A “portable power supply” that is portable and uses a larger amount of power than a mobile battery. It is a convenient item that you can easily use home appliances even in places where there is no power, such as turning a fan during camping or boiling water in a kettle. It is also useful in the event of a power outage, such as during a disaster.

So, this time, we introduce Jackery’s “Portable Power Supply 1000”, a manufacturer specializing in outdoor power supply solutions. If you are looking for a portable power supply for outdoor power supply or just in case, please check it out.

What is the portable power maker “Jackery”?

Jackery is an outdoor power supply solution manufacturer established in 2012 in Silicon Valley, USA. 

Based on the basic idea of ​​”contributing to the conservation of the global environment”, we are manufacturing portable power supplies and solar panels. By using a portable power supply and a solar panel together, you can reduce carbon dioxide emissions during power generation. You can also save power by using a portable power supply that is charged by a solar panel on a daily basis.

We are particular about the safety of our products and are proactively acquiring safety standards. All products come with a 24-month warranty, so you can rest assured if you run into problems.

Uses the same sine wave as a household power supply

There are three types of AC output for portable power supplies: “sine wave”, “corrected sine wave” and “rectangular wave”, but Jackery uses “sine wave”. The sine wave power is also used as a power source for home use, and it is possible to connect precision equipment such as personal computers and speakers.

The adapters for general household appliances are designed for sine wave power, and using them with other waveform power may cause noise or malfunction. There are home appliances that support each waveform, but be careful as the available home appliances are limited.

The attractive power of Jackery’s portable power supply is that it can be used with peace of mind regardless of the home appliance that operates. Recommended for those who want to use home appliances without worrying about the risk of breakdown.

Can be used with confidence because it meets various safety standards

Jackery’s portable power supply features a highly safe lithium-ion battery. It meets the safety standards for electrical products such as FCC, RoHS, PSE, UN38.3 set by each country.

Also, the point is that it has a battery management system and NCM control function. It properly controls the voltage and temperature to prevent overcharge and over discharge. Even if an erroneous operation occurs, it is safe because it detects a short circuit or overload and stops operation.

The case uses a material with excellent durability and heat dissipation. It can reduce the risk of explosion and fire due to overuse, so it is recommended for those who want to prioritize safety.

Portable power station for various situations

Creating a comfortable camping space

Jackery Portable Power Station
(Source: Jackery.com)

The “Portable Power Supply 1000” has two USB Type-C ports, two USB Type-A ports, one DC port, and three AC outputs, enabling simultaneous power supply to a total of eight devices. Air conditioners such as fans and small heaters can also be used, so you can spend comfortably regardless of the season.

It also supports cooking appliances such as multi-cookers. You can enjoy not only the cooked rice cooked with a fire, but also the stewed food that is important for heating. It is recommended for those who want to utilize in various situations, from solo to camping where friends are invited together.

Staying overnight in the car

stay overnight in car
(Source: REI)

Powerful specifications with rated output of 1000W and maximum instantaneous output of 2000W are also attractive. Since home appliances with high output such as in-vehicle refrigerators and electric blankets can also be used, staying in the car is much more comfortable.

A 5W light can be used continuously for about 76 hours. You can rest assured that the inside of the car will be illuminated even if you don’t worry about the battery going dead. If the power of the connected device is less than 10W, the power will be turned off automatically after 12 hours, so it is safe to forget to turn off the power.

The product body also supports charging from a cigar socket. If you charge the portable power supply when moving, you can use the power supply immediately when you need it.

For long-term shooting

The large capacity battery of 278400mAh/1002Wh is also attractive. A smartphone can be charged about 100 times, a laptop can be charged about 12.5 times, a camera can be charged about 42 times, and a drone can be charged about 17 times.

If you have a portable power supply when shooting outdoors, you can use it even if the battery of the camera or drone runs out. It is also recommended as a battery for shooting equipment because you can transfer and check shooting data on a smartphone or laptop computer and edit it.

