The 5 Best Quiet Portable Generator of 2018

Generator is one of the best form of alternative source of energy. A portable generator can help you do a fun while there is no any power source like electricity and solar energy.

It is a great tool for camping, tailgating and also for working job sites. Many generator produces very noisy and irratated sounds which is very creepy to ear and also disturb focusing in work.

But the main problem is generators are very noisy.

The main thing people always ask before they buy the generator is how loud they are, and yeah the question is very true since it’s loudness very unpleasant.

So, we have reviewed some list of the best quiet portable generator for you. Which is also easy to carry and only produce sound less than 60 dB. But, remember choosing a quiet generator is not that easy than you might think. Not always decibel gonna work, we mean lower the decibel lower the sound is not going to happen in each time.

There is various factors that gonna affect like its mechanism and the conditions that it is used in. Don’t worry we will cover the best generator for you which is not so expensive, easy to carry and will not going to produce loud noise.

Table of Contents

  • Reviews of the best quiet generators
  • Buying Guide

Reviews of the Best Quiet Generators

Our Choice: Honda EU2200I 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Honda EU2200I 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Many people choice is Honda EU2200I due to it’s silent behaviour and portable design. Yeah, it is not a cheaper generator but this is what we recommend you if you want to buy quiet and portable generator.  With 53 dB noise it is also categorized below the 60 dB generator which makes it in quiet category.

Best for fishing, camping, hunting and tailgating as well as outdoor play.


  • Quiet Nature
  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • Clean, safe and easy to carry
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Operate
  • 3 years Warranty


  • Expensive
  • 2220W

Our Review:

Honda are the best manufacturer in power systems and generators. We strongly suggest you to buy Honda generators if you have a good budget. It’s machines are durable, powerful and very strong in a nature.

Honda EU2200I is the quiet generator in today’s markets. The sounds it produces is between (48 to 57 dB) during operation of this generator. Considering this generator it can produce even quieter at lower load.

It can run long time which adds more extra value of this generator in a today markets. It has a 1-gallon gas tank and can run excellency for long time. This is user friendly generator and can be used by any newbie who don’t know how to use electronics a lot. It starts with pull up in string and power off with a button.

But remember there is no fuel indicator in this generator so it makes problem to know the fuel level in the generator.

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WEN 56125i 2000-Watt Portable Inverter – The Most Quiet Generator

WEN 56125i 2000-Watt Portable Inverter

This claims itself as the best and most quiet inverter available in the market. And so do we. We support this generator truly as the most quietest generator of this century.

Don’t worry to plug your laptop or smart phones in this generator because it maintains the power ratio according to the devices.


  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Carry
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Inverter


  • No fuel indicator
  • Expensive

Our Review:

Increase in load makes this generator go loud but it keep on trying to maintain it’s silence. This generator is not so light weight and doesn’t have a awesome design compare to other generators but still it has a good and easy to carry handle.

When there is a load of 25% then the decibels will becomes at 51 dB and at 75% load capacity the sounds goes up to 55 dB, but yes it is quieter than many other generators available in the market. Noise labels completely depends on load. This generator is very good in fuel consumption. It tries to save much fuel as possible.

The WEN 56200i generator has 79.7cc 4-stroke OHV (overhead valve) engine that has a forced cooling system. You cannot use this generator for home purpose like for TV or freeze or any other heavy equipment but yes it can support many other devices like phones and laptops.

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Yamaha EF2000iSv2

Yamaha EF2000iSv2

This is the upgraded version of Yamaha inverter. It is also silent but not more than WEN 56125i 2000, it’s design is very super and very minimal. And main thing it can also power many appliances in your kitchen or room. But yeah it is very best for camping, leisure, camping, fishing and tailgating as well as outdoor play.


  • Quiet Nature
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Clean, safe and reliable
  • Lightweight
  • High Connectivity


  • No Heavy Duty
  • Expensive

Our Review:

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 is designed in a very quiet nature. If you are looking a generator for outdoor activities like camping or fishing than definetly we are going to recommend you this generator.

One of the important factor is that how long is the generator gonna run. This Yamaha is going to run for 10.5 hour at 1/25 load with a full tank which is 1.1 gallons. It is very easy to carry and very portable including very sleek and stylish design at all. It is very light weight which only has 44 pounds.

Are you planning for long trip, camping or fishing than absolutely this generator gonna worth for it. And it also have oil indicator which gonna notify you if your generator oil is going to finish.

No heavy loads it is designed for this generator. Only small tasks and medium level works. Another best feature Yamaha EF2000iS is that it has an electrical overload protection to protect the internal circuits in case of a power overload.

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Honda EU7000IS Inverter Generator

Honda EU7000IS Inverter Generator

The Honda 7000W generator could be your consideration if you want to make your home with a heavy, fuel-efficient invertor that you can rely on.


  • The generator is known for being Super quiet
  • It has a strong power output
  • It provides a steady power steadily
  • It is also fuel efficient


  • It is very much heavy
  • It’s going to put a hole in your pocket, very expensive!

Our Review:

The most eye-catching feature of the Honda EU7000IS Inverter Generator is its very low noise level. The inverter has a very good ranking in the market. With a mere noise level of 52 decibels at 1/4 load and 60 decibels at rated load. It has a power output of 5500 watts. It is one of the strongest portable models in the market right now. This may be a great choice if you want to hook up to your home’s power inlet. This generator can also run many construction tools except maybe those which need very high electricity such as lawn mow. So, the generator is equally fruitful to people working in the construction industry. The main reason why many don’t prefer this model is because of its weight. It weighs pretty high. It’s like 262 pounds heavy. It is also heavier than most of its competitors. Still, it has wheels to make it more portable. Therefore, even if you purchase the thing, you can still move it around easily.

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Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generato

The Champion 3400W inverter generator is a noiseless generator which uses propane. This inverter generator can run most of the home appliances such as low power TVs, small air conditioners, lights, fans and power walls. But, Even though it’s marketed as portable, it’s pretty heavy to be used by campers. It’s an excellent choice for RVs.


  • This generator is quieter than the average generator
  • It has Excellent power
  • It is capable of powering almost anything
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty


  • Very heavy
  • Cannot be started remotely
  • Comparatively priced high

Our Review

The 100263 is a very quiet inverter generator by the company named Champion. Standing tall at 23 feet, it produces only 59 decibels of sound. 75 decibels if you’re close enough. Its quieter than your everyday rock music.  The generator comes with a starting power of 3400 watts and when it runs, it’s power goes 3100 watts. You need to have an energy budget of 3400 watts. If your power needs are not satisfiedr, you can always attach a secondary Champion inverter to increase power out[ut. But, that will definitely put a hole in your pocket if you aren’t that rich. It has a net weight of a 193 Kgs, the inverter is very much heavy and it literally cannot be transported from one place to another. Its runtime is based on the fuel’s type. As the name suggests, you should use propane. If you use propane, your runtime will be 14.5 hours but if you use gasoline, it will only give you a runtime shorter than 7.5 hours, both at 25% load.

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There are some factors you should consider before buying:

  • Noise: How much noise do you expect? That’s the question. You need to see for yourself if the product qualifies on this.
  • Portability: What type of portability are you looking for? Do you need to go camping? Power a house? Run an RV? That’s for you to decide.
  • Fuel Efficiency: This implies how much fuel will give you what power. You need to consider this ratio.
  • Power Output: What is the output wattage of the invertor? Does that wattage satisfy your needs? Is the maximum power it provides worth it? You need to consider
  • Price: Finally you need to see your budget and make a decision. You also need to weigh in pros and cons and read extensively about the products before making the purchase.


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