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7 Best Decorative Indoor Solar Lights [Buyer’s Guide]

Decorative Indoor Solar lights come at different types with different features.

Today we’re going to review some of the best solar lights that you can buy. But why do we need the best solar indoor lighting system? Let’s discuss this.

We’ve been all spoiled by the wonders of electricity, it powers all of our houses and we run many devices on it.

Light bulbs are the main thing that we need to live at night and electricity kind of helps us with it. But, Electricity can be down sometimes. In such cases, having an alternate power such as indoor solar string lights as home depot can be fruitful to us.

Best Indoor Solar Lights 2020

Solar NamePanel Included 
ROXY-G2No Check price
Kyson Solar PoweredYes Check price
KK.BOL Solar LampYes Check price
LISOPO LightYes Check price
Flyhoom LEDYes Check price
Greenlight Planet HomeYes Check price
ELlight Portable LEDYes Check price

1. ROXY-G2 (Decorative solar light)

ROXY-G2 indoor solar lights

The ROXY G2 is multipurpose solar-powered lighting that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It has a light fixture consisting of a lithium battery of capacity 3.4 volts and 2400 milli-amp hours. The light package has a 150 lumen, 9 pieces of LEDs for optimum brightness.

The construction is present in a way to minimize the glare and enhance the lighting. You get one button to switch on and off the light, this design is rather simple but really efficient when you think about it. A solar panel is included in your purchase as well.

As far as the build goes, the device has an aluminium frame solar panel which can produce 6 volts at 2 watts. You get a 15 ft cable to connect the panel to your device and get all the sunlight exposure you want. The aluminium construction is pretty sturdy as well.

There is also an outdoor mode, you can place the button slider downward to prevent the device from any kind of rainwater. Remember to charge the device first, you get an empty battery when the device is shipped to your home.

  • Bright lights
  • Has an extension cable
  • Great design
  • Easy installation
  • Not much customization of the light
  • A bit expensive

Our Review On Roxy-G2

The ROXY-G2 is a indoor solar light that can be used to illuminate your house and it can also facilitate you in your camping trips when you want to light up different areas at night.

The main advantage of the light is that it has bright lights and an easy installation coupled with an extension cable.

On the downside, the product is pretty expensive and not much customization is present, you only have one button to turn the lights on and off, no in-between controls.

2. Kyson Solar Powered Led Shed Light

Kyson Solar Powered Led Shed Light

The Kyson Solar Powered LED shed light that houses 4 bright light bulbs which are LEDs, the device is a mini size light with 16 x 7 cm LEDs and a Solar Panel 9.8 x 8.5 cm.

There is a 3-meter remote control Lead Cable to connect the panel. The remote control is also present for easy user interaction. The LED lights can be used to light up your home and surroundings and even as a decoration item and a security option.

  • The build is of stainless steel which feels sturdy
  • A versatile mode of use with remote control
  • All required cables and accessories are included
  • Bright lights and aesthetic design
  • The LEDs aren’t that big, they’re mini size so, it can’t be used in large spaces.
  • The battery is also not that high powered
  • Expensive

Our Review On Kyson Solar Powered LED

Despite not having much power in terms of lighting, the device is pretty expensive and this is the biggest drawback. On the flip side, it has a great design and it can be used to decorate your house and office space.

3. KK.BOL Solar Lamp (Indoor solar lights home depot)

kk bolo indoor solar lights

The KK.BOL solar lamp is one of a kind lamp that can effectively convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in the battery.

Place the solar panel in a way that exposes it to sunlight and store the energy in the battery. You can also charge the lights with AC power.

The device has a solar bulb, a panel, and a lithium battery. The bulb is energy efficient with a good life expectancy. This indoor solar light has low power consumption as well. The LEDs are of high quality with a service time of up to 50000 Hour. It can be used in both winter and summer

  • Good quality bright light bulb
  • Lithium Batter
  • Not Waterproof
  • The build is fragile

Our Review On KK.BOL Solar Lamp

The lithium battery has a good life expectancy and the bulb itself is bright enough for most of the task. It has one bulb and it is an effective alternative to the common electric bulbs.

There is also a very good feature of two-way charging and the price itself is pretty affordable. It is not waterproof though. Therefore, don’t spoil the water in the device.

4. LISOPO Solar Shed Light (Best solar light for hall)

LISOPO solar cells

LISOPO always fascinates with its product lineup and this one is no exception. What you’re getting here are 22 LEDs which is more than enough for most of the things that you’d want to power. It supports two charging modes; solar and AC power.

In addition, it has an indoor solar light with a switch and battery backup. It can also be used for a long time in one charge. Talking about the actual specs,  the device features a 3.7-volt battery clocked in at 900 mAh. It has a fairly low power consumption of 5 watts per hour which makes it so efficient. This efficiency along with a generous number of LEDs render this product as great.

The main idea of the device is to replace the lights in your shed and garages. As these are the places of the house which are used occasionally, it makes no sense to just spend a lot of money covering the lighting bills of these places and this is where the LISOPO Solar Powered LEDs come in.

