Jack Daniel’s is one of the world’s most famous whiskey brands. It has a good balance of a distinctive sweet taste and rich flavors, and is favored by many people for its ease of drinking.

There are several types of Jack Daniel’s, and there are many different ways to taste and enjoy it. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the different types of Jack Daniels and their recommended ways to drink them.

What is Jack Daniels?

Jack Daniel’s is a “Tennessee Whiskey” produced in the U.S. state of Tennessee. The production process of Tennessee whiskey is broadly similar to the definition of bourbon whiskey, but with a clear distinction.

What makes Jack Daniel’s so appealing is the rich, sweet mouthfeel of vanilla, caramel, and maple that comes from the barrels used to age it. The overall taste is balanced, making the brand easy to drink, even for whisky beginners.

History of Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s is named after its founder, Jasper Newton Jack Daniel. He immersed himself in whiskey making at an early age, learning how to make Tennessee whiskey from a local minister.

Then, in 1866, he applied to the state for a national distillery. Jack Daniel’s became the first authorized distillery in the United States. In 1904, Jack Daniel’s presented “Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7” at the St. Louis World’s Fair, which won a gold medal.

However, when Prohibition came into effect in 1919, the Jack Daniel’s distillery was forced to close down. It was later acquired by the Brown-Forman Company, a major global liquor manufacturer. Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 continued to be sold and eventually became a whiskey that was popular around the world as “Jack Daniel’s Black”.

Jack Daniel’s process

More than 80% of Jack Daniel’s is made from corn, and the resulting whiskey is matured in charred white oak barrels, giving it a distinctive sweetness.

Another feature of this whisky is the use of charcoal mellowing, also known as “sugar maple”, in which sugar maple charcoal is used for filtration. The key to this process is to pour the original sake into a 3-meter-long filtration tank and take the time to filter it. The effect of the charcoal removes all the impurities, and the result is a smooth mouth feel and the bitterness of the caramel that is characteristic of Jack Daniel’s.

Another appealing feature of Jack Daniel’s is its use of a process called “sour mash,” in which the supernatant of the liquid left over from the distillation process is added to the brewing water. The sour mash increases the efficiency of the saccharification process, which enriches the aroma and flavor of the original sake.

Types of Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels Black

Jack Daniel’s Black is the standard bottle of Jack Daniel’s. It is the brand’s flagship bottle, and is also the world’s most famous whiskey.

It has a beautiful amber body colored by charcoal mellowing. It has an appealing round mouthfeel and sweet maple-like aroma brought about by the aging process.

It is also complex and deep, with a rich caramel and slightly spicy taste. This is a well-balanced bottle, and is a great choice for whisky beginners.

Jack Daniels Gold

Jack Daniel’s Gold is aged in white oak barrels, with additional maturation in sugar maple barrels. In addition, the charcoal mellowing process is performed in conjunction with each aging process, making it twice as long as the black.

The key to this is that the aging process removes the corners of the flavor and gives it a more mature taste. It has a smooth, easy-drinking mouthfeel and offers a deep, rich and sweet taste. As a luxury bottle of Jack Daniel’s, it is a great occasional luxury or a great gift for acquaintances.

Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack

Like the Gold, the Gentleman Jack has been charcoal mellowed twice. As the Gentleman name implies, this one has an extremely smooth and gentle mouthfeel. On the palate, it is characterized by a rich, light flavor that spreads throughout the mouth. You can taste it all over your tongue and enjoy the subtle sweetness that lingers.

And Gentleman Jack is a rare bottle that is produced in limited quantities. It is suitable for occasional indulgence or as a gift for someone who has been good to you. The simple and beautiful packaging design of this bottle is also a great way to encourage ownership.

Jack Daniels Single Barrel

Single Barrel” is bottled directly from a single barrel, without blending the original sake. The barrels are carefully selected and bottled at the peak of maturity, and the unique and mellow aroma of this bottle is a delight to enjoy.

The palate is creamy and smooth on the palate. A complex, well-balanced, deep, full-bodied taste that spreads across the tongue. This is one of the most flavorful bottles of Jack Daniel’s, so it is recommended for those who want to take their time and face the whisky.

Jack Daniels Sinatra Select

This special bottle “Sinatra Select” was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Frank Sinatra, the world-famous American singer and actor. Sinatra Select was aged in specially treated oak barrels, “Sinatra Barrels”, to give it an attractive, aromatic taste.

Sinatra Select is characterized by the aroma of oak and a hint of spiciness in the flavor as you drink it. It’s light and smooth on the palate with a firm drinkability. This is a special bottle that comes in a decorative box, making it an ideal gift.

Jack Daniels Rye

Master Distiller Jeff Arnett’s Rye is made from more than 70% rye, and like all Jack Daniel’s, it’s low in iron, and uses natural water from Spring Hollow Cave. Like all Jack Daniel’s, it’s made from natural water from Spring Hollow Cave, which is rich in minerals and low in iron.

It’s also important to note that the charcoal mellowing process, a traditional process that has been in place for over 150 years, is repeated twice. It has a mellow taste, with a mellow aroma and richness that comes from the rye.

It also has a more fruity aroma than the usual Jack Daniels, with a hint of spiciness. This bottle has a complex and well-balanced taste.

Jack Daniels Red Dog Saloon

The Red Dog Saloon, a saloon that founder Jack Daniel opened in 1892 as a sales channel for his brand. This limited edition bottle was released to celebrate the 125th anniversary of its birth in Lynchburg, Tennessee. The salon itself no longer exists, and the official page states that only the memory of the legend survives. The tradition and memories of Jack Daniel’s are packed into this bottle and you can feel the history of the brand.

