Discord, A popular application among gamers. However, Discord is also famous among the peoples not associated with games, but the gaming community mainly uses it. It was designed and developed to make the communications among various peoples diverged by the geography easy and more convenient.

Discord is the successor to programs like Skype, Teamspeak, and overgrowing with different types of features provided to the Users. One of those features is the addition of bots to your server. In this article, I’ll offer you details on how to add bots To discord Servers.

Discord bots

What are discord bots?

A Discord bot is a bot that runs only on discord, and it provides with you more functionality than a regular user has. You can also code your bot and make it do whatever you want. Different types of discord bots are:

Here are the best Discord bots For Your servers You might love to add.

  • A ChatBot (a bot that chats with its AI intelligence.
  • Moderation Bot (It will automatically moderate your server; kick, mute or ban members, if someone tries to create spam, or break the rules.
  • Music Bot (It can play music in a Discord Server.)

    Bots are generally used for:

    • Manage servers (kick, ban, mute members) via bot commands
    • Control the level of Spam
    • Play Music
    • View information about Discord server or user.

    The possibilities are endless, and it depends on the developer what he has built.

    How To add bots to Discord Server?

    Before Adding Bots to discord servers First You need To set up a server and Get an Access Authorization. If you have already completed Those steps You can move to guide On how to add bots to the discord server. Otherwise Here we have a full guide From creating servers To adding bot to it.

    Way To Setup Server

    Setting up a Discord server is not that complicated as you might think. Discord is free to install on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and IOS. In this article, I’ll be creating a server on a Windows OS. Once you download and install all the resources, you can run it. If you don’t have a Discord account(not a big deal) you can easily create one.

    Once you have logged in, click on “Create a server” button and then you can name it and choose your geographical region. You can add your custom display picture if you want to. Hit “Create”, and your new Discord server is ready.

    Checking permissions

    Add bots In discords server checking permision

    To add a bot in your server, you have to check whether you have permission to add bots or not. Not everyone can add Discord bots to your server, and you need to have Administrative or “Manage Server” license to invite a bot. If you don’t have either of these roles, you won’t be able to add bots.

    To check if you have these roles, you can go to the “Server setting” of the server in which you want to add bots by clicking on the server’s name.

    If you can’t see the “server setting” option, There’s a good chance that you don’t have the permission to add bots. If you can see the “Server setting” option, clicks on it, then click on the option”Roles”. Check the roles which you have been assigned for their permission; if you can see that you have been granted “Administrative” or “Manage Server” permissions, you are good to go.

    The first step is to find the bot you want to add. You can find different types of bots in “Discord Bots”.
    So here’s how to add bots to your Discord Server:

    • Get Admin’s permission to access and configure your Discord Server.
    • Open a Browser App on your Windows PC.
    • Go to Discord’s Website.
    • Log in with your username and password.
    • On your Discord profile page, go to General permission and make sure that the “Manage Server” option is enabled.
    • Now click on “Invite Bot” or “Add Bot to Server”.
    • Select the Server on Discord App.
    • If a pop-up window appears, click on “Confirm” to authorize.

    Now, the selected Bot is automatically added to your Server. Now, open your Discord server page and go to the sidebar. You’d see the bot appear in the sidebar.

    Alternate Way To Add Bots To server

    If you want to add bots directly and quickly as possible, there’s another way to do it. All you need to know is bot’s Client ID, and you’ll need to be logged into your Discord Server. This method works best when you want to add GitHub bots on Discord, which don’t have Web-interface.

    • Login to your Discord Profile.
    • Paste the following URL:- “https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=<Bot_Client_ID>&scope=bot&permissions=0”
    • Change the bot’s actual Client ID in the place of “Bot_Client_ID” in the above URL.
    • You may still have to authorize the bot.

    Authorizing your discord bot

    It doesn’t end at adding a bot to your Discord Server. Discord is very careful with bots and sometimes require multiple authorizations to enable one to work. It uses Oauth2 to allow a permitted bot to access and interact. However, sometimes, you may be asked to authorize it manually. You can do that by merely clicking on the small “Authorize” tab underneath the message “this App cannot read or send messages on your behalf”.

    Check Out This video for a full guide

    Top 5 cool bots to use on the discord channel

    Now, You got to know about how to add bots. Its time to add some cool bots to your Discord Channel. Well, you can add the types of bot considering what kind of Server you have but, here I have collected 5 Discord bots that I prefer. Also, check out the How to disable Cortana In windows 10.

    Let’s have a look at them:-

    1. Memez Bot

    With the help of this bot, I can create memes instantly and share it across my Discord Channel. It can also share strange sounds in your Discord Voice Channel. The bot can also spice up your chats on Discord.

    2. Translator

    It is a multi-lingual bot that can provide instant translation of more than 100 languages. Breaking the language barrier between thousands of Discord users, it helps a lot.

    3. Trivia Bot

    An open-source Trivia game bot for discord users. It offers more than 3000 trivial questions over 24 categories.

    4. Dyno Bot

    Dyno is a fully customizable, feature-rich and modular bot for your Discord Server. It brings many features such as moderation, anti-spam/auto-moderation, role management, custom commands, music bot, and much more.

    5. Game Stats

    It set up a profile of your gaming aliases so you can share them with friends and see your stats in those games.

    How to remove bots from your discord server

    We have already learned about how to add bots in your discord server. Now, you might ask so how to remove them after adding? If you are not happy with the particular bot, you can comfortably kick that bot out. To remove the bots from your Discord Server, you can follow these steps:

    • Log-In to your Discord account and choose the Server.
    • Right click on the bot name in the Text section or Voice Section.
    • You’ll see an option of kicking, Click on it, and the bot will be automatically removed from that particular server.

    So, By this time you probably know how to add bots and remove them from your Discord Server. Go ahead and add bots and watch how the bots give a new look and new features to your server and how your experience with Discord will be better. You’ll see what you were missing out and how much you can do with your Discord Server.


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