Did you know how you can enjoy Xbox 360 games right from your PC with the help of Xbox 360 emulator?

If you’re new to the gaming world, then, you might not have heard about an “Emulator.” An Emulator is a software that is used to run another hardware on your hardware. It means that you can run, for example, an Android Phone’s layout on your Computer and use all the applications available in an Android Phone. Pretty cool, right?

In this article, we’re going to dive deep into the emulator world and see some of the Best Xbox 360 Emulator for PC. Like we have also written about Playstation 4 Emulator.

Best Xbox 360 Emulator for PC

1. Xenia


One of the Best Xbox 360 Emulator for PC, Xenia is fantastic! There are minimum lags if the game supports emulation and you don’t need a behemoth of a PC to run Xenia. The Emulator is meant for Windows systems only; there are no Linux versions available yet. Even in the windows domain, the emulator needs Windows 8 and above to function correctly. You also need an AMD Vulkan GPU, a 64-bit processor and of course, DirectX input.

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As far as the installation goes, Xenia is relatively easy to install. A couple of next-next-install will do the trick. You can also download the already installed .zip file as well. Once the emulator is installed, you can then download Xbox 360 games and play them. As of now, there are 90 games supported by  Xenia, and the list is available on their official website. The software is also open source, meaning you can contribute to their aim if you are a programmer.

Watch Out How It looks gameplay in Xenia

Download Xenia Emulator



DXBX is yet another Xbox 360 emulator. It is a feature enriched emulator, and it supports a bit older hardware. It can run from Windows 7 to Windows 10, but it helps the 32-bit processors only. Nowadays, all of us have 64-bit processors, but if you do have an older system, then this emulator is for you.

The rendering is also done via the old Direct X 8. But this does enable the emulator to map textures, emulate shaders, and even soundtracks correctly. One of the best things about DXBX is that it says it can emulate any Xbox title. This is, however, not true because not all games run at full speed. One trick that it uses is, it converts the Xbox files into windows executable. Installation is very more comfortable, the software is open source, and a Linux Version is still not developed.

Here is gameplay in DXBx emulator

Download DXBX

3. Xeon

The Xeon Emulator is yet another Xbox 360 emulator that can emulate games with ease. There are a lot of features that this particular Emulator has. It is a stable emulator, and it can run on Windows as well as DOS systems. It also comes with an instruction manual; therefore, setting up the games is pretty straightforward.

Another similar feature of this Emulator is improved rendering and minimal resources. It can even emulate Xbox 1 systems if you have perfect hardware. It also comes with an xISO program that helps you create backups while gaming. Pretty cool!

Download Xeon

Not In list Xbox 360 emulators:

4.Vr Xbox Emulator (Not compatible)

5. 3do (not ready)

6.Amiga  (security Problems)

7.Camcom Play system 3

8. Dos Xbox 360

Frequently Asked Question

You Must Read Before You proceed Download above any of the emulators.

What is an Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 is a previous generation gaming console by Xbox. Xbox is a gaming console company under Microsoft. The Xbox 1 is the current generation system, while the Xbox 360 is one generation older.

Despite being old, the 360 was a reasonably robust system. But, the Xbox 360 can now be run with ease in a Computer. Although there are some limitations still, one can argue that the emulation will get better in the days to come.

Why is an Emulator needed?

You might be thinking, Games are available in PCs too, then why to emulate the games for Xbox. I mean, FIFA 14 is available on PC, why follow the same game on Xbox. Well, you don’t have to emulate that particular game, but other games are released for Xbox only.

For instance, Halo is an Xbox exclusive. Similarly, FIFA WorldCup 2014 was never released for PC. These games can be emulated and played on a PC. Playing Console Exclusives on a PC is the main reason why an Emulator is needed.

Can I play every Xbox 360 games on an Emulator?

Sadly, No. The thing is, Xbox 360 is a complicated machine, and the games that were meant for the system came with a lot of baggage. Many of you also asked some questions like How to play Xbox 360 games on Pc? Since there are many kinds of games, the graphical requirements for every game are different.

Add to that, the life cycle of the console was pretty big as well. The console started manufacturing from 2006, and it went up to 2014. Because of this reason, the games spanned multiple graphical phases. So, Every Xbox 360 game cannot be emulated.

Why is Xbox 360 so complicated despite being an older system?

This might be a question for many. Android is relatively new, and it can be emulated perfectly. Xbox 360, despite being so old, is still challenging to follow because the actual hardware component of Xbox 360 is very different and PCs are still not powerful enough to emulate the system on a higher level.

Now, let us see what the Best Xbox 360 Emulator for PC are.


Well, these three emulators will help you run many games. You can finally play Halo on your computer. One thing I’d recommend is to get a decent computer before emulation.

While there is no particular requirement, something that you might want to get, they are 8-16 GB RAM, An excellent processor (i5 and above), a good GPU (GTX 1050 and above), and if you can manage an SSD, get that too.

Once you’re done, install any of the above emulators, get a good “.iso” game file and you are set. You should remember that not all games are supported. So, get the ones that a particular emulator supports.


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