Google is getting into Gaming And I am kinda surprised That They didn’t call it Google gaming Because Most of The Products Google introduce start With Google and Product name. This Time They are Calling It “stadia”. I Gotta say this is an interesting Idea also makes sense to me.

Google is claiming This Crazy idea To support 4k at 60 fps streamed Over the Internet with no need of gaming hardware in your computer. This is kinda amazing claim and it makes sense Too because Google has resources and manpower That can make it possible.

There is a clip on event Video (will put a video at last) Where People watching the trailer of the game can simply click on play button and It will run instantly on your browser without Any downloads and hardware requirements.

We can’t deny the thing that Google can make an impossible thing possible. A few Years ago The concept of 4k streaming and 360-degree videos On youtube was like a dream but Now Every user of youtube have access with it.

But Doubt whether Google can provide what they advertise comes because They have not involved in Gaming spaces till now. Although They have a youtube as a platform where users can watch the stream of the game But not a playing platform and It make sense They are trying to add it.

There are so many cool features advertise as viewers can easily integrate with streamers and play with them by just pressing the Join Now button. Google has reached the peak of the internet where gaming console and games are still on the way but with the power of Google when Stadia launch This gonna change the scenario Of games.

There are so many gamers that Are not able to enjoy every game because Their hardware doesn’t support and need to upgrade pc every year to meet new games minimum Requirement and This is what Google targeting With Stadia.

Also, they will have their own special designed game controller That is optimized with cloud gaming. Stadia is set to launch till October 2019 in UK, USA, and Canada But the worldwide launch is Not mentioned.

Here is full Video of the event.

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