Scapa is a fruity, rich, sweet whisky. Several different types are produced at the same distillery, some with a smoky, complex flavor profile.

Scapa is also known as a “Ballantine” key malt, a blend of different types of whisky. In this article, we take a closer look at the appeal of Scapa. Enjoy its deep, rich, sweet and refreshing taste.

Features of Scapa

Scapa is made at a distillery on the Isle of Mainland in the Orkney Islands in the Scottish North Sea. It is matured in a barrel cellar by the sea, giving this whisky a subtle tidal aroma.

Also, unlike most Scotch whisky, Scapa has a fruity aroma of tropical fruits and pears. It also has a mellow sweetness like melon and vanilla.

It also has a strong malt flavor, with complex and deep flavors like roasted peas and sponge cake. Also known as a “desert malt”, it plays a role in the fruity nature of products such as Ballantine 17 Year Old, which uses several different key malts.

History of Scapa

Scapa originated from a distillery established in 1885 on the mainland island. It is also a historic distillery, having served as a Royal Navy barracks during the First World War, and still retains traces of its past.

From the beginning, the Scapa distillery was responsible for the entire process of growing, fermenting, distilling and storing the raw materials, and it was also equipped with the latest technology of the time, a steam engine. In addition, they also incorporated steam-powered distillation, at a time when distillation using direct fires from coal was the norm.

In 1954, the distillery was acquired by Hiram Walker & Sons of “Canadian Whiskey” fame and refurbished its facilities in 1959, and in the 1970s they introduced a distiller, the Lomond Still, which is still in use today.

How Scapa is made

Scapa is fermented with dry yeast from malted barley that comes in from the UK mainland. It is then saccharified using hard water at Oakill, a distance of 3km from the distillery. The beautiful domed stainless steel preparation tank can produce 13,500 litres in about 5 hours.

It also features a long fermentation time of more than 100 hours while maintaining a temperature of about 15 degrees Celsius. The fermented raw materials are distilled in the “Lomond Still” in a distiller for about five hours, and they have an aroma like new leather and pineapple.

The steam generated is cooled in a chiller, called a “condenser”, using water from the stream at Lingro Barn, which is located behind the distillery. The resulting raw liquor is packed into “first-fill” bourbon barrels, meaning new barrels for the aging process.

Types of Scapa

Scapa Skiren

Skiren, which means “brilliance” or “bright sky” in Norwegian. The name is inspired by the beautiful scenery of the Orkney Islands and the design is reminiscent of a sailing ship in the North Sea.

Skiren has a fresh pear and flowery aroma with a sweet vanilla-like aroma. It has an intense sweetness, like a high-sugar variety of melon. It is also refreshing, like lemon sorbet, with a pleasant sweetness and a refreshing aftertaste.

Scapa Glansa

After maturing in bourbon barrels, Glansa is a unique process that involves additional maturation in a type of “extra peated whiskey” barrel that has a strong aroma. This whisky adds a smokiness derived from the barrels, giving the whisky a complex rich flavor.

The taste is characterized by a mellow sweetness like heather honey and a slight chemical taste that spreads on the palate. It also has a smooth, rich sweetness of custard and caramel, as well as fruity notes like fresh lime.

It’s easy to enjoy in a variety of drinking styles, and highballs are also recommended for adding soda to add a refreshing touch.

Scapa 12 years old

The Scapa 12 Year Old is made by vatting (combining) original sake that has been aged more than 12 years. It has a beautiful golden body and a sweet, mellow and fruity aroma of coconut, green apple and milk chocolate.

It also has a rich, full-bodied sweetness of caramel, condensed milk and dark chocolate. The smokiness of the smoky oak barrels with a hint of peppery spiciness that lingers in the finish is also appealing.

We recommend this whiskey, which combines a variety of flavors perfectly to create a well-balanced taste.

Recommendations for drinking Scapa

Scapa is a single malt that can be easily matched to any drinking style. If you want to savor the aroma and taste of Scapa, we recommend drinking it straight. Another great way to enjoy Scapa is on the rocks, where the ice melts and changes the flavor.

Scapa is fruity and refreshing by nature. Highballs with soda are a particularly good way to enjoy Scapa.


Scapa is fruity and richly sweet, with a deep, rich flavor. There are many ways to drink it, including straight or highball, making it easy for even beginners to enjoy it. Scapa is also a beautiful sight, and it makes a great gift. Try it as a luxurious accompaniment to your everyday life.

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