We can’t live a single day being away from our gadgets. Gadgets have become a daily driver in our life. Everyone uses numerous gadgets these days like mobile, tablets, keyboard, mouse, smartwatch and the list goes on and on.

Talking about gadgets, they get dirty and they need cleaning time and often. Cleaning most of them is easy like we can simply swipe the mobile screen on a soft cloth and boom! It gets clean but the job like mouse cleaning is not much easier as there are many nooks and corners in the mouse where residue gets stuck and is not easy to clean.

So here you are where you can learn all the procedure for the proper cleaning of the mouse.

How to clean a mouse?

Cleaning Mouse can be quite difficult If you didn’t get the right guide. There are sensors and Buttons That may get missed Up In result Your Gaming mouse or optical mouse will stop to work So Here we are with a full Guide To help You clean your mouse.

So let’s go through the step by step procedure.

First of all, you need to gather all of the equipment. To clean your optical mouse in a proper way you will need the following items:

  • Microfiber cloth

micro fiber cloth for cleaning mouse

Any other lint-free cloth can be suitable but microfiber is easily available so I recommend using a microfiber cloth. Using microfiber cloth can be best as this cloth does not leave behind its fiber as most of the other clothes do.

  • Rubbing alcohol

rubbing alchol for cleaning mouse

Rubbing alcohol is found almost everywhere in a chemist shop and I do not refer any other cleaning agents over rubbing alcohol but if you find it hard to access in your area you can also use products like Mr.Muscle or Colin.

  • Toothpicks

It might sound wired when someone says to use toothpicks to use clean your mouse but it can be helpful and effective.

  • Screwdriver

If you are going to clean the internals of your mouse as well, you will need a screwdriver to unscrew the screws.

Steps To Clean Your Mouse

That’s it and you are now ready for cleaning your mouse. So here is the step by step procedure for cleaning your mouse:

Unplug Mouse

Safety comes first so you need to unplug your mouse from your laptop or PC before you start the cleaning as there stands a chance to get an electric shock or short circuit if you do it without unplugging. If your mouse is wireless you should remove the battery first in order to avoid short-circuiting.

Use a microfiber cloth for clean

After unplugging, wipe the outer dust with a dry microfiber cloth for removing the exterior dust. If you have a sweaty hand, I bet your mouse is sticky so in such case you can use a lightly damp cloth for rubbing.

Use toothpicks to clean corners

Now comes the turn of toothpicks. Run the toothpick around the nooks and corners of the mouse where the cloth could not reach. Dust from the crevices like the small space between the button and body of the mouse or the space between buttons and scroll buttons can be removed. But remember! Do not run the toothpick so hard. It might scratch your beautiful mouse design. After all, plastics are plastics.

Now its time to clean upside down so flip your mouse and do the same process as above for the bottom part as well. But there’s a sensitive part called sensor where you might see some red or blue color LED lighting. And remember to be gentle around the sensor area.

PRECAUTION: Do not use a toothpick in a hard manner around the sensor area.

Rubbing Alcohol for Extra clean

Now you can use the rubbing alcohol for extra cleanness if you are not satisfied with the cleanliness. Just dip a small amount of microfiber cloth in the rubbing alcohol and start cleaning the exterior by wiping out the remaining residue ( if any ). And you should also consider the cloth to be slightly damp rather than fully wet. And let the alcohol dry as it should not take more than a minute to evaporate.

Now we can go for the internal cleaning but personally, I do not recommend this step to all as many of you may mess up with the internals which in turn leaves you to buy a new mouse.

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Use Screw Drivers

Use screwdriver of the exact size( you can check mouse manual for the size ). After unscrewing the upper case of the mouse you can follow the exact same steps as mentioned earlier but keep in mind not using too much alcohol on the board as it might cause a short circuit. I recommend using an air blower for removing the dust present on the board.

Carefully assemble all the parts after the alcohol evaporates and there you got a cleaner and shining mouse. Why not check our list of laptops for AutoCAD.



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