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The 8 Best Solar Deck Lights for 2020

Deck Lights are used for decoration purposes and a solar deck light will certainly go a long way to make your house and your surroundings feel really premium. There are many deck solar lights options at our disposal and we have to choose appropriately.

In this article, we’re going to review some of the best solar deck lights in the market and see the ones that will really be beneficial for you. So, without any further delay, let’s jump right into it.

Best solar deck lights 2020

Lights Namewarranty 
Greluna Lights Check price
JACKYLED B00M4ZTS84 Sx Check price
URPOWER Solar Lightsx Check price
BAXIA Solar Lights Check price
GreenLighting Solar lights Check price
EcoCity Lights Check price
TomCare Solar Lightx Check price
SOLMORE Lightsx Check price

1. Greluna Solar Wall Lights

best solar deck lights

The Greluna Solar wall lights have has upgraded solar LED design that provides you with a choice of 2 modes i.e, you can either keep the lights constant or you can choose to make it change patterns. Both of these light modes will suit different decoration patterns. There are a lot of extra features here, for instance, the lights are wireless therefore the risk of an accident is pretty much zero.

The build is solid as well. These solar lights are made out of a high-quality ABS material which is weatherproof. The battery can be fully recharged in a mere 6 hours.  The lights can operate for 8 hours in total.

These lights will really make a significant impact on the aesthetics of your front yards, lawns, fences etc. All of these features make it one of the Best Solar Deck Light out there. You get a total of 8 lights, 16 screws along with 16 grooves made out of plastic. There is also a limited warranty provided.

  • 6 months warranty
  • Good brightness
  • 2 modes of lighting options
  • False Advertisement
  • Hard to get into the customer care
  • A bit expensive

Our Review On Greluna

The Greluna lights are a bit expensive for most. While the cost itself isn’t that expensive, it fails to stack up against some similarly priced deck lights and this is the area which really let us down. It is also fairly hard to get into customer care.

The final con is the fact that the company has used false advertising to sell their product. It makes it hard to claim the 6-month warranty. On the flip side, there are many advantages you get as well. Like the customizable lighting effects and an ample amount of brightness.


best solar deck post lights

The performance of this deck light is as same as it’s a really long name. Let’s us say it as JackyLED. Coming back to the review, the JackyLED is one of the powerful deck lights in our list.

The features, where do we even start? This deck light is featured back. It has charges for around 7 to 8 hours and then it can be lit for 72 hours. The charging is quite straight forward, it charges at day and lits up at night.

In terms of build, the device has a pretty solid build with an IP68 waterproof certificate. The lights aren’t prone to damage from water and the battery compartment is fully sealed, therefore, the battery will not rust and get wet. This really helps to garner customer’s positive outlook on the product. Staying on the build, the actual build of the device is also pretty well thought out. It has a high-quality polycarbonate construction which makes it hard to break.

The quality of the LEDs is also pretty impressive.  There are 6 LED lights here which provide bright, steady light for large as well as small spaces. These LEDs can be used in a variety of things like road, paths, decks, docks, backyard etc. Remember to install them in a way that sunlight reaches them, when it’s thoroughly charged, these lights will provide you strong ease of installation since no wires are to be dealt with.

The installing screws provided in the package can be used to install it pretty easily. You don’t need to buy extra screws. The company also provides a 5-day refund where, if for 5 days, the lights don’t work properly because of some manufacturing defect, you get a new unit or your money back.

  • Good Lighting
  • Great Build
  • Some units have manufacture defects
  • Not much customization

Our Review on JACKYLED B00M4ZTS84s

The lighting is on point, battery backup is something to talk about, the build quality along with a waterproof certificate is the icing on the cake. These features are really great for these lights. On the flip side, there are not many customization options here and also, some cases of a defective product being shipped to the customers is also there. Thankfully, there is a 5-day return policy but this can also be a hassle for many.

3. URPOWER Solar Lights

best solar deck rail lightsThe URPOWER delivers a lot of power despite being a deck light. The design of this deck light really stands out. The internal circuit is uniquely designed. There is positive and negative direction on LEDs bottom. This design is pretty new in the market.

