The Solar Generators market is flooded with a lot of best portable solar generators that you can buy. Selecting the correct generator can be quite a bit difficult for most.

In such a saturated market, you need to look beyond the specs and see how each one stacks up and only then, make the appropriate decision.

In this article, we’re going to see exactly the ways which you can measure the worth of a portable generator and in turn, make a purchase that will aid you in your future endeavors.

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What is a Solar Generator?

best portable solar generators 2019A generator is something that generates electricity when you give a proper power source to it. A solar generator uses the sun as the primary source of power.

The process is quite understandable; a solar generator captures the sun’s rays with panels, they are called solar panels.

That energy is then stored in its battery. The heat is later released by an Inverter to your house’s power outlets. A basic Solar generator does this.

The best silent generator, on the other hand, has lower battery storage capacity because of its size but they can be used in emergencies or camping trips where you might need some of the features that come with a fully fledged generator to want to know more about them you can read this researched article by researchgate on solar generators.

Also, There are solar products like indoor solar bulbs helps to minimize your energy bills.

Importance of a Silent Portable Generator

There are a good number of features that highlight the importance of a Portable Solid Generator. Some important needs of a Portable Solar Generator are:

  • As they have a small size, it can be taken anywhere.
  • There are not many moving parts which can make it easier to install them.
  • Since there are a few cables, the usability of it is quite easy.
  • A battery powered portable generator is perfect for emergencies like power outage and low voltages.
  • For camping and hiking, a portable solid generator is your best friend.

There are not many parts that you have to worry about; you can research on the internet and learn to use these generators. Anyone from a child to an adult can be benefited from them.

In remote areas, where there is no electricity, there is sun hence, a solar generator can be handy and works as an Ac power banks. Also, the lack of many wires in these generators makes them perfect for people who want the ease of use. You can just set it up to your liking and enjoy all the features.

Best Portable Solar Generators 2019

Here is the List of the best solar generators for camping or for other purposes.

Generators NameCapacity 
Goal Zero Yeti1425Wh Check price
Kalisaya KP601558Wh Check price
Renogy Phoenix210Wh Check price
SUAOKI444Wh Check price
Anker Powerhouse400Wh Check price
LB1 High Performance400Wh Check price
AIMTOM Generator
155Wh Check price

Goal Zero Yeti 400

Goal Zero is a visible cbest portable generators for outdoorompany in the portable solar power generators sector. The company produces solar panels and hardware related to them.

The Yeti 400 is one of 400wh portable solar generator that the company has manufactured. It is in a slightly expensive section, but after a thorough examination of the product, we can say that the product is worth the price.

Designed to compete with high-end generators, the Yeti 400 has an excellent design which compactness in mind. It is 10.25 x 8 x 8 inches dimension. Talking about the weight of the generator, it weighs 30 pounds.

This weight is significant because of the 428 watt-hour ATM Lead Acid Battery, which is pretty strong. It also has an inbuilt inverter to be blamed for this weight.

The build quality is solid; the device will last you quite a while. You can always trust Goal Zero when the quality is concerned.

Let’s get into the specs of the device.

First, we have a 428Wh battery that can power seven devices in total, given the devices take 3.6V of energy. What this means on paper is that you can easily power your phone, laptop, camera and other devices which use low power. Yeti 400 has a great USB outputs.

Also, you can also use small household appliances as well. For charging your devices and using different items, the invention consists of a generous two USB ports and 120 w port and a 12V port.

The battery can be charged with AC power or a solar panel. The solar panel is sold separately though. It is speaking of charging, what if you overcharge the device? Well, don’t worry.

The generator has a power management system that takes care of any overcharging issue. There are LED indicators to indicate the charging of the battery and the devices being charged by the generator. This makes it easier to know when the devices are charged.

But what do the specs mean in real life? Well, you can easily charge your MacBook and phone, you can even use an electronic appliance with it with no hassle. In addition, setting up the device is really easy as well.