The mouthfeel is mellower than the standard bottle and has a more robust drinking experience. The flavors of maple and cinnamon coexist with a slight peppery spiciness. This Jack Daniel’s is a great choice for whisky lovers with a complex, well-balanced flavor and a deep, rich taste.

Jack Daniels Legacy Edition

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 (Black)” is 3% higher than the “Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 (Black)” and is 43% alcohol by volume. The basic flavor is almost identical to the Black, but the higher alcohol content makes it more rewarding to drink.

The Legacy Edition is a reissue of what used to be a colorful one, as opposed to the simple black-and-white label of the Black sold today. The bright red and yellow labels are visually pleasing, so you can decorate your bottle as it is after drinking it.

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey

The Tennessee Honey is based on Jack Daniel’s Black with a honey flavoring. At 35% alcohol by volume, it makes the mellow flavor of Jack Daniel’s even easier to drink, making it a great choice for those who don’t like whiskey.

On the palate, a sweet aroma of maple syrup escapes the nose as you sip, allowing you to enjoy the honey flavor while enjoying the deep richness of the drink.

And as the label says “ENJOY CHILLED”, it is recommended to drink it chilled on the rocks or with water. Ice and water dilute the alcohol, allowing you to fully enjoy the mellow, sweet aroma.

Recommended ways to drink Jack Daniels


As the name suggests, this is a way to enjoy Jack Daniels as it is without diluting it. If you want to enjoy the original stimulation and flavor of Jack Daniels as it is, we recommend it. You can enjoy its mellow aroma and full-bodied flavor without losing its lingering effect.

If you want to enjoy it straight, use a chaser of water or soda. You can reset the flavours in your mouth and you’ll feel the allure of Jack Daniel’s with every sip.


Enjoy Jack Daniel’s on the rocks in a chilled glass with a large ice cube. As you pour the Jack Daniel’s, the ice gradually melts and the flavor changes, allowing you to enjoy a different look with each sip.

As with the straight drink, we recommend having a chaser on hand. By letting your mouth reset with each sip, you’ll be able to feel the change in flavor more easily.


Chill a glass full of ice and pour a 2 to 2.5 ratio of Jack Daniel’s 1:2.5 water into a glass of water. Since the alcohol is diluted, you can enjoy a flavor that you never noticed when drinking it straight or on the rocks.

We recommend using mineral water. The flavor of the drink varies depending on the hardness of the water used, so finding your favorite combination is one way to enjoy the drink.


A “highball” is made by pouring Jack Daniel’s and soda into an ice-cold glass in a ratio of 1:3 to 4. The carbonation of the soda gives it a refreshing effect and accentuates the original flavor and richness of the Jack Daniels, making it a popular drink.

The strength of the carbonation is important for highballs, so be careful not to stir it too much when pouring the soda. Depending on your mood, you can add lemon peel or lemon juice to your highball. It’s easy to drink and enjoy your Jack Daniels.


Another recommended way to enjoy Jack Daniel’s is to pour Coke instead of soda. The recipe is the same as for highballs, but the sweetness of the whiskey itself makes it more delicious.

In particular, Jack Daniel’s goes well with a coke, and the ripe flavor of Gentleman Jack or Gold is recommended. You can add lemon or lime for added freshness, and you can adjust the flavor to suit the occasion.

Ginger Ale

Ginger ale is one of the best ways to enjoy Jack Daniel’s. The perfect combination of the moderately sweet, stimulating flavor of ginger ale and the freshness of carbonation makes for a well-balanced taste. The perfect combination of the moderate sweetness of ginger ale, the stimulating sensation of ginger ale and the refreshing taste of carbonation creates a well-balanced taste.

It can also be enjoyed in a variety of strengths, from a thick 1:2 to a light 1:7. The high compatibility is also a key point.

Orange Juice

Jack Daniel’s is mixed with orange juice. The refreshing aroma of citrus fruits, balanced bitterness and sourness of orange juice goes well with the deep flavor of Jack Daniel’s.

The orange juice is one of the best ways to drink a highball if you don’t like the carbonation of highballs. It is easy to make, so even whisky beginners can enjoy it. It is very easy to drink, so be careful not to drink too much.

With Calpis

Jack Daniel’s also matches the quirky enjoyment of Calpis, which is made by adding Calpis to the drink. Jack Daniel’s is rich in flavor and can be enjoyed even with diluted Calpis.

In addition, since the sweetness of Calpis is the most prominent feature of the drink, we recommend using a mellow flavored Gentleman Jack or sweet Tennessee Honey. In addition, there are many combinations of Calpis, including store-bought Calpis water, Calpis soda, undiluted Calpis and mineral water.

Split Milk

A combination of whiskey and milk at a ratio of 1:1.5 to 2. The peculiar peculiar flavor and taste of whiskey is reduced, and it can be enjoyed with a mellow taste. Jack Daniel’s, which is mild and sweet in nature, goes well with milk.

It is also very versatile. Add fresh cream or sugar, hot milk or chocolate syrup, and enjoy it like a dessert drink.


Jack Daniel’s is popular for its sweet and fruity flavor. There are many ways to take advantage of its sweetness, and even women can enjoy it. Since there is a high degree of freedom, it is important to choose the right drink for each occasion. Find your favorite brand and drinking style and enjoy Jack Daniel’s to the fullest.


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