Old Parr is one of Britain’s leading blended whiskies, and has been a favourite since the late 19th century, with a fruity aroma, a mellow mouthfeel and a mellow taste. It goes well with Japanese food. I recommend drinking it straight or on the rocks, but you can also enjoy it with soda for a highball with no peculiarity.

In this article, we’ll introduce the characteristics and history of Old Parr, the four types, and recommended ways to drink it.

Features of Old Parr

Old Parr is a balanced blend of original Scottish whiskies. It is made at a distillery in Speyside, in the Spey River area, which runs through the eastern part of the Highlands.

It is made from rich peat soils and the water of the River Spey, and uses Cragunmore as the key malt. It uses Cragunmore as a key malt. The smoky flavour of the peat is a feature of this distillation.

Taste of Old Parr

Old Parr is carefully crafted by a handful of artisans, passing on their skills to the next generation. The master blender blends the original malt and grain with a sweet, fruity aroma and mellow mouthfeel.

Old Parr is not too assertive, so it brings out the flavor of the ingredients while bringing out the best in them. For this reason, it goes well with Japanese food and is easy to drink as a highball.

Old Parr’s commitment to the bottle

The surface of Old Parr’s bottles is engraved with a crackle-like pattern. This is known as a “crackle pattern” and is reminiscent of the ceramic bottles that were prevalent before glass bottles. It conveys the message that Old Parr is carrying on a tradition.

Old Parr bottles are also unique in that they can stand on their own, even when tilted at an angle, without tipping over. This is one of the reasons why many people choose Old Parr bottles for their “right-handedness” and “never fall down” genius.

Incidentally, the portrait of Thomas Parr on the Old Parr bottle was painted by Rubens, one of the leading artists of the 17th century.

History of Old Parr

Old Parr is named after the legendary Thomas Parr, who is said to have lived to 152 years and 9 months, the longest living person in British history.

Thomas Parr, also known as Old Tom Parr, was a legendary figure whose epitaph states that he lived through the reigns of ten kings from Edward IV to Charles I. At the age of 80, he married and had one son and one daughter, and had a child with an adulterous partner at 105 years of age. He also remarried at the age of 122 when his first wife died, and after his death at 152 he was buried in Westminster Abbey in the Church of England.

Greenleas Brothers, who created Old Parr, named it after Thomas Parr with the hope that the blended whisky would last for many years to come.

Types of Grand Old Parr

Old Parr 12 years old

Old Parr 12 years old was brought back by the Iwakura Mission. This is a bottle that has been loved for nearly 150 years. It is made by blending malt that is over 12 years old.

It has an elegant sweet aroma and a faint lingering smoky peaty aftertaste. We recommend drinking it straight or with water. It makes a great gift.

Old Parr 18 years old

This is a ripe old par, blended with a precious original that has been aged for over 18 years. The bottle is the result of exceptional blending techniques, and its main characteristic is its rich vanilla aroma and smooth texture. The result is what Old Parr’s blending master calls “the best balance ever achieved”.

The best way to enjoy the long aged flavor is to drink it straight or on the rocks. The flavor changes as the ice melts, which is fascinating.

Old Parr Superior

If you’re looking for a lingering taste in an old par, the Old Parr Superior is a great choice. It is a blend of aged and young undiluted sake, which gives it a deep flavor that lives up to its name, Superior.

We recommend drinking it straight or on the rocks to enjoy the taste and smoky aroma of the aged original sake. If you’re a whisky lover, this is a bottle you should try at least once.

Drinking Methods for Old Parr

Straight Forward

The depth and complexity of Old Parr can be appreciated straight from the bottle. A wine glass that allows you to enjoy the aroma is perfect for pouring. Also, turn the glass a few times after pouring to release the aroma.

Alternating chasers in different glasses allows you to take your time and enjoy Old Parr. This is a great way to drink an Old Parr 12 or 18 year old or Superior.

On the Rocks

On the Rocks is a way to drink a large ice cube in a rocks glass that allows the ice to slowly melt and allows for a gradual change in flavor. It gives you the same depth and complexity of an old parlor as a straight one.

Don’t forget to get your chaser ready and enjoy the different texture, aroma and “change” of peat from straight.


Old Parr has a rich aroma and flavor, but it’s not too quirky, so it’s easy to drink as a highball. In particular, Old Parr Silver is a smooth and refreshing variety, which makes it a great match for soda.

The recommended ratio is Old Parr: Soda = 1:3. Fill a chilled, straight glass with ice and pour in the Old Parr to 1/4 of its volume. Then quickly stir the Old Parr and ice to chill the Old Parr. Then pour the soda to triple the amount of soda to the Old Parr, and you’re done.

The bubbles from the floating soda enhance the flavor of the Old Parr and create a highball that goes well with any dish.


Mist means “mist” and is named after the white mist that forms on the outside of a rock glass. The cool mist is especially good in the hot summer months.

Pour the old par in a rock glass with a generous amount of crushed ice and pour in the old par. Then, stir lightly and you’re done. This is a great way to drink this drink that goes well with all types of Old Parr Silver to Superior.


If you don’t like strong alcoholic beverages, I recommend splashing out on water. You can make it as thick as you like, based on a standard of 1:2 to 2.5 (Old Par: Mineral water = 1:2 to 2.5).

To make this drink, put ice in a chilled glass and pour it in the same order as you would a highball: old par, then mineral water. You can choose any glass, so enjoy it in your favorite glass.

Dilute with hot water

The best way to warm up in the cold winter or outdoors is to drink hot water. Pour into a heatproof glass in the ratio of 1:3 Old Par: Hot water = 1:3. Hot water is best at 70-80 degrees Celsius. Top it with a citrus topping, such as lemon, for a change that combines with the aroma of Old Parr.

Twice up

Twice up is a way to pour room temperature mineral water into an old par and enjoy the aroma. It is also recommended for those who don’t like high alcohol content drinks, as it allows you to lower the alcohol content compared to a straight drink. Pour an appropriate amount of Old Par into a glass and add an equal amount of mineral water to complete the drink.

By the way, you can also drink it “floating” by pouring the water first and then using a muddler to gently pour an equal amount of Old Parr into the glass to enhance the aroma of the Old Parr. The color changes at the top and bottom of the glass, so you can enjoy the look of the drink.


Old Parr is a historic whisky that has been loved by political leaders, literary giants and other leaders in their fields since it was brought to Japan from England in the late 19th century. Enjoy the complexity and depth of Old Parr at the right time for a quiet moment away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


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