisky and is popular for its light mouthfeel.

It is a representative brand of Canadian Whiskey, one of the five major whiskeys in the world, and has been popular for over 160 years. Its refreshing taste makes it easy for beginners to drink, and we recommend it to those who want to try something other than American or Scotch whisky.

The origin of Canadian Club and where it’s made

The Canadian Club was founded in 1856 by American-born Hiram Walker, who established a distillery in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Windsor’s proximity to grain fields and a rich vein of water is what sets it apart.

The whisky’s reputation for refinement was cemented by its reputation for being unlike any other whisky. Windsor was the catalyst for the rise of Canadian whisky, and to this day it is an integral part of the Canadian whisky scene.

History of the Canadian Club

Hiram Walker was born in Massachusetts in the United States, and emerged as a grain merchant with great business acumen. He had his eye on whisky making, but with the prohibition movement going on in the United States at the time, he decided to make whisky in Canada. He built a distillery in Windsor, Ontario, on the other side of the Detroit River in Canada.

After much trial and error, the distillery succeeds in creating a unique blend of whiskeys with a taste of class. Canadian whisky, named “Club Whisky”, became popular in the United States, where it became known for its taste. The name was later changed to Canadian Club to distinguish between American and Canadian whiskeys. Today, it is drunk in more than 150 countries around the world.

How Canadian Club is made

Canadian Club is made from a blend of three original whiskies: a base whisky made from corn, a flavouring whisky made from rye or barley, and a flavouring whisky made from barley.

The main difference between this whisky and other whiskies is the use of pre-blending, which involves blending the whiskies before they are packed into barrels. Because the whiskeys are blended and then aged in barrels, the blended whiskeys blend well together and produce a mild mouthfeel.

Types of Canadian Clubs

Canadian Club

A standard bottle of Canadian Club that is affordable and available at an affordable price. It has a sweet aroma reminiscent of caramel and vanilla, with a hint of octagonal spice aromas.

This is an attractive, well-balanced bottle with a soft, oaky finish. It is light and smooth in the mouth with no bitterness, and is recommended for beginners. It can be drunk straight, and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways from rocks to highballs.

Canadian Club Classic 12 years old

Canadian Club has the rich aromas and deep flavors that only long term aging can provide. With aromas of vanilla and caramel, it has a fruity, apple-like flavor, with a full, rich taste.

It has a creamy, smooth mouthfeel and is recommended to be savored straight or on the rocks for a long time. It is a complex combination of flavors, with a long, lingering finish.

Canadian Club Black Label

This Canadian Club has been aged in oak barrels for over 8 years and has a beautiful amber color in the bottle. The nose is characterized by caramel and orange notes, with solid oak notes afterwards. The balance between the sweetness of vanilla and the woodiness of oak is perfect, with a light mouthfeel and a refreshing finish.

Canadian Club 20 years old

This is a bottle made from an original wine aged for over 20 years, and you can enjoy the full-bodied, ripe flavor of this wine due to its long aging process. It has a mellow aroma of candy and raisins, with a fruity aroma that adds freshness.

It’s sweet and perfectly balanced with almond and nutty aromas. The end result is nutmeg-like spice and oak, with a deep finish that lingers for a long time.

Best Canadian Club Drinking Methods


Highball is a great choice for whisky beginners. Its mild mouthfeel and the addition of carbonation gives it a refreshing taste.

Add lemon or lime for a refreshing finish. Highballs made with Canadian Club are called “C.C. Soda” because Canadian Club is known by the nickname “C.C.”.


Canadian Club is light in taste and easy to drink straight. It has a gorgeous aroma and a hint of sweetness that makes it easy to drink straight.

On the Rocks

When it’s on the rocks, the flavor is enhanced by the addition of ice. As the ice melts, you can gradually enjoy a different taste. It’s the best way to drink it when you want to take your time and savor it slowly.


Cocktails are perfect for those who want to enjoy lighter flavors. The C.C. Ginger Ale with ginger ale is especially recommended.

Other popular cocktails include the C.C. Cranberry, with cranberry juice, and the C.C. Manhattan, with sweet vermouth and aromatic bitters. It’s easy to make at home, so give it a try.


Canadian Club is known as a pioneer of Canadian whisky. It is a unique blend of base and flavoured whisky, blended together before it’s barreled. It’s easy for beginners to drink and is recommended for those who don’t like whisky. Take a look at these products and find the one that’s right for you.

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