  •  Service Centers
  •  Smart Power Management
  •  Can Power all your devices
  • Can Power all your devices
  • Good Battery
  • A bit expensive, Solar panel to be purchased separately
  • Could be heavy for some

Our Review on Goal Zero Yeti 400

The drawback of this generator is the price. Spending around four hundred dollars can be a bit overwhelming but the generator really does live up to expectation. It is sure to help you in emergency situations.

You can take this generator if you’re camping with your friends and still charge all your friend’s device and boil water with an appliance. it works perfectly.

Yeah, the device is a bit heavy so, we won’t really recommend it for personal use but for a small group of friends on outdoors camping or a hiking trip, this device will serve you best as a power system.

Kalisaya KP601

diy portable solar generatorThe Kalisaya KP601 is a futuristic solar panel that has a hell lot of features. We call it futuristic because it can be remotely accessed using a mobile app.

This is only the tip of the surface though, there are many other features of this particular generator as well.

Let’s get into the build, the quality is just phenomenal. The device has a waterproof build that can be carried in every weather. This saves you a lot of hassle, and the generator will not get damaged that fast.

The Generator has a solid 558-watt power station to provide power to most of the devices, and it is also foldable with a solar panel included.

This saves you a lot of time and effort; you don’t have to shop for a dedicated solar panel unlike some other solar panels in the list. As far as design is concerned, this solar panel looks good; it’s smart because if the application, the built is rugged and it can handle any weather.

Now let’s get technical. Shall we? The top specs of this  solar panel are given below:

  • It has 4 USB ports meaning four smart devices can be charged, 2 DC ports dedicated for lighting included as well.
  • A 38Ah Lithium-ion battery is provided, a 40 Watt solar panel with four times folding mechanism.
  • As we discussed, a remotely manageable device with a dedicated App on both Android and iOS.

Some features of the device are given below:

  • Despite having a huge battery, the weight is down; it’s literally like magic the way the energy to weight is balanced here, this weight is commendable given the output power of the device
    Because of the weight, the device is pretty portable, and it is waterproof.
  • Since it has a lithium-ion battery, the device charges in a short time with much-needed battery backup and battery life.
  • Smart Application support and weatherproof
  • Since the Calisaya KP601 has a huge 558 watt-hour power, it is safe to say that the solar generator can be used to power up many devices.
  • There is one catch here though; the generator only supports DC outlets and a USB i.e., it doesn’t have an inbuilt inverter. Therefore, only lightweight devices can be charged with it. Appliances aren’t supported here.
  • This is the only major drawback of the solar generator. The devices that it can support are; Laptops, Cell Phones, Tablets, Cameras, USB lights, Radios.
  • Lightweight
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 4 USB ports
  • Folding Mechanism
  • Doesn’t have an intverter included, therefore, No AC power support
  • There are no plug sockets, only USB devices can be used with it

Our Review On Kalisaya KP601

There is one sector of the marketplace where this generator can penetrate; The light load. The device only supports DC load but it does its job in a really impressive fashion.

If your needs are limited to lightweight portable power stations to charge some basic devices like phones, tablets and cameras then, this device is perfect.

It is perfect in the sense that the portability is quite a bit here. Not only are you getting the best generator for  DC load, but you’re also getting a lightweight generator. But, if you want to get something more then, you probably need to look elsewhere.

Renogy Phoenix

portable solar generator costcoThe Renogy Pheonix is an all in one solar generator with a 16 amp hour Li-ion solar batteries. The generator comes in at 210 watt-hours, and it can hold the charge for two months.

That capacity is just insane. Also, it is pretty lightweight with the weight at 13 pounds only.

The generator is mainly focused on people on camping and hiking trips. It can charge a laptop for about 5 times and an average smartphone for 20 times. It means you get around 25 charges for all your devices. This is just impressive.
The AC power is available here with a sine wave pure inverter. For your charging needs, the device features 1 AC outlet, 2 DC Carport and 4 USB ports. You can also shock start a car with the device.