There are a total o 8 LED lights which work longer than the standard 12 LED setup. This means that you’ll get even more lighting from this deck light setup. An IP64 Weatherproof build means it’s waterproof, heatproof and is powered by solar energy. It can be used for your garden, yard, aisle, porch, driveway etc.

The deck light package also has an automated switch which is turned on at night when the motion sensor detects the night time. This sensor has a really wide sense angle and can accurately separate day from night. The solar panel is provided with the purchase and the panel has a life span of 5 years, for the LEDs you get 50K hours of life span and it takes a mere 8 hour to charge the whole thing. This is a really sweet deal.

  • Automated Motion sensor for night time
  • The design s unique
  • Solid weatherproof build
  • Sacrifices brightness for battery
  • A bit expensive

Our Review On URPOWER

Since the whole setup has only 8 lights, it isn’t too bright. But this lack of LEDs also results in improved battery backup. This drawback, therefore, comes with an advantage. Although the design is unique and the battery back up is commendable, the device kind of lacks an X Factor to justify the price. This can be a suitable deal for some, however. Really depends on perception.

4. BAXIA Solar Lights

best solar decking lights review

When it comes to sheer power, the Baxia solar light really smashes every competition. With 28 LEDs, you won’t be able to separate day from the night when you use this unit. These LEDs obviously provide bright illumination, these lights can be used in nightclubs and restaurants to generate a day vibe. The LEDs have lampshades to save them from physical harm.

The energy efficiency of the LEDs is really good, it is an impressive outdoor light for a garden, yard, patio, fence etc. Another huge feature here is the inclusion of a motion sensor, the range is 3.5 meters and the lights will be on automatically when it’s dark. This is a really handy bonus.

There is also a 30-day money back guarantee that you’ll receive. In addition, a 3-month warranty covers any failure if you decide to keep the unit.

  • Motion Sensors
  • Bright 28 LEDs
  • Warranty and Guarantee
  • Lampshade for LEDs
  • Build Quality
  • Battery

Our Review On Baxia solar light

The build quality is mainly of plastic which poses many questions. The prime question being the actual durability of the device. It is seemingly bad but we can’t judge it on paper. The real use of the unit is required to judge it. A lot of customers have reported it to not last long therefore, the build is something that should be a problem But there is a warranty/guarantee option available so, it should cover this one setback.

The real problem, however, is the battery. It needs to power a total of 28 LEDs. This can imply the device comes with short battery life. Other than this, the solar lights are pretty much flawless with most of the features that you would expect in this price point. There are motion sensors, lampshades, and 28 LEDs to power the whole thing.

5. GreenLighting  6 Pack Solar lights

best solar flare deck

The GreenLighting 6 pack solar lights come at square-shaped with a total of 6 LEDs. This is a fairly low powered pack of LEDs which will last you a while. It’s also very affordable and is totally understandable given its low appeal.

As far as construction goes, it is durable enough with ABS plastic casing. It can withstand some force applied to it. The LEDs are efficient with good quality, they’re SMD LEDs that can brighten up a room at night. There are no other charging options here i.e, it is only powered by solar.

As far as the design goes, the base has a 4 x4 inch dimension with post size fitting along with a total dimension of the lights at 5.75 x 5.75 x 4.5 inches. The battery here is a 400 mAh Ni-Mh which at first glance might seem less but remember it is only powering 6 LEDs. In addition, No external wiring is required here. At first glance, the battery might seem not much but it can provide up to 10 hours of illumination for a whole evening.

  • Battery Life
  • Affordable
  • Power and Brightness
  • Build Quality

Our Review On GreenLighting 6 pack solar lights

Since it is a pretty low-end device, the build quality isn’t that good. As far as the power goes, 6 square LEDs aren’t that powerful, it is good for a small deck but it isn’t really powerful to light up a fully stacked deck. However, the device is very much affordable so, if you’re in the market for a deck light that doesn’t cost a fortune. This one is meant for you.

6. EcoCity (4 Pack)

best solar lights for deck steps

The EcoCity Solar Lights are shipped in a pack of 4 and it has a white LED. It is perfect for your home garden, walkways, driveways, and corners. More importantly, these lights are used in driveways hence the name EcoCity.  They provide a good amount of features.