For work where there is no outlet

It is convenient not only for outdoor scenes but also for those who want to use power tools in the garage or garden. Since the rated output is large, it can be used for impact drivers, electric drills, lawn mowers, etc.

It can also be used for telework in environments where there is no outlet around the desk. Since it can be used just like a household outlet, you can connect precision equipment such as a computer or monitor.

It works stably even if you connect multiple high-power home appliances, so it is also recommended for those who want to introduce an electric tool to DIY or to prepare a telework environment.

For emergency power supply at the time of disaster

The “Portable Power Supply 1000” can also be used as an emergency power supply in the event of a power outage due to a disaster. It is equipped with a USB port that supports QC3.0 quick charging, so you can rest assured that you can quickly charge even if your smartphone battery runs out.

It also supports power supply to cooking appliances such as rice cookers and kettles. You can enjoy warm meals and drinks even in an environment where electricity is cut off, so you can take a break even in a nervous environment.

If evacuation is prolonged, you can bring in a portable game console for stress relief and use it while repeatedly charging. It is convenient to have one for disaster prevention because it will expand the range of activities.

Best Jackery Power Station in 2020

Jackery Portable Power 500W

A model recommended for those looking for a portable power supply for disaster prevention applications. It is characterized by being certified as a “recommended product for disaster prevention products” by the Disaster Prevention Safety Association, a professional disaster prevention professional.

It has a capacity of 19200mAh/700Wh and can be charged about 68 times with a smartphone and about 10 times with a laptop computer. Powerful with a rated output of 500W and an instantaneous maximum output of 1000W, it can also be used with electric blankets and DC rice cookers. It is convenient to keep warm even during winter evacuation.

The size is about 30 x 19 x 19 cm, and the weight is 6.3 kg. Because it has a handle, even people who are not confident in power can easily carry it.

Jackery Portable Power Supply 440W

This model is recommended for long-term shooting and telework in places where there is no power supply. It has a capacity of 115200mAh/400Wh and can be fully charged about 5.5 times for laptops, about 19 times for cameras and about 7 times for drones. You can use electrical devices all day long without running out of charge.

The output port is one AC, two USB, one DC. You can power four devices at the same time. It supports devices up to 200W and can handle electric tools, so it is also recommended for those who want to enjoy DIY.

The size is about 23 × 17 × 13 cm, the weight is 3.6 kg, and it has a handle, so it is easy to carry. The point is that it is a model that can be used easily without taking up the installation space.

Jackery Portable Power Supply 240W

This model is recommended for outdoor activities such as day camps and barbecues. With a compact size of about 23 x 13 x 17 cm and a light weight of 3.2 kg, anyone can easily carry and use it.

It has a capacity of 67200mAh/240Wh and can supply power to devices up to 200W. A speaker can be used for about 16 hours continuously, a smartphone can be charged about 24 times, and a camera can be charged about 10 times.

The output port has one 100V AC output, two USB ports and one DC port. You can create a comfortable party space by moving the ambient air with a circulator while playing music with a USB speaker.

Jackery SolarSaga 100W

The portable power supply supports power supply from solar panels, so it is recommended to purchase solar panels as well. SolarSaga 100 is a foldable solar panel with a maximum output of 100W.

The power generation efficiency of converting sunlight into electricity is 23%, the highest level among solar panels. It takes about 17 hours for a portable power supply 1000, about 14 hours for a 700, and about 7.5 hours for a 400. If you frequently charge the battery when you are not using the portable power supply, you can use electricity stably even when the power supply is cut off.

The point is that it can be folded to a compact size of approximately 61 x 53.5 x 3.5 cm. It weighs only 4.2 kg and is easy to carry. Not only a portable power supply but also a smartphone or tablet can be charged, so it is safe to have one for disaster prevention.


“Portable power supply 1000” that can be used in a wide range of applications from outdoor to telework and disaster prevention. Since it uses the same waveform as the power supplied from household outlets, it is attractive that it can be used safely even with precision equipment. If you want to create a comfortable camping space, or if you want to have a portable power supply as a disaster prevention product, please make use of the Jackery Portable Power Supply 1000.

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