An LCD is also available with an LED torchlight. Therefore, the device is perfect for any outdoor activities. The solar panels are included inside. It has a 20-watt mono crystal panel.

The panel can be charged in 15 hours, and you can even add 100W extra panels which you can purchase separately. Doing this will increase the charging time to around 3 hours. Your car outlet can also be used to charge the panel along with an AC power outlet. Apparently, the sun is still an option.

Overall, the Phoenix is great for light uses where you can quickly charge your electronic devices in your trailer caravan or boat.

And the fact that it’s a green energy-powered generator contained in a suitcase. Ready to harness the sun’s energy with Renogy’s efficient solar panels. Makes it very easy to use.
Speaking of  the Actual Specs and Features, the Renogy Pheonix has the following features and specs:

  • It is an all in 1 system for emergency purposes, it can be used while you’re hunting as well.
  • The device is compact and has a minimum weight, 20W solar panels are included on the purchase which can always be expanded AC, DC, USB, all sorts of power is present with a 16 Ah Lithium-ion battery.
  • The battery gives you a 2 month worth of power in one charge.
  • The inverter has an efficiency of 20 percent and it can output 150 watts of power
  • All charging types are supported
  • A really powerful battery
  • Great build and quality
  • Lightweight
  • Charging Time
  • Form Factor, not portable
  • Expensive

Our Review on Renogy Pheonix

The pros of the device are equal to the cons. In terms of sheer power and built, this generator really crushes all expectation.

All types of charging are supported by a really powerful battery and the device also has a considerable weight advantage. Real problems arise when the device doesn’t do what it’s intended to and that is portability.

Also, The specs make it a bit difficult to pass some transportation issues and that is where the drawbacks really start to be visible. Speaking about the drawbacks, The form factor doesn’t allow you to take it in your backpack.

It measures 16.24″ x 11.95″ x 3.94″ which is in no way portable. The weight is not the problem though, the form factor is.

It also doesn’t meet the standard for transportation safety, so that’s there. The charging time is 15 hours of sunlight which is too much and if the weather is bad then, well it will be hard with this generator.

The price is also not very affordable here, and for some people, it is recommended to look elsewhere.

SUAOKI 400Wh/120,000mAh

best rated portable solar generatorsThe SUAOKI 400 Wh is a powerful portable solar power generators with a power output of 300Wh. This power can be used for a large number of Appliances. The generator is also very quiet and doesn’t make much noise.

All your devices can be connected to it. In addition, you can also connect some power sensitive devices to it and the generator will automatically manage the power for you.

It also has an LCD tray; This provides some much-needed information about the battery and the AC/DC status.
Speaking of the ports, both AC and DC ports are present. You can charge the device with the AC port. As far as charging your devices go, a generous number of USBs are present.

There are 4 USBs. Also, the high wattage means that you can jump start your vehicles too. Hence, this device is pretty solid for emergencies.

However, it doesn’t come with an included panel. It will be quite expensive for you as you have to bu the solar panel separately. As far as portability goes, the device is ultra-portable and a lithium-ion battery stores the power.

It does not come with any solar panel. So, you will need to get that separately. This option doesn’t weigh much. It can be carried around with ease. There’s a lithium-ion battery which stores power. The device has the following features:

  • It can produce a continuous 300W output and has a sine inverter with low losses.
  • The 2 DC ports are for lighting, and 4 USB ports are there to charge the electronic devices.
  • There’s even a socket for a mini fridge in addition to a jump starter for vehicles.
  • The maximum capacity of the device is 444 Watt-hour, and it comes with a battery management system to prevent overvoltage and cool the device when it’s hot. This gives you a durable life cycle, and you can rely on the generator for an extended period.
  • The build is of aluminum alloy, and the ports have a sturdy plastic built which is going to last you longer.

