Among the types of whiskeys, Jameson is classified as an Irish whiskey. It is a popular brand of blended whiskey that holds the majority share of the world’s shipped Irish whiskey.

So, in this article, we’re going to learn more about Jameson and recommend the best brands and ways to drink it. We hope you’ll use this article to find your favorite bottle and enjoy a taste of Jameson.

Jameson’s Characteristics

Jameson is distilled three times, so it is characterized by a very refined, smooth and refreshing taste. The aroma is gorgeous and fruity, and the natural, high quality flavors can be fully appreciated. It also features a pale greenish liquid hue, which is a clearer version of the iconic amber color of whiskey.

It also has a smoky, peaty flavor that is reminiscent of Scotch, and the whiskey’s characteristic quirks are minimal, making it easy to drink. It is not only gentle on the palate, but also has a deep, rich flavor and a gentle throat. It has a smooth aftertaste, so even those who don’t like whisky can enjoy its original flavor.

Jameson’s History

In 1786, a Scottish businessman, “John Jameson” purchased the Bow Street Distillery. John Jameson, the owner of the distillery, expanded the production of the distillery from 30,000 gallons before the acquisition to one million gallons by the 19th century, and the distillery grew to become a world-class whisky company.

However, the company suffered many times due to the headwinds of the Irish Prohibition Movement, the Irish War of Independence, and the prohibition of alcohol in the United States.

The Irish Distillers Group was then merged in 1966 to form the Irish Distillers Group. In 1988, the distillery was acquired by Pernod Ricard, which has since restructured the business and established its current position.

Jameson Processing Method

Jameson is a blend of pot still and grain whisky. Pot still whiskey is made from barley malt and unsprouted barley, distilled in copper pot stills, and aged in oak cask.

In addition to barley malt, grains such as corn, rye and wheat are used as raw materials for grain whisky, which is fermented and then distilled in a continuous distillation unit. No peat is used in the production process and the whisky is distilled three times.

The whisky is then matured for more than three years in Irish bourbon and sherry casks made of American oak. The finished whiskey is then bottled and shipped as Jameson.

Types of Jameson

Jameson Standard

A standard and leading brand of the Jameson variety. It is characterized by a round mouthfeel and a clean taste. On the palate, it has a fruity, citrusy, refreshing taste with a hint of green apple.

Light but savory, with a hint of sherry on the palate, accompanied by nutty and woody flavors. The finish is smooth, with no long lingering aftertaste and few flavors, making it easy for beginners and those who don’t like whiskey to drink.

You can enjoy this bottle in a wide range of ways: straight or on the rocks to enjoy its true flavor, as well as a highball to enjoy a refreshing thirst, or in a cocktail to enjoy a different taste.

Jameson Cask Mates

This bottle is the result of a collaboration between Franciscan Well, a popular Irish microbrewery, and Jameson. A type of beer called Irish Stout is aged in the barrel in which the Jameson was aged. It is then finished by aging the Jameson in the same barrel.

This whiskey retains the smoothness of the flavor created by the three aging sessions, but also adds a complex, mellow flavor. The flavors of pop derived from stout beer maturing barrels and cocoa, coffee, and butterscotch blend together for a premium, deep taste.

I recommend drinking it straight or with a highball to enjoy the subtle hint of craft beer in a relaxed manner.

Jameson Black Barrel

This Jameson whiskey is made with the original method of maturing in charred barrels and a modern polish. It is aged in two types of barrels, sherry and bourbon. The key to this whiskey is the richness of flavors from aging in sherry barrels, with a raisin-like sweetness and a spicy taste with hints of white pepper that enhances the elegance of the drink.

The bourbon barrel aging also deepens the sweetness with a vanilla-like taste. In addition, it is fruity and round on the palate, but with a nutty aroma.

We recommend drinking it with a highball to enjoy its spicy and rich flavor and taste in a refreshing way. Of course, you can also drink it straight, on the rocks, or with water to fully enjoy its true flavor.

Jameson 12 years old

This Jameson Whiskey is a blend of original whiskeys that have been aged for over 12 years in Oloroso sherry barrels. It has a deep woody aroma and spicy taste. The raisin and nutty flavors from the sherry casks also intertwine with each other for a long, lingering, rich finish.

We recommend drinking it straight or on the rocks to fully appreciate its deep, luxurious flavor and aroma. If you don’t like high alcohol content liquors, you can drink it with water for a smoother and gentler taste.

Jameson 18 years old

This Jameson whisky has been aged for over 18 years in sherry casks and then further aged in bourbon barrels. The whisky is carefully selected by master dealers from a limited number of original bottles and is bottled only twice a year, making it an extremely rare and exclusive whisky.

It has a fresh aroma of tropical fruits like pineapple and peaches, accompanied by an oily, mildly sweet taste. It has a long finish, with a pleasant subtle bitterness reminiscent of cocoa and bitters.

We recommend drinking it straight, lingering on the rich, full-bodied, high quality flavor and taste, and taking your time to enjoy it.

Jameson’s recommended drinking style

Jameson is easy to drink with few flavors. Drink it straight on the rocks for a refreshing, fresh aroma and rich, full-bodied taste. If you don’t like strong alcohol, drink it with water or hot water.

The smooth, rich flavor and taste is enhanced by the addition of water. It goes well with fried foods and other dishes that use oil. If you drink it with water, the taste will be enhanced by the coldness, and if you pour lukewarm water into it, you can enjoy the aroma wafting through the air.

If you want to enjoy a refreshing sensation, highball is the best way to drink it. Jameson’s natural aroma stands out, with a burst of flavor and a crisp finish. If you want to try it in a wide range of ways, try it in a cocktail base, such as mixing it with fruit juice.


Jameson, the world’s most popular Irish whiskey and market share, differs from one type to another in terms of taste and flavor. The key to enjoying your drink is to check out the characteristics of each one and choose the brand that you like. Use this article as a guide to help you get the most out of the flavor and taste of the Jameson that’s right for you.

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