These lights are waterproof, they can take the heat and other weather conditions. Once they absorb an ample amount of solar power, the lights can light up anything for around 8 hours. The solar lights have a preinstalled Ni-MH battery and it can power a lot of areas efficiently. The LED lights provided here are of low power consumption too.

It also has motion sensors which can turn on the lights automatically at night. The aesthetics provided by the lights are second to none. The lights are very useful in all type of decorative works. Since these lights are of quality, it can be used in any situation. Even if your house is near a sea with salt air and spray, this will definitely help you.

To back up the build, there is a money-back scheme as well which lasts for 30 days if you aren’t satisfied with the device. One thing to remember here is to buy these deck lights from authorized sellers under the name Sunwind International Inc.

  • It consists of a hammered glass plastic lens LEDs which are bright
  • Motion and Proximity sensor to separate the day from the night
  • Installation is easier and maintenance isn’t really required
  • The design will not rust easily.
  • Great light patterns are there
  • The battery capacity could be better

Review On  EcoCity Solar Lights

Well, the battery isn’t that powerful but I guess it gets a pass because the whole setup has to power only 4 batteries. Other than this minor setback, there aren’t many flaws that we can point out. The sensors here work flawlessly as well. To wrap it up, these lights are highly recommended.

7. TomCare Solar Light

best solar powered deck post lightsThe TomCare solar lights are a bit unique that can be used as indoor solar lights too. They come with some special design pattern. There are dancing flames which appear to be real when they’re on. The ambience that this pattern creates is the selling point of these lights. Warm coloured light is especially great for some special occasions. It can be used for a decorative purpose on your deck.

Although the design and aesthetics are great, it isn’t the only feature of these solar lights. The build quality is something that is solid here. An IP65 waterproof build can withstand most of the weather conditions. In addition, the lights are pretty powerful here. The LEDs are high capacity with a Lithium-ion battery. It doesn’t have other types of charging ways though. A sensor is also present here to turn on the lights automatically. As far as the installation goes, no wiring is required here, it is pretty easy to set it up. There are warranty and guarantee options as well here.

  • 45 days money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty
  • Warm colored Light
  • Unique Design
  • Not much power

Our Review On TomCare solar lights

The TomCare solar lights are pretty good in terms of build quality and other features like the presence of a Waterproof certificate and motion sensors but they really lack in terms of the performance. The lights aren’t as bright as they should be and this really poses a question against them.

The battery is also a bit small. The main highlight, however, is the design and the aesthetics that this unit provides. This is probably the best looking solar deck light that we have reviewed here. A really great product overall. You should definitely give it a shot.

8. SOLMORE 4 Pack

best solar deck stair lights

The Colmore 4 Pack lights are provided with 6 LEDs which will give you a fairly bright amount of illumination. These lights can give you up to 12 long hours of lighting with a single charge. They are environment-friendly as well. The lights provide a proper decoration aspect to everything you want to decorate.

The charging is also automatic with proximity sensors here. This coupled with a waterproof certificate makes it a good value for money device.  Speaking of the build, it has a high-quality aluminium alloy build that can withstand any weather, the battery compartment is also very strong that can be used in rain, snow and any other condition.

The installation procedure is fairly easy as well. You can install these lights in a variety of positions with various things. The lights are mounted easily and they provide a really good look to everything you put them on.  On the quality side, we mentioned the aluminium alloy build, this can handle up to 9 tons of weight therefore, these lights can be used easily in roads. Since they emit considerable lights, they can prevent accidents when used at decks or accidents.

You need to remember one thing though, the unit has to be charged sufficiently for 12 hours. Only then will it work with charm. There are no extra charging options though, it is fully solar-powered. The solar panels are provided here and they have a polycrystalline build which is very much sturdy.  You can also charge the batteries quite easily as well. If you have some issues you can always contact the company for a replacement. Some key features of this unit are:

  • The SOLMORE 4 pack light is best for all types of environment, you can use it in bright sunlight, rain, wind, snow etc.
  • The construction and the build of the device are pretty decent. It can withstand a considerable amount of weight on it.
  • The installation procedure is very easy as well. You don’t need to manually do the installation here.
  • Quality LEDs
  • Sufficient Battery
  • 6 LEDs don’t provide much brightness
  • Decent Build

Our Review on Solmore 4 Pack

We won’t really bash on the build quality of this unit because it’s not that bad. It’s just average for the price. Having said that, the company does claim it to be able to face a significant weight. That doesn’t really translate well on paper though. Another visible flaw is the number of LEDs. There are only 6 LEDs therefore, you won’t have a really bright setting though.