As far as the screens go, there is an LCD screen to display battery status and the status of charging the generator and the devices. There are three buttons as well; these buttons have a light indicator too, the buttons are there to change the different ways of the power supply.

The generator can be charged in a total of 3 ways; you can use a DC power from your car, an AC power supply from home’s wall outlet and of course, from the solar panel. It’s advised to use the proprietary solar panel made by Suaoki.

The generator can be used indoors when you want to charge it with the AC power and it can also be used outdoors thanks to the solar power.

  • It has a significant amount of power output
  • Lightweight device
  • Doesn’t make much noise
  • Really Affordable without the solar panel
  • Power output is commendable
  • Doesn’t have a solar panel included, it can be expensive if you get it separately
  • USB ports can cause energy losses in the inverter.
  • This is because of the single switch for both inverter and USB ports.

Our Review on SUAOKI 400Wh/120,000mAh

The SUAOKI generator is a powerful one with really affordable pricing and power output that can be used to do almost anything. This makes it a perfect choice for emergencies.

The only downside to the generator is that it lacks a panel and the USB ports account for energy losses in the inverter. Other than these minor issues it is thoroughly recommended.

Anker Powerhouse

top 10 best portable solar power generators for your outdoor adventure

Anker is one of the best companies to make electronic gadgets, and the company is based in Seattle in the USA. It has a good reputation as one of the best brands to make power banks and other accessories. The PowerHouse 400 watt-hour solar generator is one such Anker product that impresses us.
The generator has a lithium-ion battery coupled with a compact build.

It comes ready with multiple output nodes; one for 12v car socket and another with a 110V outage. Also, it has four USB ports. As far as safety goes, the company has everything in mind.

First, the generator does have a voltage and temperature control mechanism that will help you protect your device. It can charge your phone 40 times, laptop 15 times, can give you a 7-hour mini fridge charge and more than 100 hours of the 15v light bulb. That is just insane, even on a day’s worth of power outage, the generator will help you.

There is also Anker’s brand value embedded when we have to talk about reliability. An LCD will also give you the visual representation of the power you’re consuming.

All of us need our phones and devices charged even when we are camping out and Anker has this all covered with its PowerHouse generator. There are fast-charging USB ports to fill up your devices faster for this purpose.

The devices that this generator supports are: laptop, phone, camera, tablet, TV, power tools, microwave, smartphone, lights, etc.

All the extra charging ports help to make this feature work. Another feature that takes it to another level is the expansion; you can add more panels and batteries for more power.

  • A battery with a huge capacity that can charge your phone 40 times
  • Can power almost anything from a laptop, TV to a mini fridge and light bulbs
  • UI is simple to use and easy installation
  • A bit heavy, not portable
  • It doesn’t have included cables; there are only one USB cable and an AC cable for charging.

Our Review on Anker PowerHouse

Well, the Anker PowerHouse is great. It can power almost everything and it is easy to use. The main advantage is that it can be used as an actual replacement for electricity during an emergency.

There are drawbacks, of course, the first being the weight. It is pretty heavy, and it just cannot be used as a portable device. There are also not many cables included so you might want to buy some extra cables to make use of all the ports in this thing.

LB1 High Performance

top portable solar generators

The LB1 High-Performance generator is a portable solar-powered inverted generator that is able to charge any device with a USB cable. In short, it has USB outputs. It has optimized charging capabilities that recharge tablets. GPS devices, MP3 players, gaming systems, LED torchlights and other equipment. A single charge of the generator can power a smartphone up to 20 times so; it’s quite a bit powerful.

The charger has support for both AC and DC devices that run on 110V power. This means it can charge most of the smaller items well. A laptop can be charged three times with this generator. Car batteries can also be plugged in with DC power.

There are also three recharging possibilities here. First you can charge it with a wall outlet, secondly, it supports solar panel, and a car battery can charge it as well. You can also power your laptop’s graphics cards with this generator so, it can be a really sweet purchase of gamers too.

