A few Months ago Google introduced Their cloud gaming platform “google stadia”  and Now Microsoft announced their most advanced Xbox in Today E3 press conference. In conference, Microsoft provides detail information About their next Xbox project “project Scarlett”.

In conference, Microsoft Announce that upcoming Xbox series will be more advanced and will climb up to the next generation of gaming. With a custom-designed processor by AMD, upcoming Xbox is going to be four times powerful than Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Although they didn’t reveal the design, shape, and price so we need to wait sometime To find out how it will look. It is set To release in 2020 But before that, the company also reveal about Xcloud which will allow people to stream games over the internet is going for the public beta test on October 2019.

e3 conference

Now let’s get back to Xbox that will allow games to be played at up to 120 FPs with support of the 8k resolution playback. Maybe because it is still in the development phase company didn’t reveal the price And also whether the 8k resolution will only be in playback or gamers can enjoy 8k resolution in games as well as not made clear. Scarlett will have a solid drive which will decrease the load time of games.

Watch Conference full video Here

The Games

e3 conference games

In the presentation, Microsoft also announced some of the games that will be available in their next gaming console. They also made clear that Those games will also be available in previous versions of Xbox and in windows pc too.

  • Halo Infinite
  • Gears 5
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • The outer worlds
  • Bleeding edge
  • Ori and the wall of the wisps
  • Minecraft dungeons
  • Blair Witch
  • spiritfarer
  • Age of Empires II
  • psychonauts 2 and double fine
  • Lego Star Wars
  • Forza Horizon 4
  • phantasy star online 2
  • Tales of arise
  • Elden Ring
  • Battletoads

Project Scarlett Hardware

  • The next generation console will use a custom AMD processor with zen 2 and Navi technology.
  • GDDR6 SD Ram will be used.
  • Hard Drive will be replaced with Solid-state Drive (SSD)

More on It will be available in holiday 2020. The company didn’t reveal many things about this project but they have given Hint that This console will be based on internet capabilities and will start the next generation of gaming.

With lots of reveals, Microsoft also reveals about their Xbox elite controller series 2.

Xbox elite Controller series 2

xbox e3 controller

With a newly designed Xbox elite controller, 2 will overtake the previous version. Xbox elite controller series contains Following features:

  • Adjustable Thumbsticks
  • Newly designed bumpers
  • Shorter trigger locks
  • Rechargeable battery which works for 40 hours in a single charge
  • compatible with the wireless charging dock

In the conference, the company introduced its services like cloud and Xbox game pass.


Google has already announced its cloud-based gaming service and Today at e3 conference Microsoft reveal about their project Xcloud although the concept behind the xcloud is not new. It will be the same as stadia that games will run on the company server and will be stream on your device. The only plus point of Xbox is that You will also be able to stream from your home Xbox console to sperate device for free.

Xbox Game pass on pc

The Xbox game pass service has launched for the public beta test. Currently, you can test it in 1$ for the first month After that, you will be charged $10 per month. the company promised To make over 100 games available by August.

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