Not only will they reduce your cost of electricity in the long run, but they’ll also not make a hole in your pocket as they’re pretty much affordable. It is one of the Best Indoor Solar Lights in the market right now.
Some of the main features of the solar-powered LEDs are:

  • You can use it as the main AC unit
  • A remote is present for easy user interaction
  • The installation process is hassle free
  • The design here is pretty ergonomic
  • It has 22 LEDs which are pretty bright
  • High-end bulbs are present with great specifications
  • Bright, powerful solar shed lights
  • 22 LEDs are able to light up a lot of large spaces
  • A remote control system makes it very easy for couch potatoes
  • Two-way charging mechanism is present; Solar and AC
  • The lightweight construction makes it harder to recommend, it seems pretty fragile
  • A light fixture is to be bought separately, this can be a deal breaker for some

Our Review On LISOPO Outdoor Solar Shed Light

The features of this device certainly outweigh the drawbacks. Nonetheless, some drawbacks are really annoying. For instance, the construction is pretty flimsy and since there is no light fixture, some people can really be affected by this.

On the bright side, no pun intended,  there are 22 LEDs here. This is one of the few reasons why so many people heavily recommend this unit and well, we can’t help but do the same. So, yeah, it’s reasonably priced and there is no real reason to stop yourself from considering the LISOPO solar-powered LEDs.

5. Flyhoom 3 Pack Portable Solar Powered LED

Flyhoom 3 indoor solar bulbs

The LED solar-powered light bulb is created for visibility and easy operation. Since it is operated with solar power, the pack has been created for safe and easy installation and operation. The device is very practical in real life.

There are 3 pieces of inner solar panels and a total of 16 pieces of high lumen LED beads along with an 1200 mAh lithium battery. The device is portable with a hooked lid design. This makes it one of the best  LEDs out there. It has lower power consumption, the life expectancy is long and it can be used for many activities like reading, camping, hiking, fishing, and other activities as well.

The light is smart as it turns on automatically on an emergency and switches off when there is ample light in the room. The things that you get in the package are 3 light bulbs of 7 watts with 420 lumens, these are all LEDs. In addition, you get 6 hooked lids, an instruction manual. The customer service is there for you 24 x7 if you have any questions.

  • 13 months warranty and 3 months money-back guarantee
  • Bright solid LEDs
  • Build Quality

Our Review On Flyhoom 3 Pack Portable Solar Powered LED

Although we’re not the fans of the build quality of this decorative indoor solar light, it’s safe to say that this device gets a pass because of that warranty. In addition, the bright lights are indeed there so, no need to worry about the performance. The price is pretty affordable too.

6. Greenlight Planet Home (for Home depot)

Greenlight Planet Home

The Greenlight Planet Home is designed to be the smart solar-powered indoor light and USB charging that add energy indoors and out. The product can be adjusted for all your needs and it provides a 24 hour of charge. The power option is also plenty, it has both the USB and the DC power with 3 switches. You can use those best solar lights for decks too.

More than the specs, this device is well-loved because of the kind of work it does. The GReenlight Planet Home is in the front lines battling the energy crisis in remote places in third world countries. Countries where people still rely on kerosene lamps. In these circumstances, the company provides it’s solar-powered equipment for free. A certain per cent of Every purchase goes to charity and help people all around the world. This initiative really deserves a round of applause. Some features of these solar lights are:

  • Three modes of use and charging
  • Multi-room lighting is available
  • A really durable build
  • Can last a whole day on a single charge
  • Really high brightness of around 200 lumens per lamp
  • The charge lasts 24 hours
  • Some proceedings are donated to help people
  • Can charge phones and tablets with the USB ports.
  • Some cases of lights dying in a week
  • The switches feel fragile
  • Not bright enough for large spaces

Our Review On Greenlight Planet Home

The 200-lumen lights are bright enough for a shed or a garage but it fails miserably when it is exposed to a large space. There are also cases of lights not working after a week. This might be because of some manufacturing defect and this issue needs to come in light.

It doesn’t help when people feel their new devices are prone to break and the switches here feel like that. But there are quite a few good things about it. It’s affordable and when you buy it, you’re doing something good for the people and that in itself is a huge thing.

Speaking technically, you get the support of USB ports here, meaning you can charge your modern smartphones as well, this is a nice added bonus on the purchase.

7. ELlight Portable LED

ELlight Portable LED

The light Portable LED is a solar indoor lighting system that consists of a built-in high capacity battery. The battery charges with solar power and they can be taken anywhere as this device is very much portable. During emergency situations, it makes a lot of sense. Either you’re going to hunting, boating, fishing, hiking or any other adventurous sports, you need some backup light and this is where the ELlight shows it’s actual worth.

Speaking of the design, the device can be hanged anywhere with a hook. you get 3 levels of brightness control and a smartphone can also be charged with a 5 Volt DC output jack provided here. You get a remote to adjust the brightness of the LEDs. Talking about the LEDs, you get 12 of them, these LEDs are pretty bright. The LEDs are white and their brightness is similar to that of an electric lamp.