It also has an inbuilt LCD, the display enables you to see the charge status of the generator and the device, you can also see whether the generator is charging or not.

An LED flashlight is also included in the package which can be very important during blackouts. It has a 16,500 milli-amp hour battery.

Also, one feature that separates this generator from the others is that it has a 100 guarantee, this is a 30-day money back guarantee coupled with a year of warranty. The generator is also protected with a $100,000 plan which is great for consumers.

  • All the features of a common Portable generator are present
  • A cooling fan powers the generator
  • Very much portable
  • The power capacity isn’t much so; it won’t last you that long

Our Review On LBH1 high-performance

The LBH1 high-performance generator has the making of a solid generator; it has everything; a dual power source, ample USB ports, support for your devices and can even power your laptop’s GPU.

Also, the company provides you with a money back guarantee and a form of insurance which is impressive. On the downside, the power bank doesn’t have much capacity; the generator is really low end on the power department. It does perform all it’s task quite easily.

AIMTOM Portable Solar Generator

how do portable solar generators work

The AIMTOM portable solar generator is a high power generate with a 42,000 mAh battery and 155 watt-hour power. The generator is an excellent choice for powering most devices from appliances to light bulbs.

It can be very useful in emergencies. A flashlight is also included in the package, but you have to get the solar panel separately which is a bummer.

As far as devices go, it can power laptops, stereo speakers, cameras, smartphones, and some other appliances as well. It can output 110V in AC and can power any device which has a maximum power consumption of 100 watts.

In DC, it can power 12V, 180-watt devices, the DC power devices it supports are car batteries, mini fridges, fan, light, etc.,

The build quality is pretty sturdy too. It is compact and it also very lightweight with a mere 3.8-pound weight. A handle is there for proper portability as well. The device is quiet too; it doesn’t make much noise while operating and the charging option makes use of an MPPT for making sure the charging rate is precise. This system also helps to draw more power from the panels.

For security, there is a battery management system in the generator to protect you and the generator from things such as overvoltage, overtemperature, overcurrent, and other situations.

The generator also has a cooling mechanism to avoid overheating. It comes with a warranty of 12 months and it also has a lifetime of customer support which is a really nice addition to the whole package.

  • Lightweight
  • Ample number of charging ports
  • Affordable
  • Not much capacity

Our Review on AIMTOM generator

There is nothing much to talk about the capacity of the AIMTOM generator but because of this, the generator is super portable.

It is also very lightweight and comes at an affordable price. One huge advantage of this generator is also the number of ports it has which can be helpful for many people.


What do you mean by portable generators?

Solar generators having a small form with silent or quiet factors that you can carry around with your hand easily for camping or for any purpose.

How do solar generators work?

They work by trapping the solar rays with a solar panel and storing it in a battery; there are other ways to charge the battery as well, they are; AC power through wall outlets and DC power through car batteries.

Are there any specific brands that sell these generators?

Well, there aren’t any companies which have a monopoly in the market, but there are quite a few companies that do sell silent generators yet portable. Companies like Anker are famous for their products.

Does the brand matter when making the purchase?

Ans. Not really. It all boils down to the type of features you’re getting at a certain price point. Once the price to feature ratio is all sorted, you can make your purchase.

 What should be the ideal price?

It depends on the kind of features you want, 400$ with a solar panel is a good deal.

Should you get a powerful generator?

A very high power generator is quite heavy and not exactly portable, a light one is not powerful. Therefore, you must make a compromise on any one of the features.

 Is the mode of charge important?

You won’t have a sunny day all the time. So, having flexibility charging modes can help you.

 What are things to consider while buying it?

In a nutshell, you can look for build quality, price, and battery capacity. Other features can depend on an individual’s preference.


Portable solar generators are important, and you can buy any of the generators that we have reviewed. These are valued for money generators, and all have similar specs, you can decide as per your liking and choose from them.


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