Before Going to Buying Guide I will recommend you to look at those articles.

Buying Guide

There are so many buying options to choose from. There are solar garden lights, pathway lights, solar post lights, etc.  All these options can light up your deck but there are certain factors to consider and these are briefly explained below:

  • Use Case- There are a lot of uses of a deck light, you could use it in stairs, deck, pathways, walls, etc. Before buying a solar deck light, identify your use case and then make the purchase.
  • Power, Battery, and Specification- The next thing is to consider the power of your lights, the number of LEDs provided, and the specification of the battery; like charging time and using time. Also, see the lumens of the LED, the more the lumen, the more bright will be the LEDs.
  • Design and Aesthetics- Deck lights are commonly used to decorate your surroundings hence the design of the light is the main factor to look into. The lights must have matching colors and good ambiance.
  • Features- The next thing is the features, the features can be some extra sensors like motion and proximity sensors, warranty/guarantee options, extra items that you get with the box etc.
  • Build Quality and Price- The final selling point is how long the device will last you and that is determined by the build quality. Once that is sorted, your next step is to find the device that has the optimum pricing. Fix your budget and look for the device with the specs in mind.

What are the advantages of Solar Deck Light?

There are many advantages and these are reasons why they’re so popular these days:

  • Installation- Installing a solar deck light is really easy. They’re self-contained meaning they lack wires and it is really a DIY project for people. You don’t need to be an electrician to work with these LEDs.
  • Maintainence- After the installation, maintaining the lights are also pretty easy. When the battery needs to be replaced, you can pop one in and be done with it. It’s really a piece of cake.
  • Safety- Deck lights can be fitted in your home’s outskirts and it provides a much-needed amount of light in that space. The lights can really help you see in the dark. The deck can also be used to illuminate seating areas and the use case just increases with an embedded solar light.
  • Style- A really well-illuminated deck also adds good value to your house. It increases the aesthetics of your home. Your home’s worth in monetary space will also be increased with a deck light.
  • Customization- Solar deck lights can also be customized in many ways. There are multiple brightness settings available and various colors of lights are also there. You can also create a depth of lighting effect by alternating the LEDs’ brightness. In essence, there are really many ways to go about it.
  • Flexible- Solar lights are also very flexible to use and you won’t be disappointed with them. They can be used for various purposes like decks, driveways, pathways etc.


There are quite a few disadvantages of a solar deck light as well. They are Light Exposure and Cost of installation. Since solar lights need sunlight to work, it can be a problem for people living in areas where there isn’t much sunlight. In such cases, a solar light won’t get a proper charge and it will be troublesome and you need to use solar generators. Also, the placement can be a bit awkward, if your solar deck lights don’t get full exposure it’ll be difficult to charge it.

Another huge disadvantage is the cost of the solar lights. At first, the price may seem too much but you will be saving quite a lot of money in the long run. This really balances things out. But there are some cases where people have said that the initial cost doesn’t get covered for quite a while but this generally depends on your energy usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How Do Solar Deck Lights work?

To answer this bluntly, it works by trapping the sunlight and recharging the battery, once the battery has sufficient charge, it can light up the LEDs.

How many LEDs do you need for good lighting?

Well, that depends on your use case. If you want to light up a small space then you can get away with 4-6 LEDs, but if you have a large space to lit, go for 10-12 LEDs, anything in between is fine.

Our deck lights same as normal lights?

No, they’re not the same. The deck lights are a bit small and have a better design as deck lights are normally used for decoration rather than lighting.


To conclude, we can say that the deck light is very useful if you want your surroundings to be decorated nicely. These lights are very good and consume low power. Using solar deck lights will also help you to reduce the electricity consumption of your house thus, saving you a significant amount of money later.  The installation is easy too and with a plethora of choices, it can fit anyone’s budget.

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