It has a lithium-ion battery of 3.7 volts, 2000mAh. It takes 10 hours to charge the device and you can get around 20 hours of lighting under normal use. A solar panel is provided as well. This solar panel has a 6-volt 2-watt polycrystalline build. Switch keys are also present on here which can be used for turning the lights on and off. An AC power socket is here which is used as a lamp and the lamp ports have a 6V DC input for solar panel, also, a 5V DC output is present for smartphones.

One of the main features of this unit is the warranty. This is a limited refund warranty where, if you’re not satisfied with the purchase, you can get a full refund of your money or, you can get a replacement unit.

  • Warranty
  • Good Specs
  • Can charge your phone
  • Only works when needed every once in a while
  • Power source doesn’t last long

Our Review On ELlight Portable LED

The only way you can charge this unit is with solar power and when the sun is not out you’re in a lot of trouble. The power source won’t last long and hence, it isn’t great for everyday use. But if you want to use it occasionally then, I see no trouble with it.

The fact that it has a warranty is a huge deal. In addition, the specs aren’t half bad.  It can charge your phone, light up a small space and it can be carried around. What more do you really need from the device of this stature? Thoroughly recommended.

Buyer Guide For Indoor Solar Lights

There are some basic things to keep in mind before buying an Indoor Solar Light. These things are briefly explained below.

  • Capacity-You needs to see the type of battery, a solar light has, some batteries are charged only with solar rays while others support various types of charging.  The capacity is commonly measured in milli-amp hour and more the value, more effective the battery would be.
  • Solar Panel Composition-What the solar panels are made of, determine things like it’s charging speed and lifespan. So get an indoor light that has the best construction when it comes to a solar panel. The coating of the panel is the thing you should look out for.
  • Build Quality-Build Quality is the next thing you should look for. The lights should have a good life span and a warranty is always appreciated.
  • Brightness- The brightness is measured in lumens. More value means more brightness. Number of LEDs can also determine brightness. Keep these two things in mind before making the purchase.
  • Usage-The brightness and capacity might also depend on the type of area you’d want to light up. You don’t want to overdo the whole thing. Don’t get a really strong capacity light if your aim isn’t to illuminate a large space.

Advantages of Indoor Solar Lights

Some of the main advantages of solar light are explained below:

  • Alternative Source-Solar energy is an alternative energy source. Using solar lights can help us contribute to bringing the energy usage of the planet under less load. If we do our part and install solar lights then, we can save a lot of nonrenewable energy.
  • Installation-An electric connection needs a ton of wire, plug outlets and stuff that makes installation pretty hard. Only a trained electrician can handle such a lengthy installation process. In the case of solar lighting, installation becomes quite easy. There is no earthing required and it only has a few parts that need to be configured.
  • Maintainance-There is no need to maintain solar lighting. You just install and let the solar panel do all the work. There are no main switches and other wiring hassles that comes with standard electricity.
  • Bills and Charges- Electricity bills can be really huge. Now, a solar panel won't be able to power all your refrigerator and other power-hungry devices unless you use portable solar Generators. But, even if you use it for only lighting, you can save a significant amount of money. In the long run, the cost can tally up to thousands of dollars. The cost-effectiveness of solar energy is probably it's main advantage.

Disadvantages of indoor Solar Lights

everything has a flip side and so does solar energy, while solar lights can be fruitful in many cases, there are many disadvantages of it because of the visible shortcomings of the solar energy. Some of the disadvantages are:

The initial setup cost for solar lights is not cheap. Sure, you get the benefit in the long run but at the primary stages, your pockets can get a hole. Also, the lights that run on solar energy are also pretty expensive.
The lighting is not 100% efficient and there is no guarantee that you'll get what's promised. For using a lot of lights, you need a big power bank and it can occupy space in your house.

Also, to get more power you'd need more solar panels with better capacities which again costs a lot of money. Since solar panels aren't produced massively around the world, they tend to cost a bit more. Not really worth it if you ask me. In sunny days, solar panels work fine but if the day is a bit cloudy, gloomy and hazy, you'd be in trouble. This problem arises when it's raining outside or if it's winter.

Do you know you can use solar lights in different place Read our below articles for guides?

Frequently Asked Questions?

What are indoor solar lights?

They are the lights that can be powered by solar rays and they can be used to light from small to huge spaces.

Are solar lights easy to install?

Yes, they are pretty easy to install. There is no hassle of multiple wires and switchboards.

Do solar lights reduce energy costs?

If you use them as a replacement to your normal light bulbs in places such as basement and garage then yes, you'll see some cost reduction.

Who are the indoor solar lights for?

It's for anyone who wants to save electricity and still get ample light in the room.

How do indoor solar lights work?

solar Lights works by preserving energy from the sun or you can directly charge through electricity too.

How to make indoor solar lights?

Here is a full guide video to make those lights.


Indoor Solar Lights are really solid products for many people. They come at different prices with different capacities and features. Therefore, they can cater to your needs. Whether you're a student who is looking for a late-night power efficient lamp or a homeowner looking to reduce the electricity bill, the indoor solar light is really perfect for you. You can get any of the solar lights that we have reviewed here.

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