There are many brands of “single malt whisky” with strong peculiarities, but “Glenmorangie” has a sweet and fruity aroma, and is very popular because it is easy to drink and has a pleasant taste. It is also very popular among women, and it is a whiskey suitable for a gift.

Glenmorangie is characterized by the fact that it is additionally matured in barrels of different materials such as “sherry”, “noble wine” and “Madira wine” after a certain amount of aging. The complex and balanced taste is so complete that it has been described as “perfect”.

What is Glenmorangie?

Glenmorangie is a single malt whisky from a distillery in the ‘Highlands’ of Scotland. It has a gorgeous aroma with a hint of fresh citrus and a perfect mix of sweet and sour flavors. The original distilled wine is aged in “Madira Wine” or “Sherry” barrels.

Glenmorangie is also a single malt whisky that is widely consumed in Scotland. It is popular with whisky beginners as it is more fruity than the inherent smokiness of Scotch whisky.

History of Glenmorangie

Glenmorangie was originally an old brewery built in 1738 and the “Glenmorangie Distillery” was established in 1843.

It was purchased second-hand in 1887 and became a highly accomplished whisky with an elegant sweetness and flavour.

Ever since then, Glenmorangie has been produced using pot stills of a similar design. It is now manufactured under the umbrella of Moët Hennessy, a company based in Cognac, France.

How Glenmorangie is made

Glenmorangie features a long necked pot still that is about 5.14m high. The key to this is the floral aroma of the alcohol-containing vapour as it passes through the long neck of the pot still.

The original wine is distilled and aged in oak and other wooden barrels, and then aged in barrels that used to store Madira wine and sherry. The distilled spirit is then transferred to fruity barrels for maturation, resulting in a single malt with a rich aroma.

Glenmorangie is distilled and matured using traditional techniques, and the flavours from the barrels coexist perfectly with each other, making it a highly complete single malt.

Types of Glenmorangie

Glenmorangie Original

The Original is a regular bottle of Glenmorangie. It’s a blend of original liquor that has been aged for more than 10 years, and when you drink it, the sweet flavors of honey, syrup, citrus, and vanilla spread to your mouth.

It also has a floral aroma derived from the barrel and a refreshing fruity flavor like passion fruit. There is a lingering white peach-like finish.

In addition, it is available at an affordable price, making it a perfect single malt whisky with excellent value for money.

Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 years old

The Scottish word “Lasanta” means “warmth” or “passion”. The additional 24 months of aging in sherry casks gives it a warm flavour.

Lasantha has the spicy flavor characteristic of the sherry casks used, and is characterized by a deep, rich flavor. It has nutty flavors such as coffee and almonds, with a more pronounced aroma than the original.

This is a great bottle for those who want to enjoy the rich flavor and mellow aroma of Glenmorangie to the fullest.

Glenmorangie Nectar d’Or 12 years

The Nectar d’Or is made from barrels of Sauternes wine, one of the best of the noble rot wines, with an additional two years of aging. This is a sweet and fruity addition to the originally fruity Glenmorangie original.

It is characterized by a powerful fruity character up front, with muscat, apple and cherry notes derived from Sauternes wine barrels. The sweet aroma of lemon tart is one of the most appealing aspects of this bottle.

It’s easy-to-drink, sweet taste makes it popular among the Japanese, and it’s suitable for beginners to single malt whisky. This is a highly recommended Glenmorangie, which makes a great gift for the drinker in your life.

Glenmorangie 18 years old

This single malt whisky is a blend of over 18 years of Glenmorangie. We aged the original for 15 years and then some of it in sherry barrels for an additional 3 years. It has a slight saltiness derived from the wooden casks and a fruity, mellow aroma with hints of papaya, melon and flowers. Strong sweetness like rich baked apples and white peaches with a spicy oakiness that is complex and exquisite.

With its brownish-gold body and beautiful bottle, this brand is a great choice for anniversaries and gifts for loved ones. This is a high quality Glenmorangie that is well worth the price.

Glenmorangie 19 years old

After 15 years in bourbon barrels and additional maturation in “Spanish Oak Sherry Barrels”, this limited edition bottle combines 19 years of original malt.

It has a smooth mouthfeel on the palate and fresh apricot and orange flavors that are refreshing. It also has complex flavors such as a mint-like mentholiness, sweet flavors like peach and vanilla, and a slightly bitter finish.

This is a bottle of Glenmorangie that fans will be able to enjoy to their heart’s content and enjoy the characteristics of Glenmorangie to their heart’s content.

Glenmorangie Signet

This bottle is a masterpiece of Glenmorangie, bearing the signet, which expresses the meaning of the word “signe”. This bottle is made from deep roasted “chocolate malt” that produces a deep, sweet taste. It’s made with custom-made “designer cask” barrels.

Recommended for advanced beer drinkers who are used to single malt whisky. A mellow aroma of cocoa is balanced by fruity flavors of peach and orange peel.

It is also smooth and elegant on the palate. This is a luxurious bottle with both unique astringency and sweet flavors.


Glenmorangie has a well-balanced sweetness and fruitiness. The flavors of Glenmorangie vary according to the material used and the age of the barrel, and each has its own personality. There is a wide range of flavours, from easy to drinkable bottles for beginners to more complex flavours for experts. Find your favourite Glenmorangie.


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