Springbank is a single malt whisky produced at the Campbeltown distillery in southwest Scotland. It is known as the “perfume of malt” for its elegant and mellow aroma.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the history of Springbank, the types of whisky produced and the methods used to make it over the years. If you haven’t tasted Springbank whisky yet, this is your chance to find your favourite whisky.

What is Springbank?

Springbank is a lesser-known brand to whisky newbies. It has a strong alcoholic, spicy and quirky taste. It is truly a connoisseur’s drinker’s favorite, recommended for frequent whiskey drinkers rather than beginners. It has a tartness and freshness from fruits such as lemon, orange and peach, and the complex flavors are layered together to establish a solid taste.

It has a unique taste that has won over whisky lovers with its tangy tang and bitterness that lingers on for a long time, while they enjoy its aromatic aroma. To get a fuller sense of the richness of the aroma, try it straight first. You can also enjoy the change in taste by adding water or on the rocks.

Where is Springbank made?

The distillery is located in Campbeltown, on the Kintyre Peninsula, in the south of Scotland. The town prospered in the fishing and shipbuilding industries, and whisky production was one of its main businesses. Campbeltown has had a distilling culture for over 400 years and was once known for its many distilleries.

One of them, Hazelburn Distillery, is the distillery where Masataka Taketsuru, known as the founder of Nikka Whisky, was trained to make whisky.

The distillery in Springbank is located on the Atlantic Ocean side and is characterized by a lot of fog due to the intricate coastline. The unique salty taste of Springbank is influenced by the fog, and the sea air in the fog has a significant effect on the taste of the whisky.

History of Springbank

Campbeltown was once home to over 30 distilleries and was a major whisky producing area, before the Laird family built a distillery in 1828, only to be bought by the Mitchell family. The distilleries closed during the turbulent times of the World Wars and the Great Depression, and Springbank was in a difficult financial situation and had to close on several occasions.

After acquiring Laird William Cadenhead Ltd. in 1969, the distillery was closed from 1979 to 1987 and reopened in 1989. Despite the long history of closure and reopening, the business continues to be run with independent capital from the Mitchell family.

The Springbank process

The Springbank Distillery is a rare distillery that controls the entire process from malting to bottling on site. Other distilleries tend to have some of the processes done by other distilleries, but this is what gives Springbank its unique taste. It is one of the few distilleries to introduce floor malting, a process where the malt is stirred and oxygenated by hand with a shovel to prevent the malt from becoming entangled in the germination process.

The water for the preparation is from Lake Crosshill, near the town, and from a well on site. The distillation frequency of 2.5 distillations is used to create the distinctive aroma of Springbank. The secret to the deliciousness is that we insist on hand floor-morting in an increasingly mechanized environment, creating a unique taste that no other company can match.

Types of spring banks

Springbank, 10 years.

This is a standard bottle of Springbank and is recommended for first-time drinkers. The aroma is gently sweet with hints of pear and vanilla, with a faint hint of peat. The sip has just the right amount of zest and savory flavor to enjoy the unique taste of Springbank.

The balance of fruity and tidal flavors is well-balanced, with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg as accents. Malt and oaky flavours add depth of flavour and an elegantly savoury finish.

Springbank 12 Year Old Cask Strength.

Bottled without watering, this bottle allows you to fully enjoy the aromas and flavors that come from sherry barrels. It features intense sweet aromas of raisins, vanilla, toffee and baked marshmallows, with the fruity aromas characteristic of sherry barrels. The full-bodied sweetness of dried mango and honey is pleasant, with a salted caramel-like flavor at the end.

There’s a perfect balance of tidiness and sweetness typical of Springbank, with a woody finish reminiscent of a bonfire. This is a bottle of Springbank’s most appealing flavor.

Springbank 15 years old

We only use original wine that has been aged in sherry barrels for at least 15 years. It is a perfect harmony between the fruity sweetness typical of sherry barrels and a taste reminiscent of dark chocolate. On the nose, darker berry aromas of rum-raisin ice cream and raisins emerge, with flavors of figs, cream, cacao and chocolate biscuit spreading on the palate.

The Springbank-esque tidal air is still present, and the perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness is still present. We recommend drinking it straight for its rich aroma and deep flavors.

Springbank 18 years old

Long-aged bottle made from 80% original sherry barrel aged for a minimum of 18 years and 20% original bourbon barrel aged. Strong sweetness of raisins, vanilla, cooked apples and meringue pie on the nose, with refreshing aromas of summer seas.

On the palate, the rich sweetness of cooked apples and raisins is the first thing you notice, while the bitterness of chocolate and the bitterness of orange peel add depth to the flavors. A delicious tidal wave of flavors finishes the wine, which balances the flavors well and offers the depth of sweetness and richness that only long aging can provide.

Springbank 21 years old

This limited edition bottle is made from a combination of different barrels, including bourbon, sherry, port and rum. As the barrels vary from year to year, you can enjoy a different taste every year.The bottle released in 2017 used four different barrels, while the 2018 bottle uses rum cask and bourbon barrels.

Because it is a limited edition product, only a few bottles are imported, making it a valuable bottle for whisky lovers. When you get your hands on it, be sure to taste its richness first, straight from the bottle.

Springbank 25 years old

The 2018 Springbank 25 Year Old is limited to only 1,200 bottles worldwide; only 120 bottles of this precious bottle have been aged in 100% sherry casks for a minimum of 25 years and only 120 bottles have arrived in Japan. This wine has a delicate and smooth taste with a generous amount of aging characteristic of long-term aging.

It has sweet aromas of toffee candy and berry jam and a pale peaty aroma. On the palate, fruity sweetness and acidity and the bitterness of orange peel come together in a complex way. The richness of the tobacco leaf finishes on the palate, providing an earthy, smoky finish.


One of the brands that whisky lovers should try is Springbank. It has a tidal flavor that takes advantage of the Campbeltown location, and the particular method of production that is used to create a unique taste that you won’t find at other distilleries. Take the opportunity to try different types and enjoy the charm of Springbank.

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