Four Roses is one of the world’s most popular bourbon whiskeys. It is made in Kentucky, USA and is marked by a label with a four-wheeled rose on it. There are also several variations of Four Roses with different flavors.

So in this article, we’ll explain the different flavors of the different types of Four Roses and show you how to drink them in a delicious way. If you’re interested, we hope you’ll find it useful.

Characteristics of Four Roses

Four Roses is a bourbon whiskey made in Kentucky, USA. In accordance with bourbon making regulations, the ingredients are rye and barley, mainly corn. After distilling, it is aged in new white oak barrels that are burnt inside.

Four Roses is characterized by a gorgeous aroma and soft, fruity taste that comes from the raw corn and barrels. Also, standard brands are available at reasonable prices. Even a bourbon novice can try it, and if it suits their taste, they can take it to the next level of enjoyment.

Where Four Roses originated and where it’s made

Forlaws was born in 1888 in the lush lands of Kentucky. The founder, Paul Jones, Jr. met a woman and proposed to her. A corsage of roses marked his acceptance of her proposal. After the proposal came to fruition and the promise of eternal love, the label was designed with four roses and named ‘Four Roses’.

The ground in Kentucky, where it is made, is formed around a layer of limestone called “limestone”. The water that passes through the natural filtration layer is characterized by high levels of minerals and calcium. The clear tasting water is used as a brewing and splitting water and plays an important role in creating the taste of Four Roses.

History of Four Roses

Shortly after the release of Four Roses, Paul Jones Jr. established a distillery to make bourbon in earnest. It was one of the few distilleries allowed to start up during Prohibition, as they were allowed to produce the product for “medicinal” purposes.

It has since established itself as a high quality bourbon in the United States and around the world.

How Four Roses is made

Four Roses uses carefully selected ingredients. Among them is corn, which is so particular that it has been sourced from the same farmers for over 50 years. It is used as an ingredient after rigorous checks on its size, moisture content and aroma.

To prepare the raw materials, two types of grains of different mixing ratios are crossed with five types of yeast to create 10 types of unprocessed sake. The finished raw materials are then moved to the aging room in Cox’s Creek, where they are aged in temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius a year.

It is also important to note that the average ageing period is about five to eight years, and in some cases more than 10 years. After that, skilled artisans blend the wine in the perfect proportions to complete the process.

Types of Four Roses

Four Roses

This is a standard type of Forloses. It is relatively inexpensive and is recommended for those who want to try Four Roses for the first time. It has a gorgeous aroma and a smooth, easy to drink taste.

It has a nice balance of spices and sweet, honey-like notes, and is not too strong. It’s also good for arrangements with mint or in cocktails with lemon or lime.

Four Roses Black

This is a brand that has been selected for its unique originals and aged slightly longer. It has a slightly more weighty taste than the standard Four Roses. The soft, sweet aroma from the barrel tickles the nose, with hints of spicy nutmeg and cinnamon.

We recommend drinking it straight or on the rocks. We recommend this bourbon with a long, pleasant aftertaste.

Four Roses Platinum

This is a brand that uses rare, long-matured sake in a lavish manner. It is characterized by the deep taste that comes from the oak barrels, which is unique to long-term aging. The sweet aroma of caramel and ripe fruit flavors are complex and intertwined.

It also has a long, lingering finish. The four-flowered roses are decorated in silver, giving it a luxurious look and making it a great gift.

Four Roses – Single Barrel

A single barrel bottled from a single barrel rather than blending multiple barrels, this is a rare brand, with only about 230 bottles bottled from a single barrel.

It is characterized by aromas of vanilla and maple syrup. It also offers spicy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. It has a high alcohol content of 50%, so if you are a regular bourbon drinker, you should definitely check it out.

Four Roses Small Batch

This brand is a carefully selected blend of four barrels and was produced in 2006. Also known as “Master Distiller’s Mellow Choice”, this is a luxurious blend of fruity, sweet and spicy flavors.

You can drink it straight, but you can also enjoy it on the rocks as the ice melts. This is a recommended bourbon whiskey that can be consumed in a variety of ways.


Four Roses is a bourbon with a mellow aroma. We recommend starting with it straight up to enjoy its subtle aroma. Next, add a little water to bring out the sweet aroma. Finally, try adding ice for a change in flavor as the ice melts.

If you find the taste of a straight or rock drink to be too harsh, we recommend a light cocktail arrangement. Unlike other bourbons, Four Roses is best consumed with citrus juices such as lemon or lime rather than a carbonated highball.

Four Roses is an easy-drinking bourbon with a fruity aroma. Each type varies in body weight and taste, and can be enjoyed by comparing drinks. Drinking it straight or on the rocks is a favorite way to drink it, but cocktail arrangements are also recommended for beginners. Use this article as a guide to try the variety of Four Roses that’s right for you.

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