Jim Beam whisky is often seen in TV commercials. With the recent popularity of highballs, it is popular even among whisky beginners. It is not only the best-selling bourbon whiskey in the world, but also its reasonable price is very attractive.

In this article, we’ve introduced the history of Jim Beam, its production process and how to drink it, so you can try different types and find your favorite one.

Features of Jim Beam

What is bourbon, anyway?

To call itself a bourbon whiskey, it has to meet a number of regulations.

In the U.S., the standards are set by law, and while Scotch whisky is made with barley, bourbon is made with more than 51% corn as an ingredient. In addition to the corn, barley, rye and wheat are used and aged in brand new white oak barrels that are burnt through the barrels.

Most bottles of Scotch whisky are labeled with a maturity date, but bourbon does not have an age statement. There is no set age limit, and most whiskeys are generally aged for four to six years.

The origin and history of Jim Beam

Jacob Beam, a German immigrant, established a distillery in Clermont, Kentucky. Using the distilling skills he learned in his native Germany, he began making whiskey while farming, and in 1795 he began selling whiskey.

The third generation, David M. Beam, made a fortune when his bourbon became a hit, and he continued to expand the business, building a new distillery and launching Jim Beam in 1940 to replace the fourth generation of James.

It was continued as a family business for seven generations, but Suntory acquired the company in 2014 and now renamed it Beam Suntory. Even after being acquired by Suntory, the traditional taste of the brand has remained unchanged and continues to be loved by people.

How Jim Beam is made

The deliciousness of Jim Beam is largely due to the ingredients corn and water. The corn is high quality “dent corn”. The water used for the brewing process is spring water that has been filtered through limestone and is rich in calcium. This is high quality water that plays a major role in bringing out the flavor of the whisky.

Fermentation is done with a secret yeast that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Beam family. The new barrels are carefully assembled by hand and scorched with a burner, and the original spirit is filled and matured. The secret to Jim Beam’s great taste is the traditional method, passed down through the generations, and the careful selection of yeast, water, ingredients and barrels.

The taste of Jim Beam

Jim Beam is one of the most popular brands of bourbon whiskey, with a savory taste of the corn used in its ingredients. It has a well-balanced flavor of bourbon sweetness and vanilla-like aromas, making it easy to drink. It is mild and mild in taste, yet refreshing and easy to drink.

The high cost-performance ratio makes it a must-have drink for your home. It is especially recommended for drinking as a highball, and goes well with dishes with thick sauces and oily food, making it the perfect mid-meal drink.

Types of Gym Beams

Jim Beam White

Jim Beam White, with its white label. It is an affordable bourbon whiskey available in supermarkets and is considered a regular bottle of Jim Beam. It has a fruity aroma with hints of plum, peach and vanilla. It has a good balance of lightness and mellowness, with a crisp finish that leaves a long aftertaste.

Drinking it straight has a strong impact, so we recommend adding water to the drink at first while enjoying the change in flavor. For beginners, highballs are easy to drink and provide a refreshing, light taste.

Jim Beam Double Oak

This Jim Beam Double Oak has been aged twice in two barrels. It was aged for over four years in American white oak barrels with a well charred interior, and the original wine was transferred to new barrels for further aging. Initially the aroma of oak is fragrant, with caramel and vanilla notes coming up later.

It has a slight sweetness typical of bourbon with a moderate bitterness that lingers on, providing a rich taste and a mellow aroma. We recommend tasting it straight first, and then enjoying it with water, highball, or any other way you like.

Jim Beam Devil’s Cut

This bottle was created by extracting the original “Devil’s Cut” liquor soaked in aged barrels, using Jim Beam Distillery’s patented method, and combining it with the original liquor that has been aged for six years.

It has a strong aroma of oak, with hints of vanilla and nuts, as it soaks into the barrel. The palate is thick and rich, with a tannin-like bitterness to follow and a hint of sweetness on the finish. We recommend drinking it with a highball or soda for its heavy, rich flavor.

Jim Beam Black

Slowly aged in oak barrels for more than six years, Jim Beam Black is well received by fans. It has a robust taste and aroma, with the depth of the long aging process. On the nose, sweet aromas of vanilla and fruit emerge with a mellow aroma.

The sweet and fragrant taste of corn, which is typical of bourbon, is preserved, while the finish is elegant and rich. The balance of a heavy, rich mouthfeel and a clean mouthfeel is perfect, making this a bottle you’ll want to drink again.

Jim Beam Single Barrel

This is a rare bottle of Jim Beam, as less than 1% of the total production is selected to be bottled without blending with other barrels.

The aromas of vanilla, caramel and oak, along with a refreshing citrus aroma of yuzu and lemon peel, are appealing. The rich, thick flavor is perfectly balanced with a deep sweetness. This is the premium taste of bourbon whisky, and is a must-have for whisky lovers.

Jim Beam Rye

Rye Whiskey made from rye. Because it’s made from rye, it has less of the sweetness typical of bourbon made from corn, with a herbal spiciness and a faint aroma of oak.

It’s dry and light, with a hint of fruity flavor in the mouth, making it easy to drink even for those who don’t like bourbon whiskey.

Jim Beam Apple

This bottle is recommended for beginners to Jim Beam and adds a green apple flavor. The fresh, juicy green apples blend perfectly with the rich bourbon. The sweet and sourness of the green apples is well balanced with the savory flavor from the bourbon, and the strong sweetness makes it easy for beginners to drink.

In the mouth, the taste is fruity and refreshing, with a hint of vanilla sweetness remaining. Its mild and refreshing taste is recommended for drinking with a highball. This is the perfect bottle for those who want to try a different kind of bourbon whiskey.

Jim Beam Honey

A bourbon-based liqueur made from Jim Beam with honey added. The palate offers a gentle sweetness and aroma of honey, with a smooth mouthfeel that makes it easy for beginners to drink. Bourbon’s distinctive aromas of vanilla, caramel and oak barrels are also present in this liqueur.

The balance between the characteristics of honey and bourbon is superb, allowing you to savour the richness of the taste. This is a bottle with a refreshing finish that you can drink as much as you like.

Best Way to Drink Jim Beam

The beauty of Jim Beam is that it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. We recommend starting with a glass of Jim Beam on the rocks or with water. You can enjoy the change in taste as the ice melts on the rocks, or you can adjust the amount of water to suit your taste buds.

If you don’t like the unique stimulation, try a highball or soda. For highballs, a good ratio of 1:4 Jim Beam to 4:4 soda is perfect, and adding ice and a squeeze of lemon for a crisp, refreshing taste. For carbonated drinks, try adding cola or ginger ale to give it a nice sweet taste.

Whiskey connoisseurs should try it in a shot glass to enjoy the true taste of Jim Beam in small batches.


It’s the secret ingredients and methods developed over the course of its long history, as well as the commitment and enthusiasm of its artisans, that make for a delicious bourbon whiskey. It’s more affordable than Scotch whisky, so take this opportunity to try a variety of Jim Beams and enjoy the appeal of bourbon